World Space Week at Northampton High

A week long programme of activities was held to mark the occasion, which included fantastic guest speakers

Both Senior and Junior School have had an enjoyably busy time celebrating World Space Week with its theme of ‘Space and Sustainability’.

The Junior School have enjoyed walking through the Solar System down the back hedge of the school grounds, and have been wowed by a visit from the Planetarium, which some Year 7’s also participated in. Years 5-11 have been involved in competitions reusing waste materials to make rockets, designing rockets to sustain life in space, and writing essays on the theme of ‘Space and Sustainability’, whilst Lego Technology Club deviated from their normal activities to create a scaled solar system in the Science Foyer. Last Friday the whole of Senior School learned about the role of black women in the early development of NASA and the hurdles they faced, as we celebrated World Space Week and Black History month together in assembly.

We have been amazed by the quality of the work produced by the students, and the enthusiasm with which they have approached the various tasks. A special mention must go to Alicea-Mae M and Mary A for their starring roles as Mary Jackson (the first black female engineer at NASA) and Mae Jemison (the first black woman in space) respectively, in our assembly.

We enjoyed a fantastic week, and it was great to see so many students enjoying the ranges of tasks and activities. You can also read the fantastic winning essay in our competition, written by Mia L, by clicking here.


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