Former High School students deliver Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language presentation

Claudia and Rosie delivered a wonderful session on Wednesday 24 March as part of our Erasmus+ virtual mobility

This week, two former Northampton High School students and Erasmus+ ambassadors, Claudia Pieczka and Rosie Saxton, delivered a presentation on Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language as part of our Erasmus+ virtual mobility on the theme of Equal Opportunities.

They spoke about their own experiences as hearing impaired students which gave much food for thought and then delivered a class on the British Sign Language alphabet and useful phrases. Unfortunately we were unable to offer this as a live session, however, the beauty of a recording is that the presentation can be paused in order to enable the viewers to practice and rewind if necessary!

We are hoping that the students from our partner schools in Amberg, Gondomar, Riga and Budapest will be able to practice their signing before they attend some of the virtual social events planned for next term, as Claudia and Rosie will be joining them.

We would like to thank Claudia and Rosie for their fantastic presentation and for their continued commitment to our Erasmus+ work, even though they have now left Northampton High School.


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