Students awarded outstanding GCSE results

Northampton High students demonstrate ‘resilience and adaptability’ and achieve excellent GCSE results

Despite the challenging circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, students at Northampton High School GDST have achieved outstanding GCSE results once again this year.

“I am delighted with the way that our students have handled the recent crisis”, stated Headmistress, Caroline Petryszak.

“In the absence of examinations, the students quickly adapted to Guided Home Learning and found new ways to challenge themselves. Many engaged in online seminars, pre-A Level courses or undertook independent research. Others took up volunteering or work experience in a variety of fields and all had the opportunity to take part in the free, live workshops run by CWR (Northampton), and GDST masterclasses gave students access to information on over 80 subjects, ranging from epigenetics, human evolution and animal behaviour, to language evolution, the birth of modernism and theories of myth.

During this challenging time, they have all demonstrated resilience and adaptability and are now very well placed to begin their Sixth Form studies. Our students now have the grades that they deserve and that they have worked so hard for over the past years. I congratulate each and every one of them on their successes and thank all my colleagues for their hard work, professionalism and integrity at this difficult time, too.

We are now focussing on the safe reopening of school and we very much look forward to being back together as a community next month.”


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