Just keep singing!

The Northampton High School Community Chamber Choir have remained active during lockdown and continues to thrive.

Numerous studies have shown that music is good for us, and many examples of music being used as therapy have been shared during the pandemic. Whether it’s the release we get from singing in the shower or the car, the community spirit we feel from singing with others in a choir or at a festival, emotions are evoked by music and our brains are stimulated, releasing endorphins, the brain’s ‘feel-good’ chemicals.

That’s why, although they’ve not been able to meet up in person, the Northampton High School Community Choir has been active since the lockdown started, with a busy WhatsApp group full of suggestions of music to listen to, online choirs to join or just reminiscing about concerts past, sharing good ideas and discussing face mask sewing patterns!

Last week, a number of members joined a Zoom call, with choir leader and former professional opera singer, Mrs German, reminding the members to keep singing. She said: “It might be a while until we’re able to sing together again, but keep practising. The muscles you need to sing need to be kept in shape, and you know you’ll feel good for belting out a good tune!”

For more details, visit the choir’s Facebook page by searching ‘Northampton High School Community Chamber Choir’.


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