Friends new and old enjoy Reunion Lunch

Over 120 guests travelled from near and far last weekend to share this year’s Reunion Lunch at the High School.

Former pupils and staff of the Derngate and Hardingstone sites delighted in catching up, creating an atmosphere filled with palpable excitement, felt from the minute guests walked through the door. Guests recognised and located friends from their year groups, and caught up after what was, for some, over 30 years since they had seen each other. The lively conversations continued until the very last moments of the event, with former pupils and staff reminiscing over their own special memories at school.

Once again, a superb lunch was served, and Mrs McCue, Catering Manager, commented that she loved the annual occasion, and looked forward to catering for it every year.

Headmistress, Dr Helen Stringer, referred in her welcome to the precious friendships made during school years, emphasising their importance, and encouraging former and current pupils to value and nurture them. Friendships made at the High School endure, and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Our thanks go to Carolyn White, former Maths teacher and Chair of the OGA, and the dedicated OGA Committee, for making the lunch a successful highlight of the Alumnae calendar.

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