As a parent you want the very best for your daughter. Your ‘job’ is to choose a nursery and school for your daughter that can give her the best opportunities and support her to reach her full potential.

At Northampton High we make this decision easy for you. We know that you need your daughter to be safe, happy and successful and we offer each of our girls this. Within our purpose built nursery unit we offer a large amount of space, offering a wide range of learning opportunities, facilitated with excellent resources and supported by an exceptional staff team. Our girls benefit from specialist-led sessions in ballet, french and cooking as well as get to flourish in our expansive school grounds including our sports facilities and forest school area.

We appreciate the importance of the decision you are making for your daughter’s educational development and know that getting this decision right will have a momentous impact on her future. Come and see us to see why we are the right choice for your daughter!


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