Real-life learning is fun, engaging and all encompassing.

That’s why we head out into the community for a day trip at least once a term, varying our itinerary to include different experiences, create nice memories, and collect interesting artefacts.

By visiting a garden centre, the girls can develop their understanding of plants and we return with a basket full of bulbs and plants to plant in our lovely Nursery garden. Watching the flowers grow and tasting the crop of fresh vegetables is always a joy.

Walking around the local church gives the girls the opportunity to explore the history and traditions of their local area, to see the robes and artefacts, and to appreciate the architecture.

At the Post Office, girls gain an insight into the process of sending and receiving mail and, by purchasing a stamp, the value of money. Soon afterwards, a letter will be received through the post at home.

On the farm, the girls learn about life cycles and different types of animals. We all love feeding the baby lambs and talking to the farmer about his job!


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