The Creative Arts Faculty offers a broad range of activities within performing arts.

Music activities are rich, varied and well established. The Orchestra is at the hub of our musical community, together with Choir, Flute Choir, Wind Quintet and String Quartet. Additionally, we offer an exciting Jazz and Pop Club and all girls are welcome to explore their musical tastes, where they can try out an extensive range of instruments. The ladies’ Chamber Choir goes from strength to strength with a range of performances at different events throughout the year.

The new Performing Arts Club holds a dual role within the Faculty as we connect to explore Musical Theatre. Meetings, auditions and rehearsals bring together a large range of performing arts students.

In Theatre, LAMDA is an excellent opportunity for girls to refine their acting skills and classes are enjoying excellent levels of progression and outstanding examination results. Drama Club is open to all girls and provides opportunities for learning different acting styles across a range of genres. The Senior Drama Company is an exclusive group formed especially for senior girls and includes auditions, workshops and working with guest directors.


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