A 360° perspective – Here you will find an exceptional environment that is creative, inspiring and individual – just like your daughter.

With our guidance and encouragement, she will build up a 360 degree understanding of how she can achieve her personal ambitions, by understanding what has made her the person she is today, where her passions lie, what she values most and how it all blends together. Teachers who care about her as an individual will help her to do this, working tirelessly to develop an insightful and comprehensive picture of her qualities and attributes. They will find out about what helps her learning, what drives her to achieve and, perhaps, what has held her back in the past.

She will have great fun and enjoy lively debate in your lessons, she will hear other people’s points of view and be able to compare them with her own, she will work hard (and smartly), make rapid progress and go home buzzing with ideas. And we will follow her carefully in her learning, subject by subject, day by day, collaborating with her to ensure that she stays on the pathway to success, whatever that means for her.

Empowered, well rounded young women who will be smashing glass ceilings as they make their way through life.

— The Good Schools Guide


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