Our Nursery and Pre-school at Northampton High provides your daughter with an environment that gives her the very best start to her education journey.

We are proud to offer you the following:

Your daughter will be supported by EYFS qualified and experienced staff and benefit from subject specialist teachers.
Your daughter will benefit from our small class and group sizes.
Your daughter will quickly develop key skills within our vast school grounds, with excellent facilities and high quality resources.
Your daughter will be understood, valued, supported and challenged.

Our timetables show you how we organise your daughter’s day to provide her with a finely-tuned balance of support and challenge with enticing, expertly planned learning opportunities that will guide her through an accelerated path of progression. Coaching sessions provide your daughter with bespoke 1:1 or 1:2 support to develop the core learning skills. These are delivered by our Reception teachers and EYFS lead giving your child access to a range of highly skilled EYFS professionals to benefit from. Our ‘Forest based learning’ is in our school woodland area and provides the girls with an excellent opportunity to develop skills in a different setting than the classroom. Ballet lessons are taught by our specialist dance teacher and supported by our nursery and pre-school staff team. Guided learning is the opportunity for your daughter to learn through play in our excellently resourced environment that is rich in high quality learning opportunities for them to engage with – learning through play is as fun as it sounds!

All activities timetabled are included in the nursery fees. There is an additional option to pay for your daughter to have a weekly gymnastics coaching session that is separated into a nursery and pre-school group. These sessions are optional, charged separately and delivered by an external specialist coach. 

The organisation of the day follows our school timetable with ‘P1’ meaning ‘period 1’. Before and after the school day your daughter will benefit from small group support with our staff to support her engagement with additional learning activities – an excellent opportunity to consolidate and review learning. 

Your daughter will rapidly develop her skills and confidence. She will astound you with her curiosity and love for learning. Your daughter will be supported and challenged to be her very best self. Her transition into our Reception class will be seamless and she will progress onwards through the school, amazing you at every step.

Please click here to view our current daily timetables for both Nursery and Preschool.


Below are the details on the uniform requirements for our Nursery and Pre School, applicable from your daughter’s first day:


  • Navy leggings, white polo shirt, navy jumper or cardigan (these do not have to be from school blazer)
  • Hat, scarf and coat from school blazer
  • Black shoes, similar to school shoes, that your daughter is able to put on and take off easily.
  • Ballet shoes
  • Forest school clothing (long sleeved top, long legged trousers, waterproofs and wellington boots)


  • Winter/summer school dresses, navy cardigan, hat, scarf and coat from school blazer
  • White polo shirt with royal tipping to wear under the winter dress (needs to be from schoolblazer)
  • Black shoes, similar to school shoes, that your daughter is able to put on and take off easily.
  • Ballet shoes if attending on this day
  • White t shirt, trainers, navy cycling shorts and blue joggers if attending on the day of PE (does not need to be from schoolblazer)
  • Swimming costume and hat if attending swimming lessons (does not need to be from schoolblazer)
  • Forest school clothing (a long sleeved top, some long legged trousers, waterproofs and wellington boots) if attending on this day

The link to the schoolblazer website can be found here, we also have a pre loved uniform shop in school, details given on request.


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