Our girls are articulate and confident at speaking out.

They know the value of listening to others while also having the courage to put forward their own viewpoint and the grace to say so when they change their mind. When they leave the Junior School, they are ready to stand up at any rostrum or in any assembly hall, to take their part in class discussion and hold their own in any debate.

Building a base in foreign language acquisition at a young age eases our girls into a path to fluency and confidence when they reach Senior School.  Encounters with other cultures lays the foundation for the international outlook of these global citizens of the future.

The High School effect…

  • Oracy as a key skill built into the curriculum
  • Debating clubs and workshops
  • Day of Debating
  • Public speaking opportunities from Reception
  • French lessons – taught by subject specialists – from Year 1
  • Drama performance opportunities every year from Nursery to Year 6
  • Spanish Club
  • Drama Club

The GDST difference…

  • Sponsored projects, such as ‘Noisy Classroom’ focusing on debating skills
  • Annual GDST Languages Festival



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