Captivates and inspires the imagination in everyone

Why would you learn about the outdoors while indoors? Because when you devote time and energy to environmental education from an early age, the result is interesting and interested young people who develop empathy and compassion for the natural world.


You have interesting, amazing adventures.

— Pupil, Year 4

We may be a town school but have developed an outstanding Forest School within our grounds. Girls of all ages spend time in Forest School; perhaps leaf rubbing in Art, pond dipping in Science, seeking inspiration for writing, or just for the fun of den-building and toasting marshmallows in the fire pit.

Forest School promotes curiosity and questioning. The girls follow their own interests and develop their sense of individuality and community, as well as their connection with nature. Children who are shy often find their voice here, while those who lack confidence can blossom in the outside environment.



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