Our girls love to know how the world works and what makes people tick. 

They love to ask the BIG QUESTIONS – who owns the sky? How could society improve? – and explore current affairs. Debating, in class and in clubs, hones their skills for digging down to the truth while also building the confidence to voice their beliefs and the ambition to want to make a difference.

The High School effect…

  • Projects led by subject specialists, such as Family History Week and Supervolcanoes
  • Focused immersive events, such as Ancient Greek Day and India workshops
  • P4C (Philosophy 4 Children) sessions with a trained specialist
  • Current affairs focus
  • Working with the senior girls on environmental projects through Eco-Team
  • Cultural visits to sites of interest, such as Piddington and Holdenby House

The GDST difference…

  • Sponsored projects such as Time Truck



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