Why girls only from the very start?

Your daughter only has one opportunity to benefit from an excellent education and getting the foundations right is fundamental to facilitating her future success. A parent’s school choice is pivotal to their child’s happiness and, whilst getting it ‘right’ can feel like a heavy burden, here at Northampton High School we are confident in making this decision as easy as possible for you. Making the right choice and allowing your daughter to benefit from an education that is ‘Made for Girls’ is likely to be the best gift you can give to her as parents.

As the leading all-through girls-only school in Northamptonshire, everything we do is purposefully tailored to support girls in their educational journey and in their future endeavours. We are proud members of the Girls’ Day Schools Trust (GDST) and as such benefit from the strength of a 25-school network that is united by a girls-first philosophy and a mission to ensure girls learn without limits and strive for gender equality.

Whilst increased societal focus on the gender gap has led to some improvements, we know that girls’ lived experiences are different to those of boys, and that this must be reflected in certain areas of girls’ education and learning design.1 This is why Dr Kevin Stannard, GDST’s Director of Innovation & Learning, states, “In a more equal world we still need single-sex schools because, while society and coeducational schools are more gender-blind, they are still far from gender-equal.” 2  We believe your daughter deserves to be seen, heard and guided, without gender stereotypes and expectations, right from her very first moments in Reception.

We know girls benefit from lessons that promote collaboration and that they are deeply inspired by strong, positive role models who, through the delivery of a curated curriculum, give them space to explore and flourish.3 Girls need a learning environment that is focused, emotionally safe and provides a space in which they can speak, be heard, challenged and supported. Northampton High Junior School is built with these fundamentals at its core.

Our pupils develop a genuine self confidence that they then have the skills to execute in a positive manner. As the Girls’ Futures Report shared, “There is plenty of evidence that the ‘confidence gap’ can be closed, but it takes effort. It takes design.” This is why “GDST schools are girls’ schools by design: founded on the belief that success is best achieved by educating girls separately in distinctive, girl-friendly environments.”

Every girl. Every day. Our small class sizes mean we know our girls as individuals and ensure each learning and pastoral need is met, allowing students to flourish on a journey owned and directed by themselves. Our job, as expert staff in girls only education, is to guide this journey along a pathway that is sprinkled with high quality experiences. At Northampton High Junior School, students’ days are bursting with opportunities, from Forest School sessions in our own onsite forest, swimming lessons in our 25m pool, science lessons in our laboratory, Art and DT lessons in our art studios, a broad co-curricular offer, termly trips and a well-planned, challenging curriculum; all delivered by teachers who are experts in girls-only education. Our Junior School formula is developed using a strong evidence base and its results speak for themselves when you meet our pupils. 

If you are keen to explore what your daughter can gain from joining our Junior School community, we would be pleased to invite you to see us in action. We firmly believe that choosing a school that is ‘Made for Girls’ is a gift for which your daughter will be eternally grateful, and we would love to welcome her into our Reception.

1 Girls Day School Trust, The Girls’ Futures Report 

2 Dr Kevin Stannard, Why (and how) girls thrive in girls-only schools

3 The GDST Difference