Embracing the final chapter of school

Just before starting Year 12, the thing that worried me the most was doing poorly in my subjects. I’ve always held myself to a really high standard academically, and I was determined to surpass my already large expectations for myself in my A-Levels. Now that the year is over, I feel nothing but proud of myself for what I’ve achieved, and despite feeling undoubtedly nervous for Year 13, I know that if I continue to put my mind to it, I can leave school next year with the same amount of confidence and pride that I have now.

Whilst this may not be a universal experience, I don’t regret the A-Level subjects that I chose. My Dad told me to choose subjects that I firstly enjoyed, and secondly that I was good at, which definitely made my decision a lot less difficult. I chose to take English Literature, History and Business, and whilst the workload sometimes catches up to me, it’s overlooked by the fact that I enjoy them so much. I believe that it’s a combination of my own personal interest in the subjects, as well as the support of my teachers that make the occasional feelings of frustration feel overcomeable. 

However, the main thing that has carried me through Year 12, and has made the year as enjoyable as it was, has been the support from my friends. It would be a complete understatement for me to say that I simply appreciate my friends for being there for me this year. Without them, I know that the many deadlines and new priorities that being in Sixth Form brings may have felt overwhelming. I strongly believe that having good friends is one of the most important things in life, whether that’s during Sixth Form or when working 20 years from now, and I know that Year 13 will be far easier in their company.

My ambitions for the future are as certain as they were since the start of Year 12, and remain to be one of my biggest motivators to achieve success once I leave school. I want to go to university to study Marketing and Management, and have enjoyed experiencing what that route could look like through opportunities facilitated by school. This summer, I spent a few days in school doing work experience with the Marketing and Admissions Department, which I hugely enjoyed. This has made me all the more excited about continuing down a similar path after A-Levels, and perhaps less nervous about what the future holds for me.

With Year 13 being only a couple of weeks away, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel slightly anxious. Entering such an important year in my life, that has such a strong sense of finality to it, I mainly hope to enjoy it as best as I can. Whilst I feel excited to be so close to starting the next chapter in my life, I equally want to cherish the little time I have left in school before I leave it all behind. I suppose in a way, that means I’m approaching my last year at the school with mixed emotions, but then again, that’s exactly what life is all about.

Year 13 student