The Nursery


Watching our girls skip into Nursery every morning, greeted by our experienced and nurturing staff, is a real joy.

The day ahead will be filled with fun and learning as the children explore in their own individual ways, both indoors and outside.

Our Nursery rooms are designed to stimulate the girls’ interest and imagination in a safe and supported way. Meanwhile, our established daily routines create a reassuring format in which the girls are free to learn through playful, self-led curiosity, group activities and creative opportunities.

Nursery is a space filled with friends, who learn to share, play and confide. This loving, home-like atmosphere ensures the girls settle quickly, making a relaxed and happy transition into early education. The experienced and long-standing Nursery team provide the consistency of care that greatly supports children throughout their time here.

By getting to know all of our girls and their families really well, we can accurately match your daughter’s learning programme to her unique interests and needs.



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