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Junior Newsletter 5 October 2018

Dear Parents and girls,

“Your mind is the garden,
Your thoughts are the seeds.
The harvest can either be
Flowers or weeds.”
– William Wordsworth

This week Year 4 treated us to an assembly about Philosophy. They performed a story about a wise man who worked out a way to tell the difference between artificial and real flowers without being allowed to touch or smell them. They also told us about some of the skills needed in philosophical discussions, such as ‘discussing’, ‘explaining’ and ‘disagreeing’, and about where and when they do their best thinking. They left us with the words of William Wordsworth that were entirely fitting for a school community and thought-provoking for staff and students alike.

I mentioned the Macmillan Coffee Morning in my last newsletter, but as Year 5 got out the counting machine on Monday morning it quickly became clear that this was going to be a record-breaking year in terms of money raised. And so, I would like to thank you again for your cakes, purchases and donations, each of which contributed to takings of almost £600 – what a triumph!

Year 5 will be busy again this weekend, as many have volunteered to act as tour guides for the Junior School Open Morning, whilst many of the Year 6 students visit the Senior School. Several of these girls also added to their busy week by competing in the GDST Autumn 1 Rally Junior Swimming Gala, which we hosted. With twenty schools and two hundred girls involved it was a busy and exciting occasion. Typically, our girls put in their best effort throughout and there were many close races. To see them having fun whilst being such great ambassadors for the school was an absolute joy.

The younger students are as busy as ever, and today I had the privilege of joining Reception at Forest School. KS1 girls have also been designing and making fire engines and producing wonderful paintings of Paddington Bear. Meanwhile, Year 3 have been studying the books written by Roald Dahl and have used Willy Wonka as a source of inspiration when designing their own chocolate bars. They have continued their food-related theme by smelling and tasting the spices used in Indian cuisine as a part of their study of the country.

I expect that there will be no let-up in opportunity and productivity as we approach half term, and everyone is already looking forward to the Halloween Fancy Dress Party on 19 October, which is being organised by FoNHS. Please remember to return your slips for this and also for Parents’ Evening, which also takes place that week.

Caroline Petryszak
Interim Head of Junior School

Mrs Petryszak's availability

Mrs Petryszak will be on site Monday, Tuesday and Friday this term, with the exception of week commencing 15 October and 5 November, when she will be in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is, however, contactable on or via the school office on any day of the working week.

Welcome Event

A Welcome Event will be held from 5-6 pm on Wednesday 17 October to which all parents and their daughters are welcome. More information to follow.


Each week in Friday’s assembly, girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

Chanan Sehmi passed grading now a Brown Belt

Kyla Lindsay – yellow & white belts

Charlotte Fordham – invited to train with U13 Northants Schools & Youth Hockey Assoc.

Fern Almond – Gala – breaststroke 3rd, backstroke 8th, butterfly 3rd
Poppy Moore passed Shark Band

Horse Riding
Eleanor Harden – mini jumping – 2nd & 4th place
Indiana Ransley – Whitfield Charity Show dressage champion and best U12 Rider

Mollie Molloy tennis tournament

Tess Hammond Stage 1 qualification

Verity Smith Northamptonshire Challenge 2018

General messages

Dates for your diary

Class Assemblies are held in the Junior School hall at 8.35 am on Wednesdays, and parents are most welcome to enjoy refreshments from 8.00 am.  Here are the dates for this term:

Year 3 – 17 October
Year 2 – 14 November
Year 5N – 28 November
Year 5H – 5 December
Year 1 – 12 December

Cancelled Clubs

There will be no ‘All about dogs club’ on Wednesday 10 October as Mrs Purvey-Tyrer is on a course. Girls may book in for late prep if they wish.

Hot Yoga & HIIT Pilates

Kings Camp October Half Term

October Half Term & Saturday Art Workshop

Half Term Art Workshop and Saturday morning Art Classes at Northampton High School, Wake Wing Art Room.

Friday 26 October 9.30-11.30am – £15 – ‘Patterned Landscapes’

Saturday 10th and17th November 9.30-11.30am – £30 for both days

Suitable for 7-13 year olds

For details about any of the workshops and to book a place contact Emma at / 07570772334

Kings Camp is running from Tuesday 23 to Friday 25 October.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

To everyone who baked cakes, sold cakes, bought cakes and ate cakes, Year 5 would like to say a huge THANK YOU on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support. Together we raised a record breaking £575.40 for the charity. Enjoy looking at photos in our Macmillan Flickr folder.

Job Vacancies

Please see our website for Junior School job vacancies:


Swimming Report

Both our A and B Swimming Teams had an enjoyable day at the GDST Swimming Gala and all of our swimmers fought hard in their races. Despite losing, we had a great day and we will use this experience to help us to strengthen our skills so that we are ready to do our best once again in the next competition.

Eryn Currie        Rose Neville
Captain Vice      Captain

Hockey A Team match report

On Wednesday, we played a hockey match against Milton Keynes Prep.  We tried our hardest but sadly lost 4-0. We have learnt what we need to improve and hopefully we can win future matches. I am very proud of my team. Well done Northampton High School!

Roja Lakshman – Captain

Hockey B Team match report

On Wednesday, the B team played against Milton Keynes Prep. We sadly lost 3-0 but we are willing to fight back and win another time. I am especially proud of Tobi Ogunsola because she saved a lot of goals. The Player of the Match was Isla Allen.

Isla Allen – Captain

Hockey C Team match report.

On Wednesday, the C Team played against Milton Keynes Prep. Our team made great progress with Gemma Stowey scoring and being made Player of the Match. Lillybella Ullmann saved a brilliant pass from going in the goal. The final score was a 1-1. Well done C Team, keep up the good work.

Imogen Coppard – Captain

Hockey v Broughton Manor and The Grove

On 28 September we played Broughton Manor and The Grove in a hockey match. We played three games and tried our best for every game. We were very excited before the matches as these were our first hockey games. We enjoyed playing in all the games and it was nice when we scored. The most exciting parts were Emily saving a goal and Frankie scoring a goal. We enjoyed defending and hitting the ball too – and can’t wait for the next match!

Emily Sinclair –  Captain       Sophia Pang – Vice Captain

Photos in Flickr

To view the Flickr photo albums please click here:

Our week


Elmer Room

This week in Elmer Room the girls have had fun going on an autumn walk where they collected leaves. They also have enjoyed learning about teeth cleaning and especially liked getting to take a new toothbrush and toothpaste home. They have had fun learning about similarities and differences within people in the world.

Next week your daughter may experience the following activities: matching the correct number of objects to a given number, making vegetable and fruit prints, sharing and taking turns whilst playing games and bread making.

Kipper Room
This week we have been ordering pumpkins from numbers 1 to 5. We have also been learning how to hold scissors and making snips in paper to make Autumn leaf stain glass windows. On Thursday, we explored the school grounds collecting twigs to use as a tree threading activity for next week.

Next week, we will continue to practise scissor skills using magazine to cut from. We will also be practising our sharing skills using sharing circles and adult role play.

General Information
On Monday, we are going to be thinking about harvest time, where our food comes from, how it grows, giving thanks for the food we have through a variety of activities, stories and rhymes.


This week we have been thinking about the number 4, the colour pink and the square shape. Our letter sounds have involved making ‘iii’ instruments and painting ‘ppp’ pink pumpkins. Investigating mixing different shades of pink paint has also been a popular activity.

Year 1

Year 1 have had a very busy week learning how to use number tracks and 100 squares to find solutions using clues like ‘This number sits in-between 9 and 11?’ and ‘My number is ten less than 22?’. The girls are becoming really good at applying knowledge of numbers to solve maths problems.

Speaking of problem solving…We have also been really excited to start constructing the fire engines that we designed with moving wheels. There was a bit of trial and error involved and some of us realised that our initial designs would not work, so had to make adjustments. I was amazed at how well the girls worked together to build the chassis, sharing ideas and giving each other encouragement. Well done Year One!

Year 2

“I have liked writing instructions in English.” Ishani

“We have learned to use imperative verbs.” Avleen

“This week I have enjoyed Maths because it is fun and I like learning new things.”  Ellie

Year 3

“I loved smelling the spices and telling things to the class about India.” Rianna

“In Art and DT I have enjoyed inventing my own chocolate bar and creating the packaging.”  Lydia

Year 4

“My highlight of the week was Art because we were mixing colours to make lighter and darker colours. I liked to see the colours.”  Isla

“I liked Science when we made a switch out of card, split pins and paper clips to turn a bulb on and off.” Emily G

Year 5

“In English we learned about Ted Hughes and the Iron Man, we are writing chapter 1 for display.” Lucy

“In Music we did drums and we had to do a tune to “Hey Mr Miller”.  It was fun!  I liked English because we were describing the Iron Man like we were him.”  Tobi

“In Maths we have been using different methods to do calculations. We used our brain for one lesson and then the next lesson we used column addition and subtraction. We did some rounding with a receipt which was hard because my mummy and daddy made up a receipt that ended up going over £10. We also did partitioning which was fun because we used the purple base ten.” Lilybella

“In Science we are learning about whether seeds need warmth to germinate. We put some mustard seeds in our classroom, on the windowsill outside, in the fridge, everywhere! So far the seeds in our classroom have grown some little roots and they look like little fluffy hairs.” Lydia

Year 6

This week we have finished making all the House boards bright and happy. In History we have travelled back in time to the Ancient Greeks and the world of the labyrinth in which lurks the mighty Minotaur. We described this fearsome creature using expanded nouns.

“Yesterday in the hockey match I felt really proud of my team because we all worked together.” Tara

“This week we went to a swimming gala and we all enjoyed it tremendously.” Deena 

“I am really interested in learning about the Ancient Greeks.” Aby 

“This week I have enjoyed animal and plant adaptations in Science, it was really interesting.” Charlotte E

“This week I have enjoyed Science and learning about the plant kingdom. We have made Go To Keys, we have also discussed how animals and plants adapt to temperature and climate.” Fee

GAP Club

This week in Gap Club we have continued our Autumn theme. The girls in the younger room have enjoyed making split pin scarecrows, spiky hedgehogs and glittery Autumn leaves. The older girls have been making creations with newspaper and have been working together to make a fruit bowl using newspaper and a glue gun.

Two of the older girls have shared their highlight of the week:
” Playing outside.” Anna Year 5
” Making the newspaper fruit bowls.” Sophia Year 4.

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