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Junior Newsletter 6 July 2018

Dear Parents and girls

Those of you who elected to watch the gym and dance show instead of England v Colombia will know which was the most entertaining. Unlike the football which was pretty dull until the finale, our girls performed energetically and with confidence from start to end. I was very impressed by the range of performances on display from routines learnt in PE lessons to high level polished performances in many styles. Equally impressive was the encouragement offered by girls for their friends and a little bit of hero-worshipping for the older members on display. I tried to get involved myself at one stage, seeing my opportunity to partner Artemisia in the Reception Troll dance, which has probably now guaranteed that I am expected to have a bigger role next time!

As we build towards our final Class Assembly delivered by Year 6 next Wednesday afternoon, this week saw Year 2 share a confident and articulate review of their highlights from the year. I enjoyed seeing their acting skills and hearing them sing about themes from their topics, such as Florence Nightingale. The end of term events are being frantically ticked off with a Sports Day, Technology Day, Sports Enrichment Day, Eco-summit and Welcome Day to name a few. Perhaps the most memorable, however, was the Family Fun Day which was bigger than ever thanks to some creative planning and big ideas by FoNHS. I would like to thank everyone involved for providing such an enjoyable day for our girls and also the local community.
Please remember that we have Parents Information Evenings next week for Year 1 and 2 on Monday at 5.00 pm, Year 3 and 6 on Tuesday at 5.00 pm and Year 4 and 5 at 5.30 pm. A great opportunity to meet your daughter’s new teacher, find out more about what is in store next year and ask any questions. The end of term will soon be upon us and as there will not be a newsletter next week I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Ross Urquhart, Head of Junior School



House Points and Achievements

The total number of house points awarded to date is:
Selene - 498  |   Hestia - 620  |   Artemis - 645  |   Demeter - 540

House point badges

House 10 Badges
Selene Hestia Artemis Demeter
Emily Ferguson
House 20 Badges
Selene Hestia Artemis Demeter
Freya Harrison Mollie Molloy Mya Shah Ella-May Brown
Emma Neville Emily Gates Francesca Beale Lucy Nicholas
Nikki Atife Maia Swanson Emma Bristow
Jasmine Campion Emily Horne Ariana Baninoe
Isabella Goodyear-Rea Maisy Orosz Connie Harvey
Verity Linnell Lucie Coombes
Ananya Rastogi


Each week in Friday’s assembly girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

Netball in County Squad
Arianna Hay
Jane Sigobodhla


Mollie Molloy

Gemma Stowey – Silver medal

Jessica Whateley – Level 7

Abigail Waugh – Silver & Bronze medals

Imogen Coppard 5K Race for Life

Ameyal Moreno Foster safety skills Bronze Award

Blue Peter Badge
Sophia Pang

General messages

Dates for your diary


Please remember that there are no teacher led clubs in the last week of term.

Class Assembly

  • Wednesday 11 July – Year 6 Final Assembly (2pm)

Parents information meetings to prepare for transition into the next year group will take place on:

  • Monday 9 July 5.00 – 5.30 pm for new Year 1 and 2 parents
  • Tuesday 10 July 5.00 – 5.30 pm for new Year 3 and 6 parents
  • Tuesday 10 July 5.30 – 6.00 pm for new Year 4 and 5 parents

More useful dates:

Friday 13 July – End of term 11.45am

Car Park

Please do not block the fire access point at the front of Junior School by parking in this area. We need to have emergency access available at all times.

The last day of term is Friday 13 July and Junior School will close at 11.45am. Nursery is open until 6.00pm for girls with existing bookings.

Sports Uniform Reminder


Foundation+ places are still available for the summer. Please see the office for a booking form.

Author Visit

The popular children’s author, Robin Stevens, is impressed!

Following on from Robin Steven’s inspiring visit to the school last week, as part of our Arts Festival, we are delighted to have received the following note from the author herself having read the beginnings of an idea for a murder mystery story from Laura Charles, Harriet Fordham and Grace Moulton in Year 6:

‘I’ve just had a chance to read Harriet, Laura and Grace’s mystery story, and I am so impressed. It’s incredibly inventive, fun and well-plotted, and honestly as good as anything my team could come up with!

Please pass on my thanks to them – I hope they enjoyed the day! I had a great time, and was so pleased to visit Northampton High.’

Photos in Flickr

To view the Flickr photo albums please click here:

Our week


This week all the girls have enjoyed the sunshine taking part in lots of activities outside.

On Wednesday they enjoyed our Teddy Bears picnic, the bears went on on a bear hunt and loved hiding in and up the trees. We also played games and enjoyed a lovely picnic in the shade of a tree.

Next week we are going to continue our summer activities.


For Reception this week, the highlight was definitely dressing up and performing the trolls dance. The girls could hardly contain their excitement in the lead up and were brilliant in the performance!  Again they rose to the occasion surpassing expectations, proving how they have matured as a class.

Year 1

“Sports Day was excellent because all the races were really fun. I felt good for everyone when they won. When I won in the egg and spoon race I was really happy. It was funny when Mummy dropped her egg and it was rolling to the finish line and she was running to get it… and she was last!” Harriet

“We made 2D shape pictures in the sun. We left them out in the sun for a few days and then the colour of the sugar paper that we didn’t cover with the 2D shapes went lighter but the bits we did cover were still the same colour. They look amazing!” Avleen

Year 2

2N have had a busy week!
We have made simple electrical devices, enjoyed watching The Sound of Music and listened to Monica Witherington, the author of Gabriela the Garden Angel.

“My wheels are going great, Mrs Russell!” (on her electric car) – Kristen

Emily asked Monica some amazing questions.

Year 3

Our favourite part of the week was definitely the Gym and Dance Extravaganza. It was great fun and we all got our own star parts. The finale was great too.

Another highlight was making our final bridge structure. Some of the bridges worked really well, some maybe not so well!

In Maths, we learnt about fractions and decimal equivalents and finding a fraction of a number. It really made us use our brains!

Year 4

My highlights of the week were DT and having fish cakes for lunch. Lilybella

I have improved my dividing on a number line. Millie

My highlight of the week is learning to do chunking and the shorter method for division. Izzy

Year 5

On Wednesday it was Food and Fashion day and we went to Senior School to make aprons. We had to do lots of sewing on a sewing machine and we had to do a a bit of ironing as well. We made them in the morning and they all turned out beautifully. Lola Andrew

We also made brownies and we each had to bring in some ingredients. We cooked them on the hob and then we put them in the oven. They were made out of bourbon biscuits and they all turned out delicious! Sonya Mittal

Year 6

This week Year 6 have enjoyed going to the allotment, where we picked and sampled lots of berries and harvested vegetables such as potatoes and courgettes. We can now announce that we raised an amazing £400.75 for the charity Re:Store, which will pay the rents on the allotments for the next year as well as enable them to buy them some tools and seeds.
On Thursday morning we went to the Senior School assembly, where Craig Styles came to talk to us about his sports career as an amputee.
6H also helped with the Year 1 and Year 2 Sports Day, it was a chance for the girls to help the younger ones.

Jessica really enjoyed the Craig Styles talk, it inspired her to look at other sports in a different way.

Jane Sigobodhla and Lucie Coombes

GAP Club

This week Beattie in Reception and Fern in Year Three shared their highlight of their time in GAP Club this week:

” Playing with the Fairy Lego”. – Beattie

“Watching movies.” – Fern

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