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Junior Newsletter 26 January 2018

Dear Parents and girls

There are many changes that take place to girls as they progress through Junior School. One of the most important is developing an understanding that we are all unique and special. Year 4 brought this message home to us all in Class Assembly this week and I went away feeling that I couldn’t have made the point better myself. It is indeed natural to compare ourselves with others but there is no need to become despondent if someone else can do something better or quicker. Year 4 is often the age when children gain a greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and our girls are no different, however I am really pleased to see them displaying respect for others and an inner strength to know that they all have gifts, skills and characteristics that make them stand out and where they can say say look at what I can do!

My assembly this week attempted to show girls that small amounts of change in several areas can add up to a significant improvement. Having read a book about Dave Brailsford, the guru behind the incredibly successful British track cycling team and Team Sky road team, I am interested in the idea of marginal gains. His strategy within cycling is now well documented but I attempted to share with the girls, ways in which they could use the principle to make improvements in their performance at school. Several of the girls, young and old, made very sensible suggestions of small things they felt would make a difference to them. They were less keen on my suggestions of going to bed a little earlier, cutting down on unhealthy food and watching less TV/youtube!

Ross Urquhart, Head of Junior School

House Points and Achievements

The total number of house points awarded to date is:
Selene - 125  |   Hestia - 157  |   Artemis - 157  |   Demeter - 142

House point badges

Selene Hestia Artemis Demeter
Annie Shelswell Lilybella Ullmann


Each week in Friday’s assembly girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

U12 Netball Blue Peter Badge
Arianna Hay Charlotte Urban
Samiha Chaudary Arianna Hay
County Hockey Greek Dancing DVD for Exam Syllabus
Arianna Hay Libby Moore
Jane Sigobodhla Jasmine Campion

General messages

Looking Ahead

Class Assemblies
7 February 3N
21 February 6H
28 February 6N
7 March Reception
14 March 2N
Sports Fixtures
Wednesday 31 January U11 Netball v Winchester House School (AWAY)
Weekend 2 February U11 Netball v Wimbledon & Newcastle (AWAY)
Wednesday 7 February U11 Netball v Thornton College (AWAY)
Friday 9 February U9 Netball v Bedford Modern School (AWAY)
Wednesday 21 February U11 Netball v Winchester House(AWAY)
Friday 23 February U9 Netball v Thornton College (HOME)
Wednesday 28 February U11 Netball v Stamford Junior School (HOME)
Wednesday 28 February U11 Netball IAPS Regional Round (AWAY)
Monday 5 March U11 IAPS Swim Gala (AWAY)
Wednesday 7 March U11 Netball v Bilton Grange School (AWAY)
Thursday 8 March GDST Spring Rally (AWAY)
Friday 9 March U9 Netball v Quinton House School (AWAY)
Wednesday 14 March U11 Netball v Pitsford School (HOME)
Friday 16 March U9 Netball BMS High Five Tournament (AWAY)
Thursday 11 May Sports Team photos


Crafty Creatures Club is cancelled on: Wednesday 7 February and Wednesday 28 February.

There will be no Tuesday Computing Club for Years 5 and 6 until further notice.

Music Open Week

We would like to invite you to come and attend your daughter’s individual Music lesson during the week of February 5-9. This is an opportunity for you to meet with her teacher, sit in on the lesson and discuss her progress. I will be sending a letter home nearer the time with the day and time of your daughter’s lesson but please do contact me if you would like any more information about it now.

Mrs Miller


Under 9 Netball v Broughton Manor Prep

This was the first match of the year and resulted in two victories. The B team had to play with full height posts as they were rusted into position and could not be lowered! This didn’t prevent Lucy and Millie scoring 4 goals. Everyone played with energy and improved their passing and moving. Other players were Maia, Rose, Vheneka, Tobi & Izzy.
The A team played as a team and supported each other all over the court. Final score was 11-1 and Player of the Match, as voted by the opposition, was Moriah. Other players were Ella, Leela, Charlotte, Isla, Darcy & Anna

Netball club for Year 4 is on Fridays after school. All girls are welcome and the extra time training is really important for selection to match teams.

Our week


This week in Elmer room the girls have been busy drawing and talking about our favourite fruit. They have also enjoyed learning the beginning sounds of fruit and vegetables through the ‘Silly Soup’, song trying very hard and doing very well.

Outside the girls experienced a physical challenge;, developing our ball skills and practising putting on our coats and zipping them up.

Eloise enjoyed making butterflies in the workshop.

Hesali liked painting using a variety of colours.

Next week your daughter might experience the following:
Exploring the sensory garden
Talking about and drawing the different jobs our senses do
Developing our number skills through physical activities
Learning about personal hygiene
Making fruit smoothies
Ordering the life cycle
The sound of the week will be ‘g’

This week in Kipper room we have been following the girls’ interest in the hairdressers.  We have used lots of role play to develop personal and social development between the girls which in turn has helped to build their vocabulary and language skills.

All girls now seem to have settled well into the environment demonstrating the ability to separate from their main carer with ease and ask questions of the adults whom they feel familiar with.  All girls are using the resources in the Nursery environment independently.  This week sand and pasta play have been particularly popular.


The highlight of this week for Maya was “starting a new dance in P.E. to the song Frozen and doing ballet.”

Eva Brown “My favourite thing is climbing the rope ladder at Forest School and making pretend soup”.

Year 1

Highlights of the week:

“My favourite bit this week was Tuesday because it was my birthday and we made tuna pasta salad. It was fun and it was very healthy because a mixture of things from the different food groups. My daddy had it for his lunch.” Harriet

“In maths I liked it best when me and Harriet were counting in 2s with the teddy bears. We put the colours and fruit together so the teddies could eat the fruit!” Grace

“The best bit of the week was when we were doing the debate about Richard the Third and if he killed the Princes. I said that I thought they had run away in the middle of the night because they got bored of staying in the tower. Both teams won and we were all really good.” Avleen

Year 2

Highlights of the week:

Darcy Watson: “At GAP club we did a play to the other children in GAP club. They thought it was very good”.

“I really enjoyed maths I learnt that when I do something tricky it is good becasue I will learn”.

Year 3

“My favourite part of the week was our badminton lesson because there was a competition and we only had five lives. I also enjoyed art where we sketched a picture of a primrose.”

“I enjoyed our badminton lesson because I hit the shuttlecock to my team”

Year 4

The girls have been learning about personal hygiene in their PSHEE lessons and have brought home a leaflet to share with you. This is part of our preparation for the residential visit to Stibbington, which we are all looking forward to!

Highlights of the week:

“I loved it when we did Science”.  Darcy

“My highlight of the week was dancing at PE”.  Charlotte

Year 5

Highlights of the week:

“My highlight of this week was being the umpire in handball and getting to blow the whistle”. – Lola Andrew

“My highlight was when we had our PE team photos”. – Tara Etemadi

Year 6

This week Year 6 have had yet another fun packed time! In Science they learnt about the electrical circuit signs. They got to make real electrical circuits and some people made a version of electric rubbers! Eva said, “I enjoyed making electric rubbers and circuits. It was really fun!” On Wednesday the A and B teams played their second match of the season and really enjoyed it! Kyla said “I enjoyed the netball match because my team won and I played my favourite position!”

Jasmine and Grace – Hestia

GAP Club

This week I asked two Year 1 girls to tell me what they enjoyed doing in GAP Club this week.

“I liked printing.” Jessica
“ Colouring butterflies.” Harini

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