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Junior Newsletter 23 February 2018

Dear Parents and girls

Enthusiasm is one of the most important characteristics we can possess; it is also one of the most visible in our school. This week I was impressed to see 6H share their enthusiasm for literature in Class Assembly. They have all now experienced the different genres and know which books they have enjoyed the most. You can tell how much they have enjoyed their own reading by their enthusiastic approach towards convincing younger girls to read their recommended books. The best books come to life as you read and fill your senses with vivid imagery. 6H managed to achieve this through their dramatic displays and interesting quizzes.
I have missed my Friday afternoon Games lesson with Year 4 today, although it is quite cold for netball, as the girls are on their residential trip to Stibbington. I noticed on twitter that Portsmouth High School had also arranged a trip for the same three days with year 4, inspiring me to contact their Head to see if we might be able to collaborate next year, in the same way that we do for the ski trip. I look forward to seeing the girls return today and know that they will be very enthusiastic about telling me stories from their three days away.
It can be hard to maintain enthusiasm when things don’t go your way and I was delighted to receive a message from Mrs Williamson indicating how much progress the Under 11A netball team have made this year. They played in a prestigious tournament this week and achieved some creditable results. Excellent preparation for the IAPS tournament at Rugby School next week.
Year 5 are an extremely enthusiastic class and even though it was -2 degrees and the course was frozen, were desperate to resume running club once again today. Luckily they were easily distracted when I reminded them that it was fish and chip day today, something that we are all enthusiastic about!

Ross Urquhart, Head of Junior School

House Points and Achievements

The total number of house points awarded to date is:
Selene - 294  |   Hestia - 331  |   Artemis - 334  |   Demeter - 326

House point badges

Selene Hestia Artemis Demeter
Ameyal Foster Moreno Mollie Molloy Sophia Pang Elizabeth Aston
Gege Osekita Fern Almond Miraya Shah Isla Howard
Harriet Fordham Lola Andrew Roja Lakshman Maisie Bullock
Alessandra Jahina Ella Darby Emily Horne Emma Bristow
Sophie Johnson Charlotte Evans-Hillman Vivien Li Ariana Baninoe
Elisha Lal Nikki Atife Jessica McClurg
Freya Harrison Fleur Beale Maisy Orosz
Shruthi Padmabushan Grace Moulton Jane Sigobodhla
Nancy Davies Caitlin McClurg
Eva Gasson
Isabella Goodyear-Rea
Verity Linnell
Rishika Thakur
Gemma Stowey


Each week in Friday’s assembly girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

Gymnastics Level 8 Hockey Tournament
Deborah Banwo Alessandra Jahina
Avleen Sidhu Arianna Hay
Harini Sudhakar Harriet Fordham
Mya Shah
Tennis Tournament Cricket – County Squad
Charlotte Urban – 3rd Alessandra Jahina
Drama Piano
Charlotte Urban –    Grade 2 Distinction Alessandra Jahina – Grade 2 Merit
Golf Competition Netball Tournament
Charlotte Urban Ananya Rastogi
Ariana Baninoe
Rugby Milton Keynes Festival
Annie Shelswell Libby Moore
Jasmine Campion
Felicty Lousada
Lola Andrew
500 Words Competition ASHR Maths & English
Monpriya Dhaliwal Manha Kamath
Skiing Bronze Medal
Mollie Molloy

General messages

Looking Ahead

Class Assemblies
28 February 6N
7 March Reception
14 March 2N
Sports Fixtures
Wednesday 28 February U11 Netball v Stamford Junior School (HOME)
Wednesday 28 February U11 Netball IAPS Regional Round (AWAY)
Monday 5 March U11 IAPS Swim Gala (AWAY)
Wednesday 7 March U11 Netball v Bilton Grange School (AWAY)
Thursday 8 March GDST Spring Rally (AWAY)
Friday 9 March U9 Netball v Quinton House School (AWAY)
Wednesday 14 March U11 Netball v Pitsford School (HOME)
Friday 16 March U9 Netball BMS High Five Tournament (AWAY)
Thursday 11 May Sports Team photos


Year 3 girls are invited to join the Year 4 Netball club on Friday 2 March from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

Running club has started and Year 3 and 4 girls are invited to join in from 7.45am to 8.15am on Fridays. Please arrive in PE kit ready to run! We will not run on 2 March due to World Book day or 23 March due to the ski trip.

Cancelled Clubs: All teacher-led clubs cancelled on Wednesday 28 February due to staff meeting.

  • Art Club is cancelled on Monday 26 February and Monday 5 March
  • There will be no Tuesday Computing Club for Years 5 and 6 until further notice
  • Reception Golf Club is cancelled on Wednesday 28 February due to staff meeting.

Change of Club day and year group:

  • Year 6 Swimming Club previously on a Tuesday lunch will now be on a Monday lunch with Year 5

Grandparents' afternoon

We are looking forward to welcoming Grandparents into school on Friday 2 March (1.30 pm – 3.30 pm). The deadline for reply is Monday 26 February via the Firefly form that was shared with parents. As the day is also World Book Day, I wonder if Grandparents might be able to bring along some books they read to Mummy’s and Daddy’s, or even had read to them by their parents? Girls are permitted to dress as a favourite character from literature for the day and I suppose the same option should be made available to any brave Grandparents also!

World Book Day

We are celebrating World Book Day on Friday 2 March. Girls can come to school dressed up as their favourite character from a book.

Women's Day

Date for the diary!

In 1918, some women finally gained the right to vote. This year marks the 100th year of this movement and something we will be celebrating in the Junior School. After half term, girls will be discussing and researching the suffragette movement in school- through classwork and during assemblies. To celebrate this, International Women’s Day is on Thursday 8 March and Junior School girls are invited to create their own sash, rosette, badge, etc to wear to school for the day. This will be set as an open homework after half term and girls can parade their creations on that Thursday.


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I am planning a Breakfast Concert for girls doing music exams this term. It will probably be at 8.00 am on Wednesday 7 March in the Junior Music room. Anyone who would like to perform will be included in the programme.

Nikki Atife and Ishika Shah in Year 6 both asked if they could enter the Senior School’s Young Musician competition last month. They played their pieces to Mr Nathan who commented on their performances, giving both girls a certificate and choosing Nikki as the winning performer out of the two girls. Well done to both girls.

The evening of Thursday 26 April is our annual concert when all the extra curricular groups will be performing. The girls are working very hard to make it a great evening of music for you. This year the pieces are all “Out of this World”.

Mrs Miller

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Match Report

Under 11 Netball A team v Winchester House

On Wednesday Northampton High School’s U11 A netball team went to a tournament at Winchester House School and played 4 teams.  Sadly, we did not qualify but we did win a match, drew a match and unfortunately lost 2 matches but it was a great experience for us girls.

Arianna Hay & Jane Sigobodhla

Our week


This week in Nursery the girls have had fun planting daffodil bulbs.  They enjoyed learning about the plant life cycle. They have also had fun learning about the names of the animals and their young. We have had fun at Forest School where we explored our surroundings, made dens and completed obstacle courses. The girls enjoyed physical time where we experienced a range of different movements.

In Kipper Room this week the girls had lots of fun in Music and Movement. They enjoyed playing with the hoops, tunnel, bean bags and hopping horses. The girls have been practising the way in which they hold their pens and pencils. They have also used their mark making skills with a variety of activities including coloured sand, drawing, painting and many more. We also went on a number hunt to practice counting and recognising our numbers.  The children really enjoyed this.

Next week your daughter might experience the following:

Making marshmallow rice crispy squares
Creating spring Dandelion paintings using sponges
Looking at the chick life cycle
Investigating flowers and their different parts

Working on our number recognition

Celebrating World Book Day

Please remember Friday 2nd March is World Book Day so your daughter can dress as a character from a story if they wish. Grandparents afternoon is also on this date starting at 1.30pm and finishing at 3pm.  Grandparents can participate with their granddaughter within different activities and enjoy refreshments afterwrards.  As it is World Book Day perhaps grandparents would like to bring a book to share with the children.

Nafisa said “that was too much fun” after acting out The Enormous Turnip story.
Evie said she has enjoyed playing with her friends.
Please access firefly for the topic letter.

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On Wednesday this week we celebrated Chinese New Year. There were lots of activities including, Chinese name and number writing, finding the longest noodle, making a flag, music with the pentatonic scale, Chinese Restaurant role play and making window decorations. We would like to thank Priscilla, Yilin and Eva’s mummies for helping us and providing lucky envelopes and fortune cookies for the girls to take home.

Yilin said ” I enjoyed the Chinese Restaurant and my mum came and made some decorations.”

The highlight for Priscilla was ” making the window decorations and teaching everyone how to count to 10 in Chinese.”

Year 1

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“On Tuesday afternoon we learned about Mondrian and then we cut out lots of squares and rectangles to make a big artwork all together. Yesterday we did Mondrian again… on the computer! I was proud of my work because it was like Mondrian’s artwork.” Grace

“I really liked the Chinese Day because I liked playing in the Chinese restaurant and making the Chinese cards. I made a New Year card for Miss Brandon-Jones and one for my mummy. I put the cards in the envelope things that I made.” Venece

Year 2

“My favourite bit of the week was going to the computer room to learn about Chinese New Year. I found out that the rat in the race came first and the ox came second. This year it is the year of the dog and next year will be the year of the pig. The cat didn’t get a year because the rat pushed her into the water.” Aiyana

“I really liked time in maths because you got to turn the clocks and it was really fun. I didn’t know how to do quarter pasts before the lessons but now I do!” Millie

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Year 3

Isla – I have enjoyed learning about time and changing seconds to minutes. I loved the alliteration poetry lesson on animals.

Gaby – My highlight of the week was looking at the different shoes that people wear. I liked Jumbo the elephants boots!

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Year 4

Year 4 Residential Visit to Stibbington

Year 4 have had a fantastic time! The focus of the trip has been to develop map skills and learn about the local area. Activities have included: using grid references to complete a treasure hunt around Stibbington Lakes, following a route on a map, carrying out a village survey of amenities and monitoring the traffic on the A1. They have also found time to develop their Eco awareness, toast marshmallows around a campfire and take part in outdoor Art activities. The girls have shown great enthusiasm, worked well as a team and impressed us with their organisational skills. They will have a lot to tell you about this trip!

To see the Stibbington album, please click here:

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Year 5

Year 5 spent Monday morning writing codes and trying to be code breakers.
In Art this week we examined some of Picasso’s animal line drawings and drew our own in his style.

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Year 6

This week was the first week back from the half term and we have all been extremely busy.

On Tuesday we did a practical in Science.
Arianna Hay said:
“It was really fun having a practical science lesson where we had an awesome time in the dark using mirrors and torches to learn about how light reflects off mirrors.”

On Wednesday we explored using mixed media in Art to create tree collages.
Annabel said:
” I really enjoyed painting the mixed media.”

We all hope next week will be packed full of more exciting activities!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream- the unmissable Year 5 and 6 Production!

13/06/18 Matinee Performance
14/06/18 Evening Performance

All are welcome!

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GAP Club

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This week I spoke to two Reception girls to ask them what they had enjoyed this week.

“I enjoyed it when we made the dragons.” Artemisia

“Playing mermaids.” Maya

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