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Junior Newsletter 16 March 2018

Dear Parents and girls

Our Class Assembly theme this week was how to look after a pet, with Year 2 sharing their excitement at the pending arrival of Betty the school puppy. Several of the girls already have a pet at home and are therefore familiar with the need to be a responsible owner and the joy that can be had by building a relationship with an animal. I especially enjoyed hearing the two songs that had been practised with Mrs Miller and the poem recited by Safiya and Esme which they coordinated on their own.

We have been very busy with visitors this week following two successful Open Events last week. Some of the girls are actually joining after Easter and I am sure they will be made to feel welcome. Today has been another pupil arranged charity event with Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 3 all playing a part in the arrangements. We are a generous school community and I am delighted that our girls take this role so seriously and research the charity of their choice so dilligently. Equally we have seen generous parents and I would like to thank Ms Warner, Mrs Neville and Mrs Atife for their effort in organising and then running the swap shop uniform service. Without them this valuable service would not happen and they are valued members of the school body. FoNHS were also busy meeting this week to continue preparations for the Ball and Family Fun Day next term. I am really looking forward to these exciting events which will undoubtedly be well organised and raise considerable funds for charity and the school fund. If you are keen to play a bigger role in any aspect of school life do please get in touch via the school office.

I will be in France next week with the school ski trip but would like to wish everyone an early Happy Easter and an enjoyable holiday. Don’t forget that we return to school in Summer uniform in April

Ross Urquhart, Head of Junior School

House Points and Achievements

The total number of house points awarded to date is:
Selene - 462  |   Hestia - 519  |   Artemis - 561  |   Demeter - 492

House point badges

Selene Hestia Artemis Demeter
Rose Neville Daisy May Sharp Kristen Love-Momodu Sherain Kassie
Isabelle Stowey Darcy Watson Ayana Fonso
Vheneka Chimutanda
Indiana Ransley
Aiyana Sooriah
Mary-Anne Waterton
Selene Hestia Artemis Demeter
Felicity Lousada Emily Gates Sophia Pang Elizabeth Aston
Emma Neville Lola Andrew Isla Allen Phoebe Jemilawon
Alessandra Jahina Imogen Coppard Lucie Coombes Manha Kamath
Ella Darby Darcy Watson Isobel Seymour
Mary Anne Waterton Kristen Love Momodu Emma Bristow
Verity Linnell
Nikki Atife
Jasmine Campion
Selene Hestia Artemis Demeter
Sonya Mittal
Maisy Orosz
Ishika Shah
Charlotte Louise Smith


Each week in Friday’s assembly girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

Emma Neville – 2000 metres
Ananya Rastogi – Dolphin 2
Nikki Atife – 1 mile
Maia Swanson – Level 7
Rose Neville – 2000m
Ayana Fonso – Level 1
Mya Shah – Level 2
Swimming Compettion
Sophie Johnson – 2nd in 25m Freestyle, 2nd in 25m backstroke, 2nd in 25m Fly, 4th in 25m breaststroke
Ariana Baninoe – piano duet with Nikki Atife – 2nd
Nikki Atife – Piano Festival – 3rd place
Vheneka Chimutanda – came 2nd in concert
Miraya Shah – 1st in competition
Ishika Shah 1st and 2nd in competition
Hockey Tournament
Arianna Hay,Grace Moulton, Harriet Fordham, Jessica McClurg, Emma Bristow and Nikki Atife
Nikki Atife – Grade 2 with Distinction
Drama Festival
Nikki Atife – 1st place dialogue, 1st place sight reading, 3rd place solo acting, 1st place poem
Maisy Orosz – passed Level 5 and 6
Skiing Lessons
Isla Allen
Eryn Currie
Manha Kamath
Kettering Festival
Nikki Atife – 1st place speech and drama duet, 2nd place solo
Martial Arts
Chanan Sehmi – Karate purple belt with white stripe
Mya Shah – March’s gymnastics shapers star, stage 2 and County Championship Gym
Aynana Sooriah – first gymnastics award and Gymast of the month/term
Eva Brown – Level 8 gymnastics
Fatima Abu – Level 8 gymnastics

General messages


Please note that there will be no clubs led by Junior School teachers during the last week of term.

The Summer clubs lists have been shared today with all parents from Reception to Year 6 via Firefly. Please return the form by Friday 23 March or speak to the office if you have any questions. We will begin clubs on Monday 23 April giving us time to organise lists and share with you in the first week back.

Dates for your diary

Parents information meetings to prepare for transition into the next year group will take place on:

  • Friday 6 July 12.00 – 1.00 pm for new Reception parents
  • Monday 9 July 5.00 – 5.30 pm for new Year 1 and 2 parents
  • Tuesday 10 July 5.00 – 5.30 pm for new Year 3 and 6 parents
  • Tuesday 10 July 5.30 – 6.00 pm for new Year 4 and 5 parents

Fund Raising

Thank you for supporting the Year 3 Marie Curie charity event today. So far £310 has been raised with Nursery, Reception and Year 1 selling daffodils too. Well done girls!


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Last Friday Miss Murby visited Year 3’s Music lesson and played the violin and viola for them. Afterwards everyone had a go at holding the violin and plucking the open strings. I will be giving the girls another opportunity to try some more basic string skills.

On Monday they are having another visit, this time from Mrs Jones, our cello teacher.

The girls in the orchestra visited Collingtree Care Home on Monday and played for the residents. As well as playing three pieces altogether some of the girls performed on their own. Well done and many thanks to Emma, Caitlin, Ishika, Vivien, Tara, Jessica and Lucie.

The Summer Term Concert “Out of this World” is on Thursday 26 April at 7.00 pm. All our extra extra curricular music groups will be performing.

GDST Rally

On Thursday 8 March Grace, Jane, Kyla, Sophie and Harriet travelled to Bromley High School to take part in the GDST Rally which included netball, cross country and gymnastics. Overall the competition was quite a high standard and we came 13/16 in the gymnastics. We are all very pleased with our performances and we had fun!

GDST Techathlon

Last Friday 6 girls, 2 Junior and 4 Senior, went to the GDST Techathlon at South Hampstead High School. The theme this year was music. We all had a very fun time and I’m sure we all got a lot out of it.

When we arrived we had a lot of fun testing out the music tech they had for trialling. Since this year’s theme was music there were lots of different things related to music in tech. There were the big feet pianos, where you play piano with your feet. Also, something called Makey, Makey Kits. These kits caught the eye of Lizzie and I. Why? Because these kits connected to the computer by a crocodile wire. The other side of the crocodile wire was attached to a banana. Then all we had to do was hold one of the clips in our hands to make the connection, tap the banana and then the banana made a noise from the computer. This was really interesting.

Next we sat down at our tables and were given a warm speech from Emily Davis, someone who worked in the classic FM stations. Her speech really inspired me. Our challenge for the day was announced: we had to make an app or website to help someone with their music careers or help them learn. Ruby Howard in Year 10 had a very good idea to make an app to help people practice their aural tests for exams, since there are not enough resources available. We split ourselves into groups to make: a Power Point, the app, the trailer and the logo for our product.

We also took part in a workshop using an App called ‘Sampler’, where you could edit the sound of your voice to make music.

At the end of the day the judges looked at all the products and we got to see what the other schools had produced. There were some very exciting ideas and some I would love to use to help me with my music.

by Nikki Atife

Girls' Cricket Academy

This exciting new venture is starting at Northampton High School on Saturday 21 April for 10 weeks from 9.00 am to 10.00 am for Year 2, 3 and 4 and 10.00 am to 12.00 pm for Year 5, 6 and 7. Our Head Coach is Chris Leonard with assistant Summer Keightley. They are both experienced with younger children and sessions will provide skill development and match opportunity in a friendly supportive environment. The younger sessions costs £5 per week and the older 2 hour session £10 per week. Both are open to our girls and the local community, so please share the news with your friends and ask them to contact school if interested in joining. More information on how to book will be sent out next week.


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Under 11 Netball A team vs Pitsford

On Wednesday 14 March the Under 11 A team played a netball match against Pitsford School…….In the first quarter the score was already 11-0 to us, with Lizzie Tansley and Charlotte Urban defending to make sure no goals were scored. We were aiming for 40 goals or up ( which was quite a high bar) In the second half we managed to score more goals but unfortunately Pitsford managed to score a goal…. but we were still winning 24-1!!! In the 3rd quarter we scored another 10 goals ( scored by Samiha and Arianna Hay). In the last quarter we completely swapped around our positions because at the start of the year we lost a few matches so we knew how it felt and we felt a bit bad for them. So Jane Sigobodhla and Alessandra Jahina scored 5 more goals and we ended up winning 39-1!!! Which is a record for us as a team!

Samiha Chaudhary

Our week


In Kipper Room the girls have had a lovely time at the farm where they had the opportunity to feed lambs bottles of milk, feed goats and look at the chickens, ducks, cows and sheep. They even enjoyed the special treat of a cake and a drink in the tea room.

In Elmer Room the girls have enjoyed starting a special surprise for Easter, they also have had fun using all their senses to explore the garden, improving their cutting skills when cutting around different coloured eggs and moving in a range of different ways with the colourful ribbons.

Amelia said she has liked being special helper. Thea has enjoyed playing the Peter Rabbit game on the computer.

Next week in Elmer Room your daughter may experience the following activities:

  • Easter themed activities.
  • Enhancing physical skills outside.

On Wednesday 20 March Nursery will be taking part in the ‘Walk a mile ‘ for Sports Relief’

Date for your diary.
Thursday 22 March swap shop will be in Nursery at 8.00 am for school uniform.

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This week we have been learning about sharing, estimating and undertaking time challenges.

Leilana ” I enjoyed doing the climbing wall, I managed half way.”

Shanaya said her favourite activity was “making models, the one of a tortoise sleeping.”

Rebecca’s highlight was ” being able to use the i-pads, but we could only look at the story books on it.”

Year 1

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Year 2

“In Performing Arts club this week we did some lines for Daisy… and no-one was Mr Bull because everyone wanted to be Mr Bull so it wouldn’t be fair. That’s why there was just Daisy, Cow 1, Cow 2 and the Narrators.” Grace

“We had to practise in our small groups and there was a funny line about chocolate pudding because it was actually grass that the cows had every day.” Harini

“In Maths I was asking Zoe the questions about how many tens and how many units there were in the number, and then I had to tell Zoe. We lined up all the numbers in a line so that the tens were getting bigger.” Jessica

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Year 3

Verity  “My highlight of the week was finding out about different sculptures at the Herbert Art Gallery. My favourite one was the two old ladies sitting on the bench”.

Odelia “My favourite part of this week was organising the Marie Curie charity event. I liked counting the money and selling cakes. We made lots of money”.

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Year 4

“I enjoyed Wednesday in Science because we put our hands in hot and cold water”. Lydia

“I think badminton was the best thing I did this week. At the start I got to set up the badminton courts”. Rose

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Year 5


“On Wednesday we went to the Herbert Art Gallery and learnt about perspective, portrait, landscape and still life.  It was fun because we also learnt about Lady Godiva and George III.  We got to draw whatever we wanted”  Gege Osekita.

“On Wednesday my class went to the Herbert Art Gallery and we saw the film set of Nativity, it was so cool!  My favourite part was seeing them film and getting a mini star to keep from the set” Manha Kamath.

“My highlight this week was the bread making we did on Monday.  I made bread with chocolate and raisins.  When the bread was cooked, it smelt like a bakery in the DT room!” Felicty Lousada.

Many thanks to Mrs Waugh for accompanying us on the trip. As usual, the girls were sensible and well mannered and we had some lovely comments from other visitors to the gallery who were very impressed with their behaviour. Well done girls!

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Year 6

This week has been very exciting as we have been given our scripts for our production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We have been auditioning for the parts and we were all so glad to find out our parts today.
We completed an amazing maths investigation this week where we viewed the whole World as one village of 100 people, meaning that 1 person represented 71 million people in the real World! Our visual representations of the statistics we were given were then presented as an art exhibition- it looked stunning!
Samiha was illuminated by the challenge of making a shadow theatre; even though hers collapsed she persevered producing a beautiful final product.

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GAP Club

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This week we spoke to four Year 1 girls about what they have enjoyed doing in GAP Club this week:

“ Playing with the two year olds and making chicks with Miss Page.” Grace.

“ Playing with the two year olds.” Zoe.

“ Making an Easter chick with Miss Page.” Jessica.

“ Playing in the sand with the little ones.” Avleen.

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