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Junior Newsletter 19 January 2018

Dear Parents and girls

I am still feeling motivated following the assembly by Year 5 on Wednesday which contained many examples of how the girls have overcome fears or challenges. They have already amassed many experiences that require confidence and bravery such as mountain climbing, swimming with sharks, surfing and skydiving. We all left the hall feeling inspired and the tips came in useful when I tackled a new fitness class called ‘insanity’, which stretched my endurance to the limit and where it would have been easy to drop out; I am pleased to say that I finished!
The Under 11 Cross-Country team took part in a large event near Bedford this week and they all ran well on a very cold day. I was delighted to hear that Ella Darby won by a considerable margin competing against older girls. Sporting success continued in the first netball of the year where A & B teams both won against Broughton Manor.
Debating is extremely popular in school right now and Year 6 enjoyed their Noisy Classroom experience which culminated in a celebration involving nearly 200 girls today. It was a pleasure to watch the teamwork and logical thinking in action; these girls know their mind and I would not like to face them in a competition!

Ross Urquhart, Head of Junior School

House Points & Achievements

The total number of house points awarded to date is:
Selene - 73  |   Hestia - 85  |   Artemis - 86  |   Demeter - 77

General messages

Looking Ahead

Class Assemblies
24 January 4N
7 February 3N
21 February 6H
28 February 6N
7 March Reception
14 March 2N
Sports Fixtures
Wednesday 24 January U11 Netball v Milton Keynes Prep School (HOME)
Wednesday 31 January U11 Netball v Winchester House School (AWAY)
Weekend 2 February U11 Netball v Wimbledon & Newcastle (AWAY)
Wednesday 7 February U11 Netball v Thornton College (AWAY)
Friday 9 February U9 Netball v Bedford Modern School (AWAY)
Wednesday 21 February U11 Netball v Winchester House(AWAY)
Friday 23 February U9 Netball v Thornton College (HOME)
Wednesday 28 February U11 Netball v Stamford Junior School (HOME)
Wednesday 28 February U11 Netball IAPS Regional Round (AWAY)
Monday 5 March U11 IAPS Swim Gala (AWAY)
Wednesday 7 March U11 Netball v Bilton Grange School (AWAY)
Thursday 8 March GDST Spring Rally (AWAY)
Friday 9 March U9 Netball v Quinton House School (AWAY)
Wednesday 14 March U11 Netball v Pitsford School (HOME)
Friday 16 March U9 Netball BMS High Five Tournament (AWAY)


Crafty Creatures Club is cancelled on: Wednesday 24 January, Wednesday 7 February and Wednesday 28 February.

There will be no Year 4 Netball club on Friday 26 January as Mr Urquhart is on a course.

There will be no Latin Club on Thursday 25 January.


In addition to the dates published last week, I am delighted to announce that FoNHS are planning a special event to commemorate the 140th anniversary of Northampton High School. Please save the afternoon of Saturday 30 June in your calendar when there will be a Family Fun Day held on the school site. More information will follow, including opportunities for local businesses to sponsor activities and gain exposure to the school parent body. This event will replace the Spring Fayre which FoNHS traditionally organise.

Please bear in mind there is always room for more committee members so let us know if you are interested.

Exciting News

There is a buzz of excitement in the Junior School this week as the girls have found out that later this year we will be welcoming a four legged friend into our Junior School community. As part of our pastoral work we are keen to further develop our ‘home from home’ atmosphere and know, from the experience of many other GDST Junior Schools, that having a gentle & well trained dog in school goes a long way to promoting this feeling.

The puppy was born this week as part of a litter of miniature Labradoodles and will be owned and live with Mrs Purvey-Tyrer and based in her office. The girls’ first task will be to vote for a name & enjoy regular photos & updates from the breeder. Once fully trained, our school dog will be able to spend time with the girls; they may like to read him a story, or stroke him if they are feeling upset or perhaps take him to Forest School.

More information and permission requests will of course be sent to parents later in the term but in the meantime please be assured that all of the necessary health & safety issues are being carefully addressed.

Music Open Week

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We would like to invite you to come and attend your daughter’s individual Music lesson during the week of February 5-9. This is an opportunity for you to meet with her teacher, sit in on the lesson and discuss her progress. I will be sending a letter home nearer the time with the day and time of your daughter’s lesson but please do contact me if you would like any more information about it now.

Mrs Miller

Quiz Night

Friday 9 March from 7.00 pm
In the Senior School Hall at Northampton High School. All of the funds raised will go towards Plan UK ; Because I am a Girl
£10 Adult (includes pizza, hot dog and Peroni beer or canned drink of your choice)
£6 Student (16 and under) and OAP (includes pizza, hot dog and a canned drink of your choice)
Teams of up to 8
To order tickets, please email: to reserve tickets

GoCode Academy

During February half-term, GoCode academy are running a coding camp in Northampton High School from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm each day. It is open to 6-11 year olds and they are offering a free taster session on Tuesday 30 January from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm in Junior School. To find out more information about the camp, please visit their website
If you would like your daughter to join the taster session please contact indicating her name and year group.


Under 11 Bedfordia Cross Country

Team: Ella Darby, Laura Charles, Emily Horne, Abigail Waugh, Jane Sigobodhla, Charlotte Smith, Charlotte Urban, Annabel Lloyd

The Under 11 Cross Country team travelled along with the Under 12 and Under 13 teams to take part in the Bedfordia Cross Country event on Tuesday 16 January
It was a bitterly cold and blustery day, not the best conditions for cross country, however, the girls did not let this affect their enthusiasm and determination to run the very best they could.

Ella Darby had an impressive start forging to the front of the pack. She maintained this lead throughout and finished first out of 215 girls. Well done to all the girls who ran and endured the arctic conditions.

At the end of the day, all the girls said they had enjoyed the day and ran their best, and were pleased with their final results. They can’t wait for their next race!

Under 11 Netball A team v Broughton Manor

On Wedneday 17 January the Netball A team had a match against Broughton Manor Prep. At the start of the game for a while not one team scored a goal. Even though we didn’t let a goal in, thanks to our defenders Charlotte Urban – Goal Keeper  and Arianna Hay – Goal Defence, but when it was our center pass we were able to score a goal, which as scored by Samiha Chaudhary.  Unfortunately for the rest of the first half we didn’t let a goal in but we didn’t score any either.

In the second half it was our center pass and as soon as the whistle blew we immediately got the ball in the D and Harriet Fordham scored a goal! Now we were up by 2 goals. Our defenders continued working hard but Broughton Manors shooters scored a goal. Both teams continued working hard and no one was able to shoot right until the end of the match. So in the end it was 2-1 to us….. and we got our pizza and doughnuts!

Captain – Samiha Chaudhary

Under 11 Netball B team v Broughton Manor

On Wednesday 17 January the Netball B team had a match against Broughton Manor Prep. At first they scored a very good goal which made us a bit scared, but we came back with our fighting spirit and Ariana Baninoe scored the first goal and then Shruthi Padmabushan scored 2 goals before half time. In the second half Bella Goodyear- Rea scored 2 goals and Shruthi Padmabushan scored 3 more goals putting us at a score of 1-8 to Northampton High School.  Then suddenly, just as the other team were getting close to the goal they were shooting at, the final whistle blew which meant we won the game!

Captain- Lizzie Tansley

Our week


In Kipper room this week, the girls have enjoyed going for a walk to Hardingstone park. They have played in the cornflour feeling the different textures of the mixture. In the water tray they filled up and poured the water out using a variety of containers.

Elmer Room

Elmer girls have listened to the story One Cool Watermelon they then made observational paintings of the fruit and vegetables. They also ordered their morning routine and at Forest School they made bird feeders.

Amelia said that she has enjoyed making cheese sandwiches using the program on the computer.

Bryony said she has had fun playing with the trolleys. She filled them with fruit and vegetables from the role play shop.

Next week your daughter may experience the following- Playing an exercise game.

Learning about road safety.

Silly soup song

Talking about and drawing our favourite fruits and vegetables.

The letter sound will be “p”.

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” This week I enjoyed doing a collage picture of me.” Fatima

The highlight of Angelie’s week was the new tables and chairs, “the tables look like a splodge of paint.”  When you see the shape of them… all will become clear.

Year 1

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“I liked doing swimming this week because at the end we went into the shallow end and Miss Fraser was throwing little rings in the water and we had to try and catch them. I was catching red ones and Avleen was catching pink ones and Grace was catching green ones.” Venece

“One of my favourite bits this week was making coleslaw. We were in partners and I was with a visiting girl. We had to use a peeler and a sharp knife and we had to do the vegetables very carefully. At the end we put stickers on our pots and we ate it at home.” Grace

Year 2

Sofia Gordon-Harris: 

“I enjoyed making 3D shapes out of straws and connectors”. 

Safiya Clayson:

“The best thing about this week was when Mrs Dale came back to school because I missed her”. 

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Year 3

Lily – “my highlight this week was eating the sandwiches and finishing the story of the Mousehole cat. We wrote about the harbour”.

Elizabeth – “my highlight of this week was in DT when we tasted the sandwiches. My favourite was the cheddar cheese”.

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Year 4

Charlotte: “My highlight of the week was going onto fountain pen”.

Anna: “My highlight of the week was the circuit and seeing if materials clipped with a wire to make a light bulb light”.

“But the best thing for both of us was hearing about the puppy!”


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Year 5

Charlotte Evans-Hillman:  “My highlight of the week was our class assembly.  It was so much fun”.

Abigail Waugh:  “My highlight was my school cross-country where I came 73rd out of 200.  It was so much fun”.

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Year 6

This week Year 6 have had a very exciting time.

On Monday we had a whole day of debating with Noisy Classroom!  Ariana Baninoe said “It was so fun, especially the hilarious games!”
On Wednesday we went outside to take pictures of trees and did so many amazing sketches of them!
On Thursday we had a wonderful time at the theatre watching The Snowman!  Emma Bristow said “The Theatre was so much fun; I didn’t want it to end!”
On Friday Year 6 had a fabulous time debating with other schools and socializing with everyone!!!
What a week it’s been for our fantastic Year 6’s! Have fun this weekend!

Demeter House and Vice Captain – Sahitya and Connie

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GAP Club

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This week I’ve asked two of the older girls if they could tell me what they have particularly enjoyed doing in GAP Club “I’ve really enjoyed craft making pencil pots and painting them.” Millie, Year 4.

“I’ve enjoyed playing with the Barbies and Twister with my friends. The Chinese Restaurant was fun too.” Evie, Year 3.

If your daughter attends the younger GAP Club please could you ensure she has a hat, gloves and scarf with her. We take the girls up to the back playground most nights before tea so they need their layers on.

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