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Junior Newsletter 12 January 2018

Dear Parents and girls

As I expected, the girls returned full of vigour this week and are clearly now back in the term-time routine. Sadly I fell victim to an illness which meant I missed the Year 1 Class Assembly which sounded like a big success; demonstrating how much can be achieved in a few days when you have keen and able girls and a motivated teacher! Mrs Fordham has now visited 3 primary schools as part of the Noisy Classroom debating project, with our Year 6 girls up next on Monday. The feedback has been extremely positive and I look forward to seeing the end product on Friday 19 January. Several girls from Year 3 to 6 took part in an Art masterclass with Mrs Emma Lindsay on Wednesday, producing some stunning work. I hope that some of our girls make use of the Saturday morning classes offered by Emma as a way to nurture their talent further. Our school site is becoming a hive of activity on Saturday mornings and I am currently linking with Northants County Cricket to set up a girls academy on our field in the summer term. Cricket was very popular with the girls as a new sport last year and we are keen to develop this further. More details will be available shortly.
Today our Year 6 girls have enjoyed an exciting day as the external applicants for Year 7 joined them for a day in Senior School. I hope that all of our scholarship applicants were able to perform to the best of their ability, that everyone made some new friends and enjoyed feeling more mature. We know the Year 6 girls so well and they are a credit to the school and their families. It is inevitable that they will outgrow Junior School but I am confident that each one of them is prepared for the next stage in their education and that we will make the most of their remaining time as Junior pupils.

Ross Urquhart, Head of Junior School

House Points & Achievements

The total number of house points awarded to date is:
Selene - 14  |   Hestia - 17  |   Artemis - 13  |   Demeter - 18


Each week in Friday’s assembly girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

Gymnastics Mathletics
Safiya Clayson BGA 8 Sherain Kassie Gold cerificate
U11’s County Cross Country Young Writers Competition
Ella Darby 1st place Arna Kar – writing going in their book
Hockey Tournament Tennis Tournament
Arianna Hay
Alessandra Jahina
Jessica McClurg
Lydia Morris 4th place

General messages

Looking Ahead

Class Assemblies
17 January 5N
24 January 4N
7 February 3N
21 February 6H
28 February 6N
7 March Reception
14 March 2N
Sports Fixtures
Tuesday 16 January U11 Cross Country Lincroft School, Oakley (AWAY)
Wednesday 17 January U11 Netball v Broughton Manor Prep School (HOME)
Friday 19 January U9 Netball v Broughton Manor Prep School (AWAY)
Wednesday 24 January U11 Netball v Milton Keynes Prep School (HOME)
Wednesday 31 January U11 Netball v Winchester House School (AWAY)
Weekend 2 February U11 Netball v Wimbledon & Newcastle (AWAY)
Wednesday 7 February U11 Netball v Thornton College (AWAY)
Friday 9 February U9 Netball v Bedford Modern School (AWAY)
Wednesday 21 February U11 Netball v Winchester House(AWAY)
Friday 23 February U9 Netball v Thornton College (HOME)
Wednesday 28 February U11 Netball v Stamford Junior School (HOME)
Wednesday 28 February U11 Netball IAPS Regional Round (AWAY)
Monday 5 March U11 IAPS Swim Gala (AWAY)
Wednesday 7 March U11 Netball v Bilton Grange School (AWAY)
Thursday 8 March GDST Spring Rally (AWAY)
Friday 9 March U9 Netball v Quinton House School (AWAY)
Wednesday 14 March U11 Netball v Pitsford School (HOME)
Friday 16 March U9 Netball BMS High Five Tournament (AWAY)


Crafty Creatures Club is cancelled on: Wednesday 24 January, Wednesday 7 February and Wednesday 28 February.

There will be no Year 4 Netball club on Friday 26 January as Mr Urquhart is on a course.

Uniform changes

As mentioned previously, the only changes to Junior School uniform following our re-brand will be the shift to our new school logo. From September 2018 all items will be supplied with the new logo which new pupils will be expected to wear. Existing pupils may wear the current uniform until it needs replacing; swap shop will no longer sell items that contain the old logo. The PE kit for girls from Year 3 to 13 has been completely updated (CAD examples of the new items can be seen on the parents noticeboard in Junior School reception). Current PE kit may be worn until it needs to be replaced but we would like all girls in Years 4 to 6 to purchase the new Games top as it will be worn as team kit for sports fixtures. It will be available from Schoolblazer in the Summer term.

Junior Camps February 2018

Our next Junior Hockey Camp is being held by Futuresports on 12 and 13 February from 10am – 4pm at Moulton College, (Gate 4 on the Water based Artificial Pitch).

The emphasis is on creating a fun learning environment that provides all players aged 5-14 years with a memorable hockey camp experience.

All booking arrangement are conducted by Futuressports and the link is on the Camps page on the website


Thank you for your support for the Spooktacular Party and Sparkle Disco, both were fantastic, successful events.

2018 events are as follows:

Friday 26 January –  Fake or Bake Cake Sale – donations needed please.
Friday 9 February – Film Night- PJ’s and Popcorn
Saturday 16 June – School Ball, Marriott Hotel, parents and teachers invited.

All monies raised this year will be used for enrichment of the girls’ school life and a percentage donated to Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

Our week


The Nursery team are very proud of way all the girls have settled into Nursery especially the girls in Kipper Room. Please remember to make sure your daughter has her hat, gloves and scarf as the weather is very cold.

Elmer Room
This week we have enjoyed printing with different fruits, making a fruit salad and exploring the new hospital role play. At Forest School we found an enormous bone which the girls found very interesting. They tried to decide what animal it belonged to. They also enjoyed making magic wands, jumping in puddles and balancing on the logs.

Next week the girls in Elmer Room will have opportunities try these activities:

Elmer Room
Painting observation pictures of fruit and vegetables.
Deciding what foods are healthy and not as healthy to eat.
Our sound of the week is ‘n’
Ordering routines.

Drawing round our bodies.
Physical activities.

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This week Varnikha enjoyed painting cakes inspired by the story ‘The toys’ Party. Beattie felt proud about being able to sound out and blend lots of words.

Year 1

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“My favourite lesson this week was DT – we ate lots of different salads. They were very yummy and I really liked it because I hadn’t tasted some of the salads before. I felt frightened when we were going to try the beetroot but it was a bit ok.” Dejonai

“My best bit of the week is today doing what I was just doing! I was doing very good maths… I had to add up coins to make a certain number. We had coins to stick on with glue. This was my favourite lesson because I like making different ways.” Melodee

Year 2


“The highlight of my week has been writing about the adventures of Celesani’s gloves in New York”.


“I have really enjoyed being back at school”.

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Year 3

“My highlight of the week has been our Maths lessons and putting numbers onto a number line”

“I really enjoyed looking at google maps of where ‘Mousehole’ in Cornwall is and describing the harbour on the lap tops”

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Year 4

“My highlight was looking at pop-up books in DT. I think the Cinderella book was best because it was from Jamaica”.

“My highlight was trying to make a bulb light up in the Science room with wires and crocodile clips”.


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Year 5


“My highlight this week was deciding who can get in the new netball team”.


“I really liked this week because we wrote our assembly and we made our role plays which was really fun”.

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Year 6

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GAP Club

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With the opening of the 2 year old room in Nursery it has been lovely to welcome lots of new friends into GAP Club this term. The girls have participated in lots of different activities this week. The younger girls have particularly enjoyed the role play, exploring play dough and making masks. The older girls have had fun creating pencil pots, playing games and creating with water colours.

I asked two Reception girls if they could tell me what they had enjoyed doing in Gap Club this week they replied:

“I liked doing colouring and masks”.

“l liked colouring pictures and playing with the play dough”.

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