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Junior Newsletter 11 May 2018

Dear Parents and girls

There was great excitement last Friday when we congregated on the playing field as a whole school to continue the 140th birthday celebration of the school. It is always nice to gather everyone together and on this occasion it was to enable a drone to record video footage of this 2018 cohort from Nursery to Upper Sixth. It was very different from the traditional whole school photographs which are on display in school and is a nice permanent record of this moment in time. I wonder how it long it will take for this to be seen as an old-fashioned way of doing things!

Year 5 delivered an interesting Class Assembly on resilience this week, containing a variety of short comedy sketches which emphasized their points nicely. I was very impressed by the quotes and poems they had written and researched, and their growing confidence as a class.

It is not too late to sign up for the FoNHS Movie Night next week. These events are a nice way to finish the week and are always enjoyed by the girls. As so many girls are attending the Movie Night there will not be Cricket Club for Year 3 and 4 next week.

Ross Urquhart, Head of Junior School

House Points and Achievements

The total number of house points awarded to date is:
Selene - 159  |   Hestia - 198  |   Artemis - 219  |   Demeter - 170

House point badges

10 House Point Badges
Sophia Pang
Gege Osekita
Phoebe Jemilawon
Tara Etemadi
Abigail Waugh
Lola Andrew
Imogen Coppard
Ella Darby
Charlotte Evans-Hillman
Arna Kar
Gemma Stowey
Isla Allen
Monpriya Dhaliwal
Roja Lakshman
Sonya Mittal
Ishika Shah
Maisie Bullock
Isobel Seymour
Ella Greenbank


Each week in Friday’s assembly girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

Indian Dancing
Varnikha Kumar
Kyla Lindsay
Kyla Lindsay Learn to Swim Stage 3

General messages


There will be no Year 3 and 4 Cricket Club on Friday 18 May.

There are no teacher-led clubs on Tuesday 22 May due to a staff meeting.

Dates for your diary

Class Assemblies will take place on a Wednesday:

  • Wednesday 16 May – 1N
  • Wednesday 6 June – 4N
  • Wednesday 20 June – Reception
  • Wednesday 27 June – 3N
  • Wednesday 4 July – 2N
  • Wednesday 11 July – Year 6 Final Assembly

Parents and other family members are invited to join us for refreshments in the library from 8.30am.

Swimming Galas & Open Swimming

Year Date Arrival time Start time Approx. finish time
Open Swimming
Reception Friday 18 May 9.00am 9.15am 10.15am
1N Monday 14 May 10.40am 10.50am 11.45am
2N Monday 14 May 11.20am 11.30am 12.25pm
Swimming Galas
3N Thursday 17 May 10.30am 10.45am 11.45am
4N Thursday 17 May 11.15am 11.25am 12.25pm
5N Monday 21 May 8.55am 9.10am 10.15am
6N & 6H Friday 25 May 10.30am 10.40am 11.50am

Parents information meetings to prepare for transition into the next year group will take place on:

  • Friday 6 July 12.00 – 1.00 pm for new Reception parents
  • Monday 9 July 5.00 – 5.30 pm for new Year 1 and 2 parents
  • Tuesday 10 July 5.00 – 5.30 pm for new Year 3 and 6 parents
  • Tuesday 10 July 5.30 – 6.00 pm for new Year 4 and 5 parents

More useful dates:

Thursday 17 May – Class photographs

Friday 18 May – FoNHS Movie Night 4-6pm

Monday 21 May – Friday 25 May – Book Fair

Thursday 24 May – Year 6 Allotment Fayre

Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June – Half Term

Thursday 7 June – Year 3 – 6 Sports Day

Tuesday 22 June – Inter-house debating

Monday 25 June – EYFS Sports Day 2pm

Monday 2 July – Year 1 & 2 Sports Day 2pm

Betty our school dog


Year 6 have decided to support a Community allotment project as their charity for this year. This project is organised by an ex Northampton High Junior School Head Teacher, Mrs Wendy Nugent.

The project is run through Re:store, a charity which supports vulnerable adults in Northampton. The planning for it started in 2013 and they were fortunate to initially receive Lottery Funding to equip them with tools, sheds, protective clothing and consumables, plus ongoing running costs. Although they have most of the equipment they need, the ongoing running costs are quite significant so our fundraising will be very helpful.

The Year 6 role will be to raise money for items such as seeds, compost and gardening tools. Some of the Year 6 girls have been to the allotment to help plant some potatoes and other vegetables and see how the allotments are organised. They will then all return to dig up the fruits of their labour in the summer term.

Year 6 are organising a mufti day and Allotment Fayre on Thursday 24 May. Girls from Nursery to Year 6 are invited to wear their own clothes and bring in a £1 donation. If girls wish to dress up then they can come dressed as a farmer, scarecrow or in the colour of their favourite fruit or vegetable.

The Fayre will be open to girls from Year 1 to Year 6 in the afternoon, so these girls may like to bring some extra money into school to spend on the various stalls.


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National Vegetarian Week

The Catering Team will be celebrating National Vegetarian Week 2018 by cooking a variety of Vegetarian Chef Specials. They will be:

Meat Free Monday – Roasted Pepper, Garlic and Sundried Tomato Pasta Bake served with a Slice of Garlic Bread or Loaded Quorn and Vegetable Taco’s

Tuesday – Caramelised Onion and Vegetable Feta Tart served with Baby New Potatoes and Mixed Salad

Wednesday – Gnocchi in a Rich Mediterranean Sauce with Grated Vegetarian Parmesan Cheese and served with a Herby Garden Salad

Thursday – Cauliflower, Broccoli, Butternut Squash and Potato Cheesy Bake served with a Summer Green Bean Salad

Friday – Honey Root Vegetable and Quinoa Burger in a Bap with Sliced Beefsteak Tomato and Avocado and served with Chips and a Chive and Garlic Mayonnaise or Ketchup

The Salad Bar will be meat free all week and will feature some exciting new composite wholegrain salads.
We hope you enjoy all the food on offer during National Vegetarian Week.

Kind regards
Mrs McCue
Catering and Hospitality Manager.

Queen’s Cross Swimming School

We are delighted to announce that we have entered into partnership with Northampton Swimming Club to run the Queen’s Cross Swimming School from our own swimming pool from September 2018. We will be offering swimming lessons for all levels, which, where appropriate, will then feed into the Northampton Swimming Club coaching programme.
Lessons will run from Tuesday to Friday from 3.45 – 5.15 pm and will be split into three 30-minute sessions daily. Lessons will also run on a Saturday morning. Northampton Swimming Club will employ all swimming teachers, and they will all be qualified to the ASA swimming teacher requirements.
If you are interested in booking a place for your daughter or would like more information, please call 01604 622264 or email

Our week


Kipper Room

This week we have been observing our beans and tomatoes, which have started to grow. We have also been pretending to plant potatoes in the soil pit. Comparing sizes and ordering by size using the potatoes we have found. We have experienced foot printing as a new sensory experience.

On Thursday we had a lovely outing to Forest School in the sunshine. The girls created balance beams from logs and planks, some pretended to be on bear hunt and others enjoyed picking flowers and grasses.

Next week we are going to plant out our bean plants.

Elmer Room

This week the girls have listened to Super Hero stories, explored frozen peas and worked out how to remove objects from ice. They have also looked for objects in the garden with different properties, heavy, light, long, short etc.

At Forest School the girls enjoyed climbing up the rope ladder, seeing who liked butter with buttercups and hunting for frogs and other mini beasts.

Next week we are having a provocation week to enhance imagination and exploration.

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In Mathematics this week we have been learning about 3D or solid shapes. The girls have made cubes out of sticks and plasticine, searched for cylinders, undertaken the cuboid timed challenge and had a go at paint rolling with spheres.

We are very excited to see that three of our cocoons are now beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

Year 1

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“We went on a tree hunt because we wanted to have a look at some trees. We had to look at all the different leaves and see if they were on our piece of paper and then it told us the name of the tree. We have got lots of silver birch trees by our classroom.” Jessica

“On Tuesday we were working in little groups with a sixth former. We had to do research on Scotland and Wales and England. On a piece of paper we started a poster and we drew the pictures and we wrote information.” Harini

Year 2

2N enjoyed our 140th celebrations, especially the drone flying over head!
“This drone is magical”! Ayana

They have been role playing their favourite traditional fairy stories.
“I loved being a character!” Esme

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Year 3

“I really enjoyed our PE lesson this week and throwing the ball as far as we could. Mine went quite far. We also had to run 400m, that was quite hard!”  Ella-May

“I enjoyed our DT lesson. We had a bridge challenge. We had to make a bridge out of paper and sticky tape that could hold a water bottle. Ours was free standing but unfortunately the bottle didn’t stand up on its own”. Emily G

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Year 4

“My favourite part of the week was learning new dances in maypole dancing”. Sophia

“My highlight of the week is that I enjoyed the tests on the computer”. Amy

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Year 5

“My highlight was going to Snorscomb River. My favourite activity was river dipping, I found some Water Shrimps and a leech”. Lola 

“My highlight was our river studies trip to Everdon. My favourite activity was measuring the depth of the river, we had to get into the river in our wellies”. Isla

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Year 6

Year 6 have had a busy week following Osmington Bay. Here are the highlights from two girls in Selene:

“I have really enjoyed rehearsing our summer production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. We have all worked hard to learn our lines and practice our oracy skills.” Shruthi

“I liked doing algebra as I learnt to solve complicated equations. We have also started judging illustrations and text type in books for the Kate Greenway Awards.” Emma N

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GAP Club

This week girls from both rooms have shared their highlight of the week in GAP Club:

“My butterfly.” Evie, Nursery.
“I enjoyed going outside.” Tobi, Year 4
“I enjoyed playing twister.” Anna, Year 4

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