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Junior News 7 June 2019

Our week

Dear parents and girls

I write this still full of the exhilaration of spending a fantastic day on our sports field watching the whole school enjoy Sports Day. The grit, determination and incredible team spirit shown by our pupils was extraordinary and it was wonderful that so many families were able to join us to witness this. I feel so proud to be part of a school where the staff and pupils throw themselves into school life with such energy and enthusiasm.

Year 2 presented us with a powerful message about the amount of plastic in our oceans in their Class Assembly on Wednesday. I was struck by their confidence and the high level of understanding of the issues involved. The poems they had written about ocean creatures were packed with lovely imagery and showed great maturity of ideas.

As we move towards the end of this academic year excitement is growing amongst the pupils about all the new opportunities and experiences they can look forward to when they move up a year group in September. In school we are particularly excited about the changes planned for our Nursery, with a complete refurbishment and new dining room. Nursery will be open from 7.30 am – 6 pm for 50 weeks of the year and many sessions are already full.

We are also planning our brand new library spaces and classroom moves for the younger pupils. I know that Mrs Petryszak will be writing to you with further details very shortly.

Next week Nursery are going for a train ride at Delapre Abbey, Year 4 are visiting Brixworth and some of our Year 4/5 pupils are going to Techathon in London.

Never a dull moment!

Have a great weekend.

Jo Purvey-Tyrer
Deputy Head of Junior School, Head of EYFS


Mrs Petryszak's availability

Mrs Petryszak’s days on site will vary over the coming weeks in order to align with school activities and events:

  • w/c 10 June: Monday/Tuesday/Friday
  • w/c 17 June: Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday
  • w/c 24 June: Monday/Tuesday/Friday
  • w/c 1 July: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
  • w/c 8 July: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday

She is, however, contactable on or via the school office on any day of the working week.


Each week in assembly, girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

LAMDA certificate of performance
Emily G
Eloise K
Mollie M
Tanya M
Chanan S
Esme S

Escape Room Challenge
Isla H – family came 1st

Horse Riding
Eleanor H – 3rd in jumping competition
Anna H – 6th place in horse show

Tennis – Northamptonshire County Cup
Lucy N
Rose N

Fern A – Gala PB front crawl
Avleen S

Daisy May S – moved to black belt group

High Ropes
Asmi S – tree top challenge



Class Assemblies are held in the Junior School Hall at 8.35 am on Wednesdays and parents are most welcome to enjoy refreshments from 8.00 am. Here are the dates for the Summer Term:

Year 3N – 12 June

Year 4N – 19 June

Year 5H – 26 June

Year 5N – 3 July

Year 6N – Thursday 11 July afternoon Leavers’ Assembly


Year 4 final total for WWF charity donations: £204.35. Thank you to everyone who donated.









General Information

Please remember to check carefully that you daughter’s snack does not contain nuts of any form (including Nutella!).

Late Prep
Please note that Late Prep will be held in the GAP Room at the end of the Year 5/6 corridor until the end of term.

Dates for the Diary

Weds 12 June – Year 4 trip to Brixworth Country Park

Tues 18 June – 11:45 am Reception Open Ballet

Weds 19 June – Author visit Pippa Goodhart

Thurs 20 June – Year 5 trip to Everdon

Mon 1 July – LAMDA exams

Mon 1 July – 3.30pm Maths Parents’ Workshop

Fri 5 July – Welcome Day

Weds 10 July – KS1 trip to Castle Ashby Gardens

Fri 12 July (at 12 noon) – End of Term




Wednesday 26 June – 2 pm to 3 pm

Reception to Year 2 
Monday 24 June – 2 pm to 3 pm


We would like to invite you to watch your daughter swim after half term; the dates and times for each year group are shown in the tables below.

For Reception, Years 1 and 2 this will take the form of a ‘watching week’, where family are able to attend and observe a typical lesson. For years 3 upwards the girls compete in a swimming gala with a variety of different races from the competitive strokes to the traditional High School float races. Each girl will take part in a number of races, representing her house in the hope of winning the swimming competition for her year group and overall in the Junior School. The viewing gallery will be open for spectators and there will be refreshments after each event.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Sonia Fraser
Head of Swimming


Year Date Start Time Approximate Finish Time
Three Monday 17 June 10.45 am 11.45 am
Four Monday 17 June 11.25 am 12:25 pm
Five Tuesday 18 June 9.10 am 10.15 am
Six Thursday 4 July 2:30 pm 3:10 pm


Year Date Start Time Approximate Finish Time
Rec Thursday 13 June 9.15 am 10.15 am
One Thursday 13 June 10.50 am 11.45 am
Two Thursday 13 June 11.30 am 12.25 pm


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Tuesday 18 June – Recorder Club and Board Games Club

Wednesday 19 June –  Design a Game Club

Tuesday 2 July – Recorder Club and Board Games Club

w/c Monday 8 July – all teacher-led clubs in the last week of term


Kipper Room
In the library this week we each had a phonics box to explore. As a group we identified the colour of the box and a different object inside. We then identified the sound that the object makes and the phonic sound that the object begins with.

On Thursday we role-played being on the bus and a train. We sang lots of transport songs and many of the girls joined in with the actions.

In Ballet the girls are now able to remember most of their routines.  The girls all love wearing their special ballet shoes. Many of the girls are also begging to try to change their shoes independently.

Elmer Room
This week in Elmer Room we have been starting our theme of travel and transport.  The girls have had fun using different vehicles with tyres to create different patterns in coloured sand. They also enjoyed completing a transport sorting activity putting the vehicles into the correct categories. We have been practising our cutting skills and developing our shape knowledge through cutting out different road shapes. The girls have also enjoyed practising their literacy skills by drawing pictures of different transport vehicles.

We have been very excited this week as we have started our new topic. The girls have been busy making boats and seeing if they can float. We have been on flights in our role play “aeroplane” and booked holidays in the travel shop. The girls have also made ‘f’ flowers using hand prints and looked at information books on different types of transport.

Next week your daughter may experience the following activities:

  • Our sound is ‘e’
  • Activities linked to trains, to tie in with our trip on Tuesday


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General information
Please remember to bring in sun hats, especially for our trip on Tuesday. The first open ballet for parents to watch is on Friday 14 June.  Please check whether your daughter is taking part; the list is on the notice board in the entrance hall.



Great excitement as, on returning to school, we had a ‘Handle with Care’ and ‘Open Immediately’ parcel awaiting us. Inside were 5 very tiny and very hungry caterpillars for us to look after. The girls are enjoying watching the caterpillars grow bigger every day. We will keep you updated on their stage of development.

This was a great introduction to our new topic about ‘Minibeasts.’ We have looked in lots of information books to discover many different types of minibeasts. We then thought about minibeasts with no legs, focusing on the snail. Do you know where a snail’s eyes are? After looking at images of ‘The Snail’ by Henri Matisse, we had a go at creating our own versions, concluding that ours looked more like a snail than his!!

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Year 1

“I really liked learning about fractions and I liked making the three bears hand puppets” Anna

“I have liked playing with my friends and making WANTED posters about Goldilocks” Sakinah

I liked making posters for Goldilocks and planting a sunflower seed in Science” Eliza

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Year 2

The first week back after the holiday has certainly been a busy one! We finished sewing our puppets and we have now displayed them in the school foyer for everyone to see. In Maths we have been busy problem solving, with the main aim being to think carefully about how we found our answers and clearly writing down the steps we took in number sentence form. We performed another fabulous assembly this week all about World Oceans Day highlighting the troubles of plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean. In Art we have started a new project all about Andy Warhol and his style of pop art, we practised our pop art making skills exploring the use of bright colours in a set of repeated images. We also enjoyed supporting the older girls on the sports field for their annual Sports Day. We got together in our house groups to create a banner to help cheer them on and support our houses. It was a great atmosphere and fun to see the older girls race and we even caught some of the Senior School girls doing their field events too!

“I enjoyed watching Sports Day and making the posters for our houses and cheering our house on to win.”  Harini and Avleen

“I liked our Class Assembly and having our grown-ups come and watch.”  Sophie

“I have enjoyed doing our own pop art like Andy Warhol and going to Forest School making our own secret gardens.”  Ellie

“In Computing, I liked creating a story and adding backgrounds and words.”  Jessica

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Year 3

“I enjoyed learning about volcanoes and earthquakes in Humanities this week.” Esme 

“I liked meditating outside with Year 4 for the 30 Days Wild experience. I also enjoyed watching the clouds and spotting shapes.” Darcy 

We look forward to welcoming parents to our Class Assembly on Wednesday.

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Year 4

“I enjoyed doing ‘looking at the clouds’ for one of our activities for 30 Days Wild.” Sophia

“I liked looking at line graphs in Maths.” Sienna

“My highlight is learning about different habitats and animals in Science.” Anya

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See all photos

Year 5

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“On Monday we did a Science lesson on water resistance and buoyancy. We made boats which floated on the water but didn’t go that far so we had to make them more stream-lined. “ Charlotte

“In Maths we did coordinates and I found it very fun translating shapes which means moving it. The next lesson we did reflection and I found it tricky because you had to get all the shapes exactly the same.” Anna

“In Computing we were typing up sentences to go in our reports for teachers and parents to see what we have enjoyed this year. We looked through all our photos and it was fun seeing how much we have done and how much fun we had.” Izzy

“On Wednesday in Enrichment we were learning about Eid and Ramadan. I had the day off on Tuesday because we were celebrating Eid. First we woke up and went to the mosque. Girls wore a long dress and scarf round their head. Then we had friends round to eat rice and beef.” Hania

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Year 6

“This week we have been very busy working on algebra problems, completing our initial acrylic wok on inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, finishing our e-portfolios and sending them to Mr Rickman, writing autobiographical accounts and participating in Sports Day. Overall, this week has been great!” Isla and Charlotte L-S, House and Vice-Captains of Artemis

“In Maths we have been learning about algebra. At first we found this very challenging but as we have tried more puzzles we have gained a deeper understanding of the subject and everyone has realised that it is not as difficult as it first seems!  We have also enjoyed exploring the concept of autobiography in English and have been reflecting on our amazing journey through Junior School.” Sonya

“This week in Science we have been asked to explore our family tree and think about the features we have inherited from our parents as part of our Evolution and Inheritance topic. It has been fascinating!” Charlotte L-S

“In Humanities we have been learning about different coastal features created through the movement of water and weather erosion. We enjoyed creating a 3D annotated model of features including caves, arches and stacks and also using an OS map to identify features and record six-figure references. We have also continued to enjoy experimenting with acrylic paint to create different textures for our Georgia O’Keeffe inspired flowers.” Tess

“This week we have completed our e-portfolios- this has been a great project as it has shown how much we have all grown!” Isla

“We all had great fun at Sports Day on Thursday and everybody showed great resilience and support for each other. We all tried our very best but in the end Selene came out on top. Well done Selene!  Although Artemis didn’t win we feel we stayed resilient throughout and put up a good fight.” Roja

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GAP Club

This week in GAP Club the girls have enjoyed being outside, experimenting with paints and creating crazy foam creations. They have also joined in lots of activities in preparation for the Queen’s birthday.

This week three older girls have shared their highlight of the week in GAP Club.

“Hiding in the boxes.” Fern, Year 4

“Playing outside on Monday while doing our gymnastic competition.” Roja, Year 6

“Helping Mrs Howell.” Evie, Year 4

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Exciting half term for the Equestrian Team

It was a very busy half term for the Equestrian Squad, starting with an exciting weekend at Hickstead for the NSEA Eventer Challenge Championships.

Lexi Dykes, Megan Watts, Jodie Welton, Eloise Harvey, Eve Welton and Gemma Watts competed on both Saturday and Sunday, amongst teams from more than 200 schools from all over the country.  The competition was immense, and we didn’t pick up any prizes this time, but the girls all rode beautifully, with their fair share of clear rounds. They all camped together overnight, and showed fantastic team spirit all weekend, a credit to Northampton High School.

On Thursday, another squad competed at the Wellingborough School Show Jumping qualifiers.  Frankie Peabody, Felicity Lousada, Poppy Harper, Amelia Hine, Meg Bazeley, Eloise Harvey, Jodie Welton and Eve Welton all did themselves proud, coming away with team 2nd in the 60cm, team 6th in 70cm, team 6th in the 90cm, and an enormous trophy awarded to Poppy for the ‘Rider showing the most determination’.

Thank you to all our top supporters, especially Dr Stringer and Mrs Hodgetts-Tate, and to all the parents for working so hard to get the girls and their ponies to these events.

Carolyn Harvey

Arts Festival

Arts Festival: Invitational

As part of our upcoming Arts Festival (noted in the above flyer), we are delighted to be hosting our Arts Invitational Evening on Thursday 27 June.

Starting at 4pm, the invitational will showcase a vast array of work produced by students of all ages here at Northampton High, across all of the different areas of the Arts. Creative Arts, Fashion, Textiles, Food, Film, Drama and Poetry are just some of the exhibitions and activities that will be on display during the Invitational, and we do hope that you will be able to join us in school as we proudly present the creations of our talented students.

To get a flavour of what you may expect at the event, please click here to view a gallery of photos from last years invitational.

Mr Nash
Marketing & Communications Officer

Arts Festival: Talk with Author Clare Mulley

As part of our upcoming Arts Festival, we are excited to be able to welcome respected author, Clare Mulley, into school. Mulley, who has penned books such asThe Women Who Flew for Hitler: The True Story of Hitler’s Valkyries’, is joining us in school to talk to Senior pupils about her Biography of Eglantyne Jebb.

We are delighted to also be able to extend this invitation to friends and family of students. The event takes place on Monday 17 June at 2:30pm, and if you would like to join us for what promises to be a fascinating insight into Clare’s history and writing, you would be very welcome; simply let us know via email (

We look forward to seeing you there.

Mr Nash
Marketing & Communications Officer

Northampton High presents CATS!

Tickets are now on sale for Northampton High School’s production of CATS!

With live performances taking place on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June at 7pm, this is a show not to be missed, so click here to book your tickets today and avoid disappointment!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.

Mr Nash
Marketing & Communications Officer

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