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Junior News – 7 July 2023

As we come to the end of a positive school year, it is a time to reflect, rejoice, and celebrate the incredible achievements of our students, teachers, and staff, who have all shown remarkable dedication, resilience, and determination throughout the year.

From the first day of the autumn term 2022 to this very moment, we have witnessed exceptional accomplishments that have left an indelible mark on our school community. Our students have demonstrated not only academic excellence but also personal growth, kindness, and a true spirit of collaboration. Each and every one of you has played a pivotal role in making this year one to be proud of.

In the realm of academics, our students have embraced challenging subjects, tackled complex problems, and showcased their knowledge in numerous assessments. We have witnessed countless moments of brilliance, as they delved into scientific research, composed breathtaking prose, and unravelled the intricacies of mathematical problems. Through their dedication and hard work they have proven that nothing is beyond their reach.

Beyond the classroom, our students have excelled in their artistic pursuits. The stage came alive with mesmerizing performances, showcasing their talent in theatre, music and dance, such as our Dance Extravaganza, Alice in Wonderland, Christmas Celebration and ‘Baa Baa Boogie’. Our art galleries displayed a kaleidoscope of creativity where every stroke of a brush, every clay sculpture, and every drawing told a unique story. Through their artistic endeavours, they have nurtured their imaginations and brought beauty in many forms.

The athletic arena also witnessed our students’ triumphs. From exhilarating victories on the sports field to the personal achievements of individual athletes, our students have shown unparalleled sportsmanship and a commitment to physical wellbeing. They have taught us the value of teamwork, discipline, and the pursuit of personal bests. Through their sweat, determination and perseverance, they have truly embodied the spirit of sportsmanship.

However, it is not just the students who deserve recognition. Our incredible teachers and staff have been the guiding lights throughout this journey. They have been mentors, role models and friends, always willing to go the extra mile to inspire and support our students. Their passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication have been the driving force behind the achievements we can celebrate this year.

As we bid farewell to this school year, let me take a moment to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our collective success. The parents, guardians and families who have provided unwavering support and encouragement. The administrators and support staff who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create a nurturing and inspiring environment. And of course, the students themselves, whose boundless enthusiasm and commitment have made this year truly unforgettable. As we embark on the summer break and prepare for the new horizons of 2023/2024, let us carry the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the achievements celebrated with us. Let this be a reminder that with determination, resilience, and a supportive community there are no limits to what we can achieve. May the memories of this year’s triumphs serve as a beacon of inspiration for the exciting adventures that lie ahead in 2023/2024.

This will be the last Junior News of the year as next week I will share with you our Summer Term Celebration Report, and also a letter detailing information regarding the next academic year including key dates. Next Wednesday you will receive your child’s full report for the academic year, and I’m sure you will appreciate reading these documents.

I have immensely enjoyed my first full year as your Head of Junior School and I’m looking forward to us working together in the next academic year.

Miss Hair 
Head of Junior School 

Upcoming Events and Notices

Open Classroom: With the opportunity to visit school for the Arts Festival, parents are being welcomed to request a meeting following the end of year reports and the sending of the girls’ exercise books home, as there will be no open classroom event.

KS2 Forest School sessions: 10 July: Year 5

Prize Giving: We will be holding a prize giving ceremony for Junior School on Wednesday 12 July, 8.45 – 9.30am. Prizes will be awarded to children from Years 3 to 6 for various academic and pastoral achievements and recognition. Parents of prize winners will be invited to this event in the coming weeks. We are looking forward to celebrating these achievements together at the end of the year.

End of term: 14 July (11.45am)

Women’s England vs Sri Lanka Cricket Match, 12 September: You will have received an email sharing with you a fabulous opportunity for your daughter to attend this match at Northamptonshire County Cricket Ground. One of our parents has very generously offered to sponsor a box for us to facilitate a group of interested Junior School families to experience this opportunity together. If you would like to secure places for your family to attend this match, please email as soon as possible as spaces are limited due to the box capacity.

Nursery and Preschool Review

The Nursery girls’ imaginations are really beginning to flourish so we have adapted our outside area to support this, with the dolls house being the most popular. It is fantastic to see the interaction between the girls and listen to the narratives they create.

Keeping in line with imaginative play, in ballet the girls enjoyed being pirates who had to walk the plank/beam ,with long steps and pointy toes before stealing some treasure – which they throughly enjoyed!

At Forest School, the girls enjoyed pouring water down the guttering so we decided to continue this in our outside area as well.

This week in Preschool, we have been looking at the different types of weather. We have read a story about a rainy day which explained how clouds form and where the rain comes from.

The girls have also looked independently through different weather books commenting on pictures. As a group we have made various pictures to represent the weather, this has included a rainbow, snow and rain using various media and materials. The girls were very keen to make their own pictures too.

The girls have also loved making ‘play dough pizzas’ together. They used grated yellow play dough as the cheese and some lovely pizzas were created. We had pizza boxes available and the girls started their own role play pizza delivery service, where someone would call up to have a pizza delivered.

Reception End of Term Review

The summer term has flown by, and the class have continued to develop in confidence, demonstrated by their recent class assembly. The girls all showed a positive attitude and resilience when faced with excitement and nerves.

Our trip to Woburn Safari Park was a highlight of this term, along with watching real caterpillars develop, turn into cocoons and then butterflies. New writing skills learned his term have seen many girls being able to now write in simple sentences and spell words by identifying sounds in them.

In Maths, we have been learning about the operations of addition and subtraction, along with some number patterns. Art has been based on inspiration from famous artists and the ‘Katie’ series of books. Travel and adventures have led to locating different countries on the globe and contrasting with our own locality. Individual reading is progressing well, along with a love of stories and for some real facts found in non-fiction books.

There are so many other areas of learning that have been fostered, such as Forest School, Cooking, Ballet and P.E. We hope that you could see development in physical skills in our Sports Day event!

As the school year draws to an end, it has been a pleasure to witness the development of the Reception class. Their enthusiasm, love for learning and the progress made this year has been remarkable – well done team Reception!

Year 1 End of Term Review

In the summer term, it has been wonderful to see Year 1 blossom as they join together all the new learning from the previous terms and strengthen their sense of self as independent, confident girls.

It is lovely to hear adults around school congratulating Year 1 on what a super class they have become. Most girls are writing several sentences independently and tapping into their lively imaginations for ideas!

Building up mathematical understanding through small daily steps has created a secure understanding across the topics we have studied. Our class assembly showcased the progress the class have made and their delight, engagement and excellent behaviour on our class trip to Warwick Castle was a joy to see.

We wish you a restful and sunny summer.

Year 2 End of Term Review

Year 2 have had another exciting term with a trip to Warwick Castle where they met a knight, watched jousting and horse riding tricks and saw the trebuchet in action.

They showed how much they had progressed in English by writing a recount of their trip independently. They have also become more independent when using their Chromebooks and accessing and using Google Classroom, Google Docs and Slides to present their work electronically.

Everyone has shown progress with their times tables, with many passing more than just their 2s, 5s and 10s on Times Tables Rock Stars.

I feel that they are ready and prepared to advance into Key Stage 2, and I look forward to seeing how they develop their skills and knowledge as they progress through Junior School.

I will miss teaching them all but who knows, I may be privileged enough to teach them again in the future!

Year 3 End of Term Review

Year 3 have had a splendid time this term learning all about ‘Me in My World’.

The girls have investigated our local area and especially enjoyed going for a walk to map the street furniture around Hardingstone.

We then turned our attention to the past, and the design work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The girls used his rose as inspiration to design their own stained glass window using canvas and watercolours. Alongside this, they created information posters about a famous Northamptonian. They needed to research on the internet and then pick out the most interesting facts and add them to an eye-catching poster.

More designing was needed to complete the Year 3 Shoe Company project. The girls entered a competition to ‘revamp’ an old shoe or boot and create a new design inspired by their hobby, favourite thing or an animal.

We have also written our own versions of the story ‘Leon and the Place Between’, and discussed emotions and persuasive writing based on the book ‘The Tear Thief’.  In amongst all of this, we even managed to squeeze in a trip to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. A very busy but very creative term!

Year 4 End of Term Review

The girls have been reading ‘Tutankhamun and Shakleton’s Journey’. These books have inspired their writing including non-chronological reports, instructions, a biography, diary entries, scene descriptions and newspaper reports. 

“I enjoyed doing the Howard Carter biography because I loved learning about his life.” Kinara
“I was great at coming up with headlines for our newspaper report on “Endurance sinking – Iceolation and Mission Popsicle.” Holly
“I enjoyed doing the how to mummify a tomato and then we wrote the instructions”. Eloise R

Position, direction, statistics and shape are some of the topics the girls have covered this term. They have worked hard with improving their knowledge of telling the time and are forming sentences using the correct terminology when talking about shapes.

“I enjoyed doing decimals because it was so much fun multiplying hundredths and tenths by 10 and 100.” Avani
“I enjoyed doing statistics in Maths because it was lots of fun drawing the line graphs and bar charts. I’m also really proud of my work even if I went wrong.” Annabel

“I really enjoy Maths because it is very challenging and I love solving Maths problems.” Constance
“In Maths I enjoyed lolly stick investigating as it was so much fun and we were only able to use 8 lolly sticks to make shapes. I enjoyed solving the problems.” Cristina

Our colouring and shading techniques matured nicely at the start of this term, and we even ventured outside to do some life drawings of the plants growing in the courtyard. The girls created marvelous Egyptian self-portraits, which used a number of different skills. The girls showed true perseverance and resilience in DT when creating their light boxes and the final pieces looked very impressive!

“I have enjoyed the art where we made ourselves Egyptians because it was really fun and looked good in the end.” Zoe
“I liked doing my light box because it was challenging but at the same time fun.” Eloise R
“I loved doing the moon and the flower and the birds because I loved drawing them.” Evette

PE lessons are always a firm favourite with the Year 4; they love to demonstrate the skills they have learnt in matches and competitions.

“I love swimming because I have done lots of strokes and built up my confidence.” Amber
“I enjoy matches because we get to play against different schools and even though we lose from time to time I still have a lot of fun.” Thea
“I love tennis because it has got me into a sport other than swimming.” Zoe
“I have enjoyed competing in all the matches.” Olivia

Last week, the girls had a fabulous time at Lego Discovery Centre, Birmingham. They were a true delight to take and behaved impeccably, being kind and polite.

Forest School is always fun with 4N, no matter what the activity they will fully participate in! This term they have colored pictures using natural resources, and produced hammered leaf and flower art – although we need more practice of this.

“I’m proud of my Lego DOTS tile from Lego Discovery Birmingham, as it looks beautiful.” Holly
“I loved going to Lego Discovery Centre, there was so much to do and I love playing with Lego.” Leah
“I always enjoy outdoor learning and trying the different activities but mostly playing with my friends.” Eloise R

True performers, the class excel at music, and it is always a highlight of their week.

“I like Music because Mr Nathan is funny and kind.” Lydia
“I really like Music as we have been learning scales and I’m good at these.” Evette

Travelling back in time, the girls have been studying ancient Egyptians. They have become Egyptologists, looking at artefacts to discover what life was like back then. They have learnt about their gods, written secret messages in hieroglyphics, mummified tomatoes and compared Egypt to other ancient civilizations. Now we are journeying around the globe looking at the different hemispheres and understanding the different lines on a map and using them to crack codes.

“I enjoyed Humanities because I loved mummifying the tomato as I love to get messy, and I did it with my friends.” Eloise C
“I really enjoyed doing the map coordinates in Humanities as it was challenging and fun at the same time. I also liked making up coordinates for Kinara to solve.” Annabel

Their Science topic this term has been evolution and inheritance. The girls have had great fun creating their own animals and understanding whether they would survive the climate conditions.

“In Science I really enjoyed doing characteristics as I liked doing the ‘little miss’, where we drew inherited features so we could potentially identify the parents of the kids.” Avani
“I like learning about fossils and characteristics in Science as it is really interesting.” Holly

The girls have been getting creative in their Computing lessons, creating different types of animations. They have also been learning how to edit their photographs.

“I really enjoyed doing animations as they are fun and creative.” Holly
“I loved making the logo on Purple Mash because I enjoyed working out how to move my character.” Kinara

The girls’ understanding of the French language has been developing wonderfully and they have enjoyed preparing presentations on French cities.

“I enjoy French because we do it independently and it is good to learn different languages.” Eloise C
“In French, I have enjoyed learning about cities in France and the different vehicles that you could use to travel to places.” Annabel
“In French, I have enjoyed it a lot because we got to choose a city in France and write about it in French. I loved seeing new French cities.” Thea

It has been nonstop with clubs this term, from skipping to keyboard; the girls have certainly kept themselves very busy.

“I enjoy my Blooket club because I do it with an awesome teacher and it is good to practice my Maths and fun stuff.” Eloise C
“I have enjoyed doing keyboard club as I can practice playing the keyboard.” Kinara

Year 5 End of Term Review

Miss Taylor and Miss Brandon-Jones have had a great term with Year 5, but don’t just take their word for it…

“I really loved Year 5. I found lots of things tricky but persevered and improved a lot. I have improved most in my organisation skills e.g. I do my prep on the day it is given so I don’t forget to do it.” Sakinah

“Not long ago we made blondies in the Senior School cookery room! We made them to look like the ‘Wizard of Oz’ yellow brick road and they tasted so good! On the same day we made a hair accessory that was themed green.” Poppy

“I really liked DT Day because I got to design a flower accessory for the ‘Wizard of Oz’ musical and I made yellow brick road blondies which were absolutely delicious!” Tharulya

“We also did Hobbies Morning! For this, I did my hobby which is athletics. It was really fun because all of the year groups came to our classroom and got to try all of the fun activities we had planned. Personally, my favourite stall was about baking, because it had chocolate brownies!” Zara

“I was super excited for Hobbies Morning. I was so pleased with my stall and how it turned out, and I was especially pleased with how many people enjoyed the game that I made.” Angelie

“My favourite thing all year was Hobbies Morning because it was great fun. I was a little bit worried that I would make a mistake when I did my speech but I did really well! I talked to everyone who visited my stand and I enjoyed finding out about all my friends’ hobbies.” Anna

“In DT we have been working on bread making. The first thing we made was just plain bread rolls and they were delicious. We also made focaccia bread and that was great too, then we got to choose what our own bread looked like and what sort of bread it was. My cat ate mine by accident!” Maya A

“I really loved making bread, testing different recipes and creating my own bread – I made naan rolls.” Annabelle

The girls have worked hard and had lots of fun!

Year 6 End of Term Review

This term has been as busy and productive as ever in Year 6. Some of the main events have included a residential trip to the outdoor centre Osmington Bay in Dorset, and a GDST wide climate change project known as the ‘We Are One Project’. As always, there have been sporting rallies and fixtures. Our Senior School transition events have also been very exciting! Here are some of Year 6’s highlights…

“The ‘We Are One Project ‘was great fun because we had opportunities to work as a team.” Sri

“I screamed the whole time on the giant swing at Osmington Bay, but it was thrilling and the view was incredible!” Jessica

“I think the highlight was the bakery project in Maths, because we improved our collaborative learning skills and how to calculate the finance of a business.” Haiqa

“At Osmington Bay we faced and overcame challenges and had a lot of fun!” Preesha

“I really enjoyed making the ‘We Are One Project’ video, because we had to communicate effectively to produce a good quality video!” Ellie

“I liked reflecting upon our memories of the year during our celebration assembly.” Lara

“The cricket and tennis rallies were really enjoyable because we played lots of different GDST schools. The result of our last match was really close but in the end Wimbledon High won – just!” Maya

“‘Big Bear, Little Bear’ provided us with the opportunity to learn more about Senior School and get to know the older pupils.” Harriet

“I enjoyed competing in the Swimming Gala against Thornton School because competing was really exciting.” Gabi

“Sports Day was a fantastic day because we were really proud that Hestia won.” Amélie

“I enjoyed the sailing at Willen Lake and loved meeting new friends that we will be with in Year 7.” Scarlett

“I enjoyed playing hide and seek at Forest School because we worked in pairs.” Emily

“The trapeze at Osmington Bay was nerve wracking at first because it was really high, however it was exhilarating at the same time!” Harini

“I enjoyed abseiling because we convinced Miss John to have a go and she bravely completed it.” Grace

“I enormously enjoyed Sports Day because it was very competitive and loud and all the races were really close.” Ishani

“It was exciting visiting Wimbledon High and taking part in Forest School activities on Wimbledon Common. I really enjoyed travelling on the underground.” Risara

“The hammock was a little scary at first, but it was good fun eventually! ” Avleen

News from outside of our classrooms: Year 6 Moving On

As we head into the last week of the school year, Year 6 have turned their attention to their transition to Year 7.

The pupils who are leaving us at the end of Year 6 have been spending time at their new schools and those heading to Senior School, here at Northampton High, have been taking part in various activities to ease them into Year 7, for example, with a trip to Willen Lake and an Enterprise Day.

Earlier this week, all of Year 6 proudly stood in front of their Junior School family for the final time as they delivered their Celebration Assembly. In this uplifting assembly, each student reflected upon her time at Northampton High School with positivity, warmth and humour. Whether she had joined the Junior School in Nursery, or part way through Year 6, each pupil articulately recalled her favourite lessons, teachers and trips, described how her confidence has grown and how her friendships have developed. It was an emotional time for many – students, parents and teachers included – as we collectively recalled the many wonderful memories we have shared, but also the challenges we have navigated and learnt from together. 

We looked to the future as the girls considered what they were most looking forward to in Senior School; learning German, having more freedom, etc, and also some of their worries, such as the homework piling up! Whether these worries are founded is yet to be seen however. For both the girls that are leaving to join a different school, and those entering the Senior School here at Northampton High, it is clear to see that they all have exciting times ahead of them. 

There will be opportunities to learn new subjects, the potential to forge new friendships and a wide variety of trips and experiences to take advantage of. 

Girls, we wish you the best of luck as you enter the next stage of your lives. Please remember to stay in touch and let us know how you are doing. We can’t wait to hear all about your next adventures!

News from outside of our classrooms: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Sports Day

A fun morning was had by all at our Sports Day on Thursday 6 July.

The girls competed in lots of exciting track and field events and all of them did so well. A huge well done to everyone who took part.

Congratulations to Artemis, our House Team who won overall!

Awards This Week

Star Learners of the Week – Pixie R, Kinara B, Amber K, Thea S, Zara J, The whole of Year 6

External Achievements:

Amelia CL – achieved her Level 6 Stanley Award and a 10m Swimming Badge
Georgina P – awarded Gymnast of the Week
Anaya V – achieved a Blue Belt and Certificate in Karate
Ella K – awarded Gymnast of the Week and achieved her Level 9 Gymnastics Badge and Certificate
Isabelle L – achieved her Level 9 Gymnastics Badge and Certificate
Nellie L-S – awarded a Brownie Camping Stage 2 Badge and achieved a Gymnastics Medal
Aurelia M – awarded a Brownie Camping Stage 2 Badge and achieved her Level 9 Gymnastics Badge and Certificate
Rayna N – achieved her Level 5 Gymnastics Badge and moved up to Otter group in Swimming
Millicent S – awarded a Brownie Camping Stage 2 Badge and achieved a Gymnastics Badge
Ellie A – awarded Brownie Badges
Grace B – came second in a Doubles Tennis Tournament
Isabella B – awarded a Football Award and a Blue Peter Badge
Eve C – achieved a special Horse Riding Award
Rhoda J – achieved a Mercury Award in Gymnastics
Evette B – achieved a Distinction in her Grade 2 Piano Exam
Olivia H – awarded her Mercury Badge at Gymnastics
Aurelia T – achieved Distinction in her Grade 1 Singing Exam
Amélie C – has been selected for the Emerging Talent Centre (ETC) U12s at MK Dons

Birthdays This Week

This week, we wish a very Happy Birthday to the following members of our Junior School family:

Eloise A, Jessica W, Grace A, Maya A, Thea S, Lara M, Lily P

European Day of Languages

We are already looking ahead to celebrating the European Day of Languages in September and are planning an exciting week long programme of events in the week beginning Monday 25 September. We would also like to be able to showcase careers involving languages (or those who studied Languages and have gone on to do something different!)

If you, a member of your family, a family friend or an alumna of the school feel able to contribute, we would be very grateful!

Please contact if you can help.

Mrs Peto
Classics & Latin Teacher

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