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Junior News 3 May 2019

Our week

Dear parents and girls

If the number of achievements and awards and tales of adventures are anything to go by, it appears that many students (and staff) had an action-packed, productive and thoroughly enjoyable Easter holiday, and I hope that this was the case for you, too.

If downtime wasn’t built into the break, however, it was too late by the time that we reconvened last Thursday, as we launched headlong into the Summer Term. For years 5 and 6 this meant the start of their rehearsals and for others preparation for – and participation in – Saturday’s Open Events.

The EYFS Family Fun Morning and Junior Creative and Performing Arts Day proved to be incredibly popular for both internal and external families. They ran concurrently throughout the morning with the older girls continuing alone into the afternoon, riding their carousel of creative activities and games, which were interspersed with delicious snacks and lunch. The ‘Open School’ theme was picked up again today, too, as we welcomed families, friends and visitors to see us in action throughout the morning.

I have skipped a few days, though, so must backtrack a little…

Firstly, a return to achievements and awards, and a very particular success: that of Lilybella in Year 5 who has reached the second round of the BBC’s ‘500 words’ competition. She is one of 5000 in the country to do so, but with over 135 000 entering the competition this is a very special achievement indeed; especially so given that she is one of the youngest in her age category. We congratulate her and wish her all the best for the next stage of the competition.

Secondly, to Wednesday and two superb performances of ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’. This ‘play in a week’ production required intense rehearsals over four days and was physically and emotionally demanding for all involved, but also fun and exhilarating in equal measure. All of us who had the pleasure of seeing the final outcome were entertained by acting, singing, dancing, comedy and drama as we learnt about ‘the Pica, Pica solid-silver pitcher with the magpie picture’. I repeat my thanks and congratulations of the evening to all students and staff involved, and especially to Mrs Fordham who masterminded and directed the entire event.

Finally, to Thursday and a whole-school assembly to celebrate the school’s 141st birthday. This celebration of teaching and of the school afforded our youngest pupil, Evette, the opportunity to cut the cake alongside the Head Girl and Dr Stringer, and we were very proud of her. There were cupcakes for all at break, too – yummy!

So all-in-all a very busy week, but for our new students Simangaliso (Year 4), Matilda (Year 3), Eliza (Year 1) and Aadya, Millicent, Maya and Matilda (in Nursery) a real taste of all that we have to offer and of the school journey to the present day. We have a long weekend to rest and ‘recover’ now; I hope that yours is a good one!

Caroline Petryszak
Interim Head of Junior School

Mrs Petryszak's availability

Mrs Petryszak’s days on site will vary over the coming weeks in order to align with school activities and events:

  • w/c 6 May: Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday
  • w/c 13 May: Monday/Tuesday/Friday
  • w/c 20 May: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

She is, however, contactable on or via the school office on any day of the working week.


Each week in Friday’s assembly, girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

Fatima A – 15m certificate & badge
Avleen S – 15m certificate & badge
Emily S – Gala came 1st backstroke & breaststroke, 2nd butterfly & front crawl

Ishani S – certificate & medal

Sophie H – survey & badges

Mollie M – won tournament & Camper of the Week

Vivienne P – donated 10″ of hair to Princes’ Trust

Horse Riding
Isla A – Show-in-Hand 3rd place
Felicity L – 5th & 6th place in dressage competition

Gemma S – 1st place vault & floor combined
Safiya C – level 5
Ellie H – level 4

Tara E – Grade 5 distinction

Tara E – bronze Latin award highly commended

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Ellie H – Grade 1 silver
Sherain K – Grade 2
Esme S – Grade 1 bronze
Darcy W – Grade 1

Miraya S – 5 year attendance

Fern A – badges for: camping, sports & swimming

Verity  – passed Raymond Blanc family cooking course

Natalie S – Grade 1 distinction


Class Assemblies are held in the Junior School Hall at 8.35 am on Wednesdays and parents are most welcome to enjoy refreshments from 8.00 am. Here are the dates for the Summer Term:

Year 1N – 15 May

Year Reception – 22 May

Year 2N – 5 June

Year 3N – 12 June

Year 4N – 19 June

Year 5H – 26 June

Year 5N – 3 July

Year 6N – Thursday 11 July afternoon Leavers’ Assembly

Dates for the Diary

Thurs 9 May – Summer Sports team photo

w/c Mon 13 May – Year 6 Osmington Bay Residential

Fri 17 May – Year 6 return

Fri 24 May – break up for half term

Mon 3 June – return to school

Mon 3 June – Class Photographs (Summer uniform)

Weds 12 June – Year 4 trip to Brixworth Country Park

Weds 19 June – Author visit Pippa Goodhart

Thurs 20 June – Year 5 trip to Everdon

Fri 5 July – Welcome Day

Fri 12 July – End of Term



Wednesday 26 June – 2 pm to 3 pm

Reception to Year 2 
Monday 24 June – 2 pm to 3 pm

Year 3 to Year 6
Thursday 6 June – All day


We would like to invite you to watch your daughter swim next term; the dates and times for each year group are shown in the tables below.

For Reception, Years 1 and 2 this will take the form of a ‘watching week’, where family are able to attend and observe a typical lesson. For years 3 upwards the girls compete in a swimming gala with a variety of different races from the competitive strokes to the traditional High School float races. Each girl will take part in a number of races, representing her house in the hope of winning the swimming competition for her year group and overall in the Junior School. The viewing gallery will be open for spectators and there will be refreshments after each event.

We look forward to welcoming you next term.

Sonia Fraser
Head of Swimming


Year Date Start Time Approximate Finish Time
Three Monday 17 June 10.45 am 11.45 am
Four Monday 17 June 11.25 am 12:25 pm
Five Tuesday 18 June 9.10 am 10.15 am
Six Thursday 4 July 2:30 pm 3:10 pm



Year Date Start Time Approximate Finish Time
Rec Thursday 13 June 9.15 am 10.15 am
One Thursday 13 June 10.50 am 11.45 am
Two Thursday 13 June 11.30 am 12.25 pm



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Please note: Mrs Shaw’s Lego and Construction club will take place at lunch time on Wednesday 8 and Wednesday 15 May (not after school).

Cancelled clubs:

Wednesday 8 May – teacher-led clubs due to a staff meeting

Wednesday 15 May –   Lego and Construction Club for Reception and Year 1

Thursday 16 May – Young Journalist Club (Year 6 Osmington Bay)

Tuesday 4 June –  teacher-led clubs due to a staff meeting

Tuesday 2 July – Recorder Club

w/c Monday 8 July – teacher-led clubs in the last week of term


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Kipper Room

In Kipper Room this week the girls have enjoyed the outside areas with bubbles and soil play. We have been to the local park to explore the play equipment, swings, slide and seesaw; all the girls enjoyed this experience. Our story of the week has been ‘Rumble Jungle’: the girls had a visit to the library where we read the story using the animals in the story sack, taking it in turns to bring the animals out and make animal noises.

Elmer Room

This week in Elmer Room we have started our new theme ‘occupations’, where the girls have had fun completing a toothbrush activity worksheet, talking about what jobs our mummies and daddies do, listening to stories of different occupations, completing jigsaws and lots more.

They have also enjoyed practising their physical skills through a range of activities including ball skills, playing team games, going on bikes and scooters and completing the obstacle course.

If you would like your daughter to attend the tennis class on a Tuesday afternoon, at additional cost, please make sure you fill out the completed form. If you haven’t already received one please ask a member of staff.

Please could you check your daughter’s belongings to make sure you have the correct clothing.


This week the girls have been very excited starting our new topic on ‘Occupations’. We have been thinking about astronauts and vets. The girls have each turned themselves into an astronaut, made a number line rocket and enjoyed playing in the role play rocket. As vets, the girls decided what to do to help the injured animals. For our sound of the week ‘k’ we have made kites, sorted keys and thought of lots of different ‘k’ objects.

Next week your daughter may experience the following activities:

  • Our sound of the week is ‘u’
  • Looking at the work a fireman and baker do
  • Making bread.


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It was lovely to see lots of smiles and girls bursting to tell their news on returning to school after the holiday. They have all very quickly settled back in to the routines and really seem to be focusing on the tasks in hand with a real sense of drive.

This week we have observed three different types of seeds, and then planted them. We have been continuing to learn about counting on and back using a number line and ‘less’ and ‘more’ than a given number.

The girls enjoyed listening to the story ‘Katie’s Picture Show’ by James Mayhew and followed on with a descriptive language task. The book lead to some shape artwork inspired by a picture in the book ‘Dynamic Suprematism by Kazimir Malevich.’

The phonic sounds this week have been ‘ay’ and ‘ai’, which fitted well with the new month of May and rain!!!

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Year 1

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This week we have been busy creating a hidden, secret garden within our classroom. It is a beautiful space for girls to read a book, play imaginatively and tell stories. We hope that it will inspire some great story writing. As part of our learning about traditional fairy tales, we explored story sacks in groups. In Maths we have been sorting items into equal groups of 2, 5 and 10 using natural materials such as seeds and flowers. In DT we made a unicorn finger puppet using very intricate cutting skills.

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Year 2

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This week in Year 2 we have been exploring positional and directional language in Maths. We learned the lingo and then had a go at directing our friends around the room; we had to be very clear with our instructions as well as being very good listeners when we were being directed! Later in the week, we used the Beebots. We made our own Beebot mats in small groups and then set challenges for each other to move Beebot from one place to another. We had to use the language we had learned to say our instructions aloud as we programmed the Beebot. In Science, we started our ‘Plants’ topic. We looked closely at a real plant – even its roots! We then wrote about the different parts of a plant and the jobs they do. In Art we did some water colour paintings of a Daffodil and in English we have started to explore some traditional tales.

“We have loved making our own Beebot maps and then programming the Beebots to move around them.” Avleen, Ishani and Sophie

“I really liked painting the daffodil with watercolors. I have also enjoyed Science looking at plants.” Harini

“I loved painting the flowers in Art!” Jessica


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Year 3

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“I liked the performance that the Year 5 and 6 did, we watched it on Wednesday. It was really exciting with lots of lovely and mysterious moments. I loved it!” Lydia 

“I loved doing my sewing and have been practising different stitches. I think I am getting good at it. I managed to thread my own needle and start it off myself!” Rianna 

“I thought it was fun reading the adventure story in English and acting out what we thought would happen next. It was also fun in Science digging up the weeds to look at the roots and different parts of the plant.” Rithika 

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Year 4

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“I enjoyed puzzling on negative numbers because it was really hard to work things out.” Alice

“My highlight of the week was practising running in PE for the long distance race on Sports Day.” Fern

“I really enjoyed Maths when we made squares from Numicon. I liked it when we matched the bits together and worked in a group.” Evie

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Year 5

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“After the Easter holidays we started practising our school play called ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’. I enjoyed doing the ball scene in the play but I got very hot during the Charleston because I was wearing a big aviator coat.” Holly

“My favourite part of the week was at rackets club because we played badminton and its one of my favourite sports. We did matches. I also did a warm up rally with my sister and I won!” Isla

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Year 6

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This week we, with the strong support of Year 5 as magpies, regaled a captivated audience with a lively rendition of ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’.

Set in the 1920’s, Magpie Manor is in grave danger of falling into disrepair. Lord and Lady Pica decide to rescue the manor by selling off the family silver, with the help of their bank manager, Mr Fortune. On the night of the auction ball the famous pitcher, worth £30,000 disappears and Inspector Spectre and Agatha Christie work to solve the mystery. All come under suspicion from the servants and cheeky tradesman to Cousin Rupert and his famous movie star fiancee, Honey Devine.

The only question that remained to be answered at the end was, ‘Who stole the Pica Pica solid-silver pitcher with the magpie picture?’

All who attended this riveting performance were impressed with our well-developed performance skills and our ability to work together as a team to retell a truly memorable story.

Thank you to everybody for your help and support to make this such a successful event!





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GAP Club

The girls have enjoyed their first full week back in GAP club. We have been spending more time outside due to the lighter evenings and girls from Nursery to Year 4 enjoyed exploring cooked spaghetti. The girls then described the spaghetti:

“It just feels like pasta!” Eloise, Nursery

“Oh it’s all squidgy and when you squeeze it, it goes like grated cheese!” Fern, Year 4

“It feels like slime!” Evie T, Nursery

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Northampton High School Community Choir represent the School over Easter

The ladies of our Northampton High School Community Choir were out and about during the Easter holidays, representing the school and singing at the Easter service at the United Reformed Church in Olney. A special service was held to celebrate the unveiling and dedication of a new wicker shepherd and his flock in the church garden.

Led by Northampton High School music teacher and Olney resident, Mrs German, the choir sang a two-part version of the hymn ‘Let there be Peace on Earth’.

If you’d like to find out more or join the choir, please contact for more details. We meet at school at 7.30pm to 9pm on Thursday evenings during school terms. We sing a mixed repertoire – old and new, musicals to madrigals. No auditions, nor is it a requirement to read music.

Kate Thompson
Northampton High School Community Choir

Term Dates

Northampton High School
Newport Pagnell Road, Hardingstone Northampton NN4 6UU
T: 01604 765765 nhsadmin@nhs.Gdst.Net