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Junior News – 15 July 2022

This final week of the academic year has been a hive of activity for us all. The girls have enjoyed a host of learning opportunities and activities that have concluded their successful year and also prepared them for September.

On Monday we all enjoyed a performance from the Junior Wind Ensemble, during which the performers took great pleasure and pride in performing for us all. It was a wonderful way to open the week. Wendy De-Barros also performed cello for us and the children were mesmerised by the exceptional talent shown – it was a truly inspiring experience. Learning to play a musical instrument is a wonderful skill to develop and it is a privilege to be able to facilitate this for our girls and then celebrate their success with them.

On Monday afternoon a group of girls and parents were treated to attending the women’s England vs South Africa cricket match in a suite at the County Ground in Northampton. Zoe has written a piece about this experience below so I won’t say anything else other than it was a wonderful experience for the girls and a memory they will hold for a long time.

“On Monday 11 July some of us were lucky enough to be able to go to the cricket match at the County Ground in Northampton to watch England’s women play South Africa. When we got there, Miss Hair sent off a t-shirt to get signed by all of the players – this will be put up somewhere in the school to inspire others, so look out for it! When the game had finished, which was about 6 hours later, we all got to go and see the players and I got lots of pictures with them and got their autographs. It was an amazing afternoon, and the England team won, but it was very, very hot… so Miss Hair and the mums went to get us ice-creams! Thank you so much to Eloise’s mum for organising the whole afternoon. It was so much fun!”  Zoe (Year 5)

Nursery and Pre-School enjoyed their Sports Day which was skillfully supported by a group of Year 6 girls and cheered on by our wonderful parents and family members. It was a hot afternoon but the girls did really well and enjoyed the experience together. This is their first experience of a sports event which will of course be the first of many, many more in their time at the Junior School.

Our Year 6s had a final Junior School experience last night at their Valedictory event which was a wonderful, celebratory time reflecting back on their time with us, celebrating their personal growth and looking forward to their time in our Senior School. We are very proud of all our Year 6 girls have achieved and we know they are going to flourish in Senior School.

Ahead of next year you will have had the dates for Junior School events for the year, the clubs for autumn term and the girls’ timetables so you should feel well prepared for an exciting year ahead.

The time has now come for me to wish you all a wonderful, relaxing summer break and I will look forward to seeing you all on Monday 5 September for the start of another successful academic year together. 

Miss Hair
Head of Junior School

Junior Sports News

On Friday 8 July, Year 3 and 4 played their last cricket fixtures of the year versus Quinton House School. The girls have made excellent progress, improving their technical skills of batting, bowling and fielding alongside developing their tactical awareness.

The Year 4 team started the match fielding and had great bowling performances with Maya taking a wicket. Quinton gradually built up runs, finishing the innings with a score of 228. We came in to bat and demonstrated some lovely skills. Unfortunately we did lose three wickets but our batting was so outstanding that we finished with 254 runs and a win. Well done to Varnikha who was selected by the Quinton players as ‘Player of the Match’.

The Year 3 team batted first and ran hard to achieve a total of 240 runs without losing a wicket! Northampton then fielded. Quinton made a great start scoring two 4’s off the first three balls. However, we kept their composure and fielded with purpose, eventually taking six wickets in total. The final result was 240 – 198 runs, a Northampton High School victory. Congratulations to Evette who was selected by the Quinton players as ‘Player of the Match’.

House Cricket

House Cricket was played in year groups to round off the summer term. The competition between Houses was fierce and it was a fantastic way to round off an incredibly busy term, and we congratulate this year’s winners:

Year 2: Selene, Year 3: Demeter, Year 4: Demeter, Year 5: Hestia/Artemis & Artemis/Demeter, Year 6: Hestia

Mrs Littlewood and the PE Department 

News from our classrooms: Nursery and Pre School

As we stop and take a moment to reflect on the last year, we are filled with admiration for how far the girls have come and how much they have achieved. Time flies by and the little girl you first left has now grown into a big girl. Characters and personalities have shone through and some of these have kept us entertained with their stories and mannerisms.

Although all are different in their each unique ways, we have been shown a strong sense of teamwork and caring for each other throughout Nursery and Pre School where we often witness someone there to offer support or lend a helping hand to their peers. Quiet observant girls are now at the forefront for role play activities taking leads especially being teacher, this shows just how far they have come.

Highlights of the year are too many to list but here are some we have picked out for you:

  • Sports afternoon where the girls showed their physical abilities.
  • Queens Jubilee where the girls showed their ability to adapt to different routines and display just how independent they are.
  • Mog at the theatre. The Pre School displayed excellent behaviour and were a real credit to the school.

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye at this point of the year to the girls as they begin new chapters in their life. This doesn’t mean we stop thinking about them, and we are now thinking about how they are getting on. Luckily for us, as girls move rooms in Nursery and some move through to Reception, we still get to see their progression continue but for others who are leaving us, we wish them all the very best!

We hope everybody has a lovely summer holiday.

The Nursery Team 

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How quickly a year has passed! It only seems like yesterday that we were welcoming with tentative steps, our class in to the Reception environment. They are now all so independent in saying goodbye and organising themselves ready for the day.

A trip to the farm at Christmas and the zoo in the summer – lots of new experiences including Christmas Plays, Gym and Dance displays, Sports Days, Swimming and presenting their own class assemblies –  Reception has been a hive of learning, creativity and enjoyment. We have really seen the girls mature and develop their confidence this year.

Thank you to families for your ongoing support over the past year – we have really appreciated it. We wish you all a very happy summer break and look forward to seeing the girls again when they return for their September start in Year 1.

Mrs Farrar and Mrs Shaw 
Reception Class Teachers 

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Year 1

Year One have had a brilliant time this year! We had a jam-packed schedule of all different kinds of activities and lessons.

One of Year One’s favourite memories is the day it hailed. ‘I had a lot of fun running around in the hail on the playground with my friends.’ Rosie

Beginning to learn about multiplication and division are lessons the girls look back on. ‘It was really fun to start counting in fives up to 100.’ Zara

At the beginning of the year, we read ‘Cave Baby’. We had our very own cave in our classroom for us to explore.

‘I liked the bricks in our role play, we put the bricks in colour order from lightest to darkest.’ Siena-Louise

Performing the Nativity to our adults was something all of Year One enjoyed. ‘My line was, I can’t hear anything!’ Rayna

When asked what Year One’s favourite class trip was, most of the girls enjoyed Woburn Safari Park. ‘I enjoyed learning about the giraffes in our talk, I saw the giraffes out of the coach window whilst going around the safari.’ Isabel

Thinking back on the whole year – ‘I have enjoyed something about every lesson throughout the year, particularly making the puppets in our Art lesson.’ Amari

Year one would like to say ‘WE LOVED YEAR ONE AND ARE READY FOR YEAR TWO!’

Mrs Purvey-Tyrer
Year 1 Class Teacher 

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Year 2

This has been a very exciting and productive year in Year 2.

The girls covered such a range of topics and completed many interesting and fun activities. They have included dancing camels at Christmas, exploring Rockingham Castle and competing for our Houses at Sports Day, to name but a few.

Then of course our academic studies where we hunted for dragons, found a beanstalk growing in our classroom and discovered some empty porridge bowls; all of which resulted in lovely descriptive writing. We explored numbers, shapes and measures and investigated which ball would roll the furthest.

I have had a thoroughly delightful year and will miss all the girls, although they are only moving next door!

I wish you all a fantastic summer holiday full of fun, relaxation and I hope plenty of reading.

Mrs Dadge 
Year 2 Class Teacher 

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Year 3

This year has taken us through the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age exploring places like Stonehenge creating pictures of the wonder and building it using custard cream biscuits. We even learned how to wash a woolly mammoth?!

We travelled to ‘Incredible India’ tasting food and tea, learning about different festivals, and exploring their art styles.

Finally, we learned about the history of Northampton, its vibrant shoe industry and how shoes are made. We had a go at making our own footwear too.

Inbetween all of this, we had fun dancing as sheep at Christmas, playing in our first sport fixtures, completing challenges at Forest School, surviving our first residential, flying through Space and enjoying a proper Sports Day, to name but a few things!

It’s been a fantastic year full of amazing and unforgettable experiences and now, a summer of rest to reset and be ready for the excitement of next year.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer break.

Miss Scott-Evans 
Year 3 Class Teacher

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Year 4N

4N have had a fantastic year and it has been a pleasure to see the girls develop and grow. They are a great group of girls who work really well together and support each other in every way.

They enjoyed trips to Hazard Alley, Burwell House and Sywell Country Park and made lots of happy memories from these experiences.

4N absolutely love presenting class assemblies, and we have had loads of fun creating and practising for these. I will always remember our Martin Luther King assembly that moved some of the audience to tears!

The girls have worked so hard in class this year and all of them should be so proud of what they have achieved. We have also had lots of laughs and some very interesting class discussions; they know how to lead me off task by asking a fascinating question that warrants further discussion!

Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm girls, I wish you and your families a fantastic summer break.

“We really enjoyed making our clay lizards and decorating them.” Luisa

“I enjoyed doing coding with 2Logo and making the different patterns.” Angelie

“I really enjoyed doing coordinates in Maths.” Maya

“I really enjoyed doing decimals and coordinates in Maths and rehearsing for our Christmas play.” Cordelia

“I enjoyed making light boxes in DT because we could design them and then make them.” Aurelia

“I really enjoyed learning the lines of latitude and longitude in Humanities and about the tropics.” Priscilla

“I really enjoyed doing ‘Changing Me’ in PSHE.” Poppy

“I enjoyed going to Sywell because the activities were fun.” Eliza

Mrs Shaw
Year 4N Class Teacher

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Year 4H

I can’t believe this academic year is over so quickly, I couldn’t have had a better class to share my first year with. It has been a delight to teach 4H  but I know they are ready for Year 5.  Have a wonderful and safe summer holiday.

As a class, we enjoyed looking back over the year and realising how much we have done. Working together,  Annabelle R, Zara J and Varnikha  have written our class highlights:

Year 4 has been an amazing year. It has been brilliant to do so many different activities. We liked being a small class so we could get to know each other better. A big highlight of the year was our fabulous residential trip to Burwell House, where we enjoyed playing Burwell Fox in the rain as well as having midnight chats.  We also visited Mrs Smith’s Souvenir Shop and the Beetle Drive was a splendid game to play.

As well as the residential, sport has been a massive thing in our year. We have participated in many matches for hockey, cricket and netball. Sports Day was very entertaining. Well done to Selene for winning the class Sports Day as well as the whole school sports day.

Art and creativity have been used throughout the year from making our ceramic lizards, to light boxes in DT. You will be able to view some of our lizards; (the ones that have survived) on display! Grace Webb came to the school and helped us make our own mini racing cars and we tested them -it was so much fun!

Once every half term we visited Forest School where we drank nice warm cocoa and ate marshmallows during the colder months. As the hot weather approached, we used natural materials to create an obstacle course and even used the round tables to make a wooden train. We have made lots of clay models as well as making our delicious meals in the mud kitchen!

We really enjoyed rehearsing for our nativity, the ‘Midwife Crisis’, with the whole of Key Stage 2. It was sadly cancelled due to Covid, but fortunately, we got to film it and the parents got to see it. We look forward to our next nativity play.

As well as those spectacular things we cannot forget our curriculum subjects. One of our favourite topics in Maths has been coordinates, using x and y positioning. ENGLISH! Wow, we have done a lot. In English, we studied many books e.g. Tutankhamun, Shackleton and the Iron Man. Our personification has come a long way and it is fabulous. Our favourite reading for pleasure books has been Malamander, an awesome mystery we hope to finish.

Special thanks to all our teachers: Miss Taylor, Mrs Fordham, Miss Smith ,Mrs Shaw, all the PE department and of course Mrs Smith.

Mrs Smith
Year 4H Class Teacher

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Year 5

We have all enjoyed Year 5 for lots of different reasons and we are so glad that Covid didn’t really get in the way. One of our most favourite things was when we went to Grafham Water, our three-day residential. We did many activities at Grafham, including paddle boarding, archery, rock climbing, crate-stacking and more.

In English, we liked two things in particular, ‘Kaspar Prince of Cats’ by Michael Morpurgo and the famous ‘Much ado About Nothing’ by William Shakespeare. We also loved doing our bread-making topic in DT – the taste testing and the making!

We will all really miss Year 5 but are excited to go into Year 6. During the year we have become more responsible, more independent, more open-minded and have learned how to ask questions to become more curious. It’s been a brilliant year that we will remember forever! – Harriet, Jessica, Grace, Shreya & Ellie

Miss Brandon-Jones
Year 5 Class Teacher 

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Year 6

We have had a great last few weeks of the year. The Summer Fayre was really good fun because we watched an entertaining magic show, had our faces painted and even had a go on a bouncy castle! We also had a trip to the Senior School DT Department to work with textiles to produce a miniature version of a fashionable outfit from the 1950’s, 60’s or 70’s. This week has been full of final preparations for our Valedictory Event as we have rehearsed songs, poems and speeches.

We have carried on working hard as well! In Maths, we have learnt about ratios, circles and angles, whilst in English we have studied ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and enjoyed learning about the tragic events that unfold as the story progresses.

Overall, we have all had an amazing time in Junior School and look forward to beginning the next stage in our educational journey in September!

Mrs Fordham and Miss Taylor
Year 6 Class Teachers 

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News from our extracurricular offer: GAP Club

We have spent lots of time playing outside again. The girls enjoyed a picnic tea on Tuesday and made their own sandwiches on Wednesday. We have also explored with paint and made our own paper ice creams.

Wishing you all a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Mrs Howell and the GAP Club Team  

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News from outside of our classrooms: Year 3 National Space Centre Trip

Wow, what a super day Year 3 had at the National Space Centre in Leicester! The visit linked well with our current science studies about Space. There were six galleries in total to explore, all of which were very hands-on and interactive.

The girls loved learning more about the planets, especially seeing how the pull of gravity on each planet changed the weight of a baked bean can! They also enjoyed controlling the Martian Rover. We were lucky enough to take part in a tour of the night sky in the centre’s Planetarium. We saw what the Earth looks like from Space amongst all the stars and the moon.

It made some of us feel a bit dizzy but it was a fun experience to feel as though we were in Space. We learned about some different constellations too including the story behind the Ursa Major constellation.

Later, we had time to climb the 144 steps to reach the top of the 42m high Rocket Tower and we had a chance to walk through and discover the different parts of the Columbus Module which is in the International Space Station – we were amazed to see how many machines are used to run the spacecraft as well as how the astronauts would have to sleep and the types of things they would eat when they’re in Space.

It was a great day out and it certainly helped to bring some of our classroom learning to life.

Awards for this week

Ballet dancer of the week – Jasmine I 

Linguist of the week – Kinara 

Swimmers of the week – Grace B and Tami

Star Learners of the week Miya W, Cora S, Yilin, Annabelle, Jessica W, Emily C, Ishani S, Vivienne, Adn

Each week girls are invited to share their achievements in activities outside of school. They are listed below for this week:

Iman – achieved the highest climber

Amelia – awarded a bronze Rainbow award

Shanaya  – achieved an award for successfully passing her bharatnatyam dance grade 1 with a merit. Shanaya was also awarded a certificate for completing Dynamos Cricket summer programme.

Eve – awarded gymnastic of the year

Isabella – achieved 12 Rainbow badges and a silver award

Annie – achieved a black belt

Rhoda – gymnastic star of the week

Lucy A – awarded gymnastic of the year

Evette – achieved an orange belt in karate

Avani – achieved an orange and black stripe belt in karate

Maya J – achieved a Saturn award in gymnastics

Jessica W – achieved a Saturn award in gymnastics

Zoe – awarded gymnastic of the year

Lucy T – competed at the county summer swimming festival and won 3 medals in her age category for 100m backstroke, 200 free style and 50m backstroke.

Playground Helpers

We would like to thank all the girls who have helped others on the playground this year and made sure that everyone was included in games.

Eloise C – has always quietly taken responsibility to make sure that all the games and toys have been tidied away.

Cristina – has always asked how I was and had a little chat which was very thoughtful.
Enjoy the summer holidays.

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Birthdays for this week

This week and over the summer break, we wish a very happy Birthday to the following members of our Junior School family:

Kinara, Diya, Lucy A, Aurelia T, Yilin, Eliza, Miracle, Grace B. Evette, Ishani S, Ella K, Amariah S-A, Isabel S-R, Hanaa, Elouise S, Sienna A.

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Mr Nash
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The tennis camp follows a clear daily structure, focusing on the technical, tactical, physical side of tennis taught in a fun and engaging way. Children will be put into groups depending on age ability. For details on how to book a space, please contact Tennis4All by clicking here.

Mrs Rose
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