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Friday 8 March 2024

The importance of positive female role models: Beyond Celebrities!

International Women’s Day 2024

On this International Women’s Day, I would like to put the spotlight on female role models in a slightly different way. It is undeniably vital for young women to have positive female role models for a multitude of reasons, spanning personal development, societal progress, and the cultivation of a diverse and inclusive culture. First and foremost, positive female role models provide young women with tangible examples of success and achievement. These role models showcase that women can excel in various fields, from academia and business to sports and the arts. By seeing other women break barriers and reach new heights, young women are encouraged to aspire to greatness themselves, fostering ambition and self-confidence. Each year, pupils will recommend women who they look up to. Beyoncé Knowles, Michele Obama and Olivia Coleman being some of the most popular.

Positive female role models contribute to the creation of a more diverse and inclusive culture. By showcasing the richness and diversity of women’s experiences, these role models celebrate the unique talents, perspectives, and contributions of women from all backgrounds. This diversity not only enriches our collective understanding but also fosters empathy, understanding, and solidarity across communities. Dr. Lee’s recent assembly, where she highlighted the remarkable journey of Mercedes Gleitze, serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that positive female role models can have on young women.

Mercedes Gleitze’s story is one of perseverance, resilience, and triumph over failure. Born into a relatively modest background, daughter of a teacher and a baker, Mercedes did not have the privilege of huge wealth or social status. However, what she lacked in material resources, she made up for with sheer grit and determination. Despite facing numerous obstacles along the way, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of achieving her goals. Her unwavering resolve propelled her to achieve remarkable feats in swimming, setting multiple records in the sport of endurance and long distance swimming, and after 8 attempts, successfully swam the British channel on October 7, 1927. She became the first woman to complete this challenge and completed several other noteworthy swims, subsequently to this, including swimming the Straits of Gibraltar, the Northern channel (between Ireland and Scotland), conquered many other international bodies of water, and became the first person to swim to Robben Island and back to Cape Town. 

What makes Mercedes’ story so compelling is that she defied the odds stacked against her. When her trainer warned her about the cold sea and extreme fatigue, stating it was a challenge even for the strongest men, Mercedes responded, ‘Well, thank God I’m a woman’. She refused to be bound by societal norms or limitations, forging her own path to success and refused to give up after setbacks and failed attempts. When faced with claims that her success in the English Channel had been a hoax and her integrity was questioned, she remained determined to prove to the disbelievers that she was the real deal. Her journey serves as a beacon of hope for young women everywhere, showing them that greatness knows no boundaries and can overcome hurdles or barriers placed in their way. Regardless of background or circumstance, anyone can achieve their dreams with perseverance and determination.

To read the full blog entry, please click here.

Miss Kneen
Deputy Head Pastoral

The Week Ahead

Monday 11 March
Science Week
Yr7 Cross Curricular week
U12 A&B vs Wellingborough

Tuesday 12 March
U14 & U15 vs Wellingborough

Wednesday 13 March
Yr9 Science Museum trip

Thursday 14 March
Yr9-13 Reach Lecture
1st & 2nd V11 vs Wellingborough
Yr7 Space Centre Trip

Friday 15 March
Red Nose Day
U14 Dance competition
Yr12 Silverstone Museum STEM trip
Scholars concert

Please click here to view the spring term’s Clubs & Activities list and timetable

Made for Girls film

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are delighted to share with you our brand new Made For Girls film!

This special video features a number of students, from our youngest learners in Nursery to our wonderful Sixth Form pupils, and aims to demonstrate the power of an all-through, all-girls education.

In a school that is Made for Girls, we truly believe anything is possible for our pupils and feel the video reflects our core ethos: ‘We believe in our girls and they believe in themselves’.

A huge thank you to the staff, students and families involved in the production process.

We hope you enjoy the video and take today as an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women in your life!

Student Senior Leadership Team 2024-2025

After a long and tense period, the waiting is over! A real highlight of our school year is the announcement of our prestigious Student Senior Leadership Team (SSLT).

The SSLT play an essential role within the school community, acting as an important bridge between students and the teaching staff, as well as organising and supporting school events. They embody the school’s ethos and values, are role models for our pupils and represent the very best of Northampton High School. Crucially, they help make the school an even better, richer experience for us all, strengthening our relationships with each other and encouraging us all to be ourselves and not someone else.

This year’s SSLT selection process was competitive and involved a written application followed by a formal interview. Additionally, each of the girls had to prepare and deliver a speech at Hustings in front of the whole school who then voted for their preferred candidates.

We are proud to announce the following newly appointed SSLT for 2024-2025:

Head Girl – Anushka T
Deputy Head Marketing – Laura C & Sahitya B
Deputy Head Patnerships – Shruthi P
Deputy Head Student Services – Li H
Deputy Head Undivided – Samiha C
Deputy Head Sustainability – Prachi P

Congratulations go to the SSLT of Northampton High School 2024-2025 with very best wishes for the year ahead. We look forward to seeing the girls making their mark over the next 12 months.

Dr Lee

World Book Day 2024

World Book Day was on Thursday 7 March and we celebrated in school by “Dropping Everything and Reading” during form time throughout the week.

All girls will have received their World Book Day token via SchoolPost and these may be swapped for one of the exclusive and completely free World Book Day books (these should be available through your local bookseller). Alternatively, the token can be used to get £1 off any full price book instead.

The World Book Day tokens are valid until Sunday 31 March 2024.

Miss Buxton
School Librarian

Jasmine competes at Indoor Rowing Championships

We were delighted to see Jasmine C representing Northampton High School at the Indoor Rowing Championships on Friday 1 March. Participating in both individual and relay races, Jasmine had a busy day ahead and demonstrated great enthusiasm throughout!

Competing against 295 people, we are thrilled to share that Jasmine finished 2nd in her heat and placed 17th overall – an incredible result and very well deserved! Following the race, Jasmine shared that she was very proud of her performance, particularly as she was predicted to place 24th.

A huge congratulations on your achievement, Jasmine! We look forward to hearing more on your sporting successes!

High Sports

U12 County Plate Competition

On Tuesday morning, the U12 Netball team travelled to Kettering Buccleuch Academy for the County plate competition.
The team was dominant from the start, winning all of their pool games bar one in which they drew. This meant that they came first in the pool and into the semi finals.

Playing Northampton School, they took time to settle which gave the opposition the time to score vital goals, however, once settled they came back strongly and lost only by one goal. In the 3rd/4th play off they came up against Sponne school and drew. Well done to the team on a joint third finish!

U14&15B vs Quinton House
U14B: On Tuesday 5 March, Quinton House visited NHS for a fixture. The first quarter was a good start for us with lots of possession and our girls making great movements off of the ball. Elise and Lyra worked well in a pair to keep them from scoring. Quinton had some spells of good play that kept them in the game but we really pulled ahead in the last quarter with Bella moving to GA and showing some real individual strength. Player of the match was Emily K who was quality all over the court. Final score 11-7 WIN

U15B: Ahead of the game, our U15B team were quite nervous knowing they would be playing Quinton’s A team, but were also determined to implement what they have been practicing in lessons and at clubs. Despite the sun in their eyes (and a few balls to faces and fingers as a result), the team showed good spirit and timing. They moved the ball through the court smoothly either from the centre pass or from the numerous turnovers made by the defence. The shooters were on fire – Khushi and Rose were not missing, and on the rare occasion they did, they fought with determination for the re-bound and frequently won it back – very impressive given they were up against two tall defensive players! The score reflected the progress they have made in denying space and opportunities for the opposition, as well as the timing and smoothness of their attacking play. The score was NHS 23 – 7 QH with Khushi being voted player of the match.

U13 Cricket Indoor County Cup

Our U13 team enjoyed a fantastic morning at the county cricket ground for the Indoor County Cup! In the first match against Wellingborough, we won the toss and bowled first, starting with great bowling from Risara (two wickets) and Grace (one wicket). All through the game our bowling was consistent and there were not many wides. In the second half Wellingborough put there best bowlers first. It was a tough start for us with a couple of us getting bowled out, but as the match progressed we gained many runs. Great job to Amelie and Emily who batted really well. At the end of the match we won getting 84 runs over Wellingborough’s 81. We then had made it to the final.

In the final we played Moulton School. We won the toss and decided to bowl first. In the first half of the match we had great fielding and stopped many balls from hitting the walls. The team also bowled very well with Lottie taking 2 wickets. Well done to Kara for great wicket keeping in both matches, and Esme and Harini for great fielding. In the second half of the match we were super positive and supportive of our team. In each over we were taking approximately 10 runs, chasing Moulton’s total of 79. Unfortunately, many of us were bowled out and ended up having to use a runner. We lost by 9 runs but were super proud for placing second. The team players were Esme, Emily, Harini, Kara, Lottie, Amalie and Grace. Well done. Lottie F, Captain

Well done to Risara who took batter of the day and Lottie for taking bowler of the day!

To read more match reports from the week, please click here.

Neurodiversity Parent Coffee Morning

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we are delighted to be hosting a Parent Coffee Morning on Wednesday 20 March, 9-10:30am.

The theme for this session is ADHD, and we are delighted to be welcoming ADHD Wise UK into Northampton High to lead the discussion. All parents are invited to join us for this engaging and informative talk, exploring how best we can support our neurodiverse pupils.

What's on at Northampton High - Spring Term

Book Review

What you are looking for is in the Library by Michiko Aoyama

 What are you looking for?

So asks Tokyo’s most enigmatic librarian, Sayuri Komachi.

But she is no ordinary librarian.
Sensing exactly what someone is searching for in life, she provides just the book recommendation to help them find it.We meet five visitors to the library, each at a different crossroads:– The restless retail assistant eager to pick up new skills– The mother faced with a demotion at work after maternity leave

– The conscientious accountant who yearns to open an antique store– The gifted young manga artist in search of motivation– The recently retired salaryman on a quest for newfound purposeCan she help them find what they are looking for?Which book will you recommend?

Miss Buxton
School Librarian

Save the Date: Spring Art Collective

Reach Lectures - Spring Term 2024

The weekly Reach talks are an opportunity for students in Years 9-13 to explore areas far beyond the school curriculum, broadening their horizons and developing their skills of curiosity and critical thinking. We are excited to offer this programme to our students and are very grateful to all our speakers for giving up their time to share their expertise with us.

Any parents who might be interested in contributing to the Reach lectures in 2025 are encouraged to email

Miss Kilby
Reach Coordinator

Diversity and Inclusion Calendar 23/24: March

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