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Friday 26 May 2023

Years 7 and 8 Cross-curricular fortnight: Unexpectedly good fun?

Under the High School Approach illustrated above, we aim to ensure that pupils are educated holistically and know there is more to learning than simply the pursuit of knowledge. Indeed, it is something of a trope nowadays to refer to the jobs of the future not currently being in existence. Any school that does not place future skills at the heart of its educational philosophy risks doing its pupils a disservice. 

The need for an integrated vision for teaching and learning based on higher order thinking skills (HOTS) has become increasingly evident. This is why we are reviewing our core non-examined curriculum, including the Key Stage 3 Humanities Transferable Skills programme, and building an even more varied Elective and Enrichment programme in Years 10-13. It is also why we focus on the intellectual characteristics we see as vital for success, as reflected around the rose in the centre of the Approach wheel. However, in addition to this, we are also keen to break down the perceived walls between academic subject areas.

Cross-curricular links, lessons, and activities can help us build a transformative educational model that goes beyond traditional subject boundaries, enabling pupils to develop their thinking abilities. By fostering interdisciplinary connections, not only can we benefit students academically but also promote social interaction and collaboration, while opening up new avenues for teachers to collaborate and explore innovative teaching methods. 

The last half term of the academic year has long been seen as a golden opportunity to develop more innovative approaches, in and out of the classroom. Younger pupils are, to an extent, freed from assessments and can delve deeper into the exciting academic worlds they inhabit at this time of year. This has led us to develop our Reach Cross-curricular fortnight to help foster links between the faculties in school and to take this freedom to the next level. To help give this fortnight a strong foundation, we have set a unifying theme of ‘The Unexpected’. Alongside this we will again run our WOW (watching others work) initiative that encourages teachers to visit others’ lessons to observe, learn and be inspired in their own practice.

To read the full entry, please click here.

Mr Rickman
Deputy Head Academic

The Week Ahead

Monday 5 June
Swimming Fixtures vs Thornton College

Tuesday 6 June
Year 7 Residential Information Evening
Wizard of Oz after school Rehearsals

Wednesday 7 June
Year 12 Reach Seminar
In Conversation with Kevin Stannard

Thursday 8 May
Wizard of Oz Afterschool Rehearsals

Friday 9 June
Sports Day

To view a list of the summer term clubs and activities, please click here.

Head's Commendation

A huge congratulations to the fabulous students who received a Head’s Commendation today! This special award recognises pupils for their hard work, outstanding achievements, demonstrations of kindness and dedication to school life.

Angelie – “For embodying the spirit of Northampton High of being bold and brave; Angelie consistently shows commitment and loyalty to the school.” Dr Lee

Rose – “I have nominated Rose for her personal contributions to the Neurodiversity Awareness assembly.” Ms Eldridge

Preesha – “At Osmington Bay, Preesha pushed herself out of her comfort zone and attempted activities that scared her. Completing both abseiling and the trapeze successfully after initially unable to, I am very proud of her.” Mrs Cartlidge

Reena – “I have nominated Reena for showing a positive and determined spirit as she started at the school, working through a number of transition issues including working out her options for next year, always with a good-natured smile.” Mr Rickman

Aiyven – “When I asked for her help in making the Ramadan assembly film, she said yes without hesitation. She only had 2 days to do it, and could have said no (she isn’t even a member of Femsock!), but instead she turned our clips and script into an amazing, professional film with no fuss or stress, which must have taken her hours.” Ms Eldridge

Lilia – “I have nominated Lilia for her contributions to Femsock; attending every meeting and always volunteering for jobs. Recently, she has interviewed and filmed for the Ramadan assembly, made the new poster for the clubs display, and bravely delivered a personal testimony in our Neurodiversity Awareness assembly.” Ms Eldridge

Alys – “Alys has really been extending her skills in her Food lessons. She made her own curry paste when making curry and made creme patissiere when making Danish pastries. Alys has demonstrated excellent interest and effort in the subject.” Miss Knight

Sherain – “For embodying the spirit of Northampton High of being bold and brave; Sherain consistently shows commitment and loyalty to the school.” Dr Lee “I have nominated Sherain for her excellent attainment and dedication to Chemistry.” Miss Gill

Olivia – “Olivia has shown kindness to other pupils, going out of her way to help and include her classmates.” Miss Fraser

Nathania – “Nathania has only had 3 lessons of Latin so far and is having to learn independently on a fast track course whilst the others revise. She is doing very well indeed, often amidst revision games!” Mrs Peto

Adithi – “For excellent attainment and a positive attitude towards challenging topics throughout the year.” Miss Gill

Esme – “For excellent attainment and a positive attitude towards challenging topics throughout the year.” Miss Gill

Lucy – “Excellent focus for revision.” Miss Gill

Melissa – “Excellent focus for revision.” Miss Gill

On behalf of everyone at Northampton High School, we would like to congratulate you on this remarkable achievement and for being brilliant ambassadors for our school!

Dr Lee

Junior Mathematical Challenge success!

A number of students from Years 7 and 8 participated in this year’s Junior Mathematical Challenge.

This is a 60-minute, multiple choice challenge which encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

The problems on the Junior Maths Challenge are designed to make students think.

Many students achieved certificates for the challenge, including two Gold certificates, which is a fabulous achievement!

Gold: Thaswini K (Highest Score in School) and Maysha C (both pictured)

Silver: Lily G, Sofia G-H, Maisie G, Peony H (Highest Score in Year 7), Simran L, Rithika S, Lucy H, Sarah H, Eleanor J, Sienna P, Elaine P

Bronze: Adithi A, Safiya C, Ellie H, Lara M, Rianna S, Poppy B, Kelly-Marie J, Faith P-N, Natalie S

Well done to everyone who took part!

Mrs Harrison
Teacher of Mathematics

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023

What is Menstrual Hygiene Day? What does it signify?

Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) is a campaign that raises awareness for period poverty and the struggles some people have to deal with, whilst breaking the silence and stigma surrounding the topic. It is an opportunity to highlight the importance of menstrual hygiene for women, girls and people who menstruate around the world and educate people on the issues faced by those who don’t have access to sanitary products.

When is Menstrual Hygiene Day?

Menstrual Hygiene Day is on Thursday 28 May. It takes place on the 28th day of the fifth month every year, signifying the average menstrual cycle course of 28 days and the average menstruation length of five days each month.

What charities can I support to help the Menstrual Hygiene movement?

Northampton-based charity, EVE, supports women locally and accepts direct donations of period products.
Period Poverty UK and Bloody Good Period are nationwide charities which accept donations to help those who cannot afford period products both in the UK and in other parts of the world.

What is Northampton High School doing to support this campaign?

From Monday 5 June to Friday 9 June, we will be raising awareness in school by:

  • Putting posters in the toilets about Menstrual Hygiene Day and information about periods
  • Making displays in the Senior School Reception to educate students and visitors on period poverty in the UK and around the world
  • Having Form time activities dedicated to the topic
  • Adding period product collection points around the school; donations such as pads, tampons and menstrual cups are welcome, and will be passed on to a local charity based in Northampton (for further information please ask Ms Eldridge or Mrs Kaur)
  • Date for your diary: Mufti Day on Thursday 8 June – Please wear something pink or red!
  • Opportunity to get glitter tattoos or your nails painted by Femsock members (Thursday 8 June)

Maisie, Arna and Sonya, Y10

Wizard of Oz Creative Arts Day

On Tuesday, we welcomed Year 5 into the Senior School Food and Textiles departments for a Wizard of Oz themed skills day; linked to our musical production this year.

This was a wonderful opportunity to integrate the girls into Senior School classrooms and meet some new teachers. Although the skills demonstrated were mostly Food and Textiles based, there were links to Science and Maths too.

In Food, the girls made yellow brick road blondies using custard creams. Following a demonstration, they started making their blondies. This included the technique of browning butter which gave the blondies a deeper, richer and slightly nutty flavour.

The outcomes were successful, and everyone had a wonderful time baking together.

In Textiles, we worked on a ‘design and make project’ creating ‘Emerald City accessories’ which will be worn on stage as part of the costumes in our production of Wizard of Oz later this term.

The girls learnt needle felting and hand stitching techniques together with some maths skills.

Miss Knight & Miss Lycett
Creative Arts Department

High Sports: GDST Athletics Rally

On Friday 19 May, pupils from across our school travelled to Nottingham to participate in the GDST Athletics Rally.

Our students had a fabulous day and thoroughly enjoyed competing against their GDST peers. We were very proud of the team for their positive attitude, determination and support for one another!

A big thank you to Nottingham High for hosting such a wonderful event!

Mrs Littlewood
PE Department

Pupils compete in Schools Triathlon

A huge congratulations to Amelia, Rithika, Emily and Riya for completing the Oundle Triathlon!

Competing as a relay team, the Year 7 pupils completed a swim, bike ride and running event. Challenging themselves and supporting one another, the group demonstrated true resilience and teamwork, and we are very proud of their determination.

Amelia, Rithika, Emily and Riya had a fabulous time and look forward to similar opportunities in the future!

Mrs Blake
Director of Sport

U13 NTFA Cup Final

Another final, another cup win for Ellie, Lucy and Ava!

At the weekend, this determined group played in the NTFA Cup Final alongside their Rushden & Diamond team mates. After a brilliant performance from all three girls, a 0-0 draw in the game meant the final result relied on penalties. Resilience, focus and hard work resulted in a 3-2 win for the team, with Ellie scoring one of the brilliant penalties in the shoot-out and securing the U13 NTFA Cup winners title!

A huge congratulations to our wonderful pupils and their team for this fabulous achievement and well-deserved win! What an amazing football season for the girls!

Mrs Blake
Director of Sport

Music Spotlight

With the summer examinations creating a change to timetables, staff in the Music Department have taken the opportunity to reflect on the progress made by students throughout the year.

It has been wonderful to guide the students as they develop new skills, explore new musical styles, compose and arrange music, and prepare for performances!

Mrs Smith
Music Teacher

Language Leaders Magazine

We are delighted to share the second copy of the Language Leaders Magazine with you.

In a trip around the world, this edition focuses on the importance of language in the community.

To read this edition, please click here.

Mrs Hill
School & Trust Consultant Teacher

Book Review

Wild Light: A Printmaker’s Day & Night by Angela Harding

“I, like many other people, find great inspiration in the way mornings, evenings or bright midday light changes the way we see the things around us. The bouncing light of a cloud-filled storm sky can change a seascape through a palette of blues, greys, and turquoises. The cool summer moonlight that crosses my back garden sends long shadows that change the mood of the garden from homely to unfamiliar.

And whether it’s the low light of an English February afternoon or the sharp, bright mid-morning light of the Cornish seaside, the light and dark we experience affects our moods. But life is busy, and I am guilty as anyone of being too preoccupied by daily life to just stop and look.

This book is a collection of illustrations from those moments when I have stopped and looked; when a particular encounter with nature has been highlighted by the time of day or the time of night, becoming a strong image long remembered and one that I wish to illustrate.”

A beautiful book, where Angela explains various printing techniques, along with the inspiration for her work.

Purchase through the NHS bookshop here.

Miss Buxton
School Librarian

Hay fever season

We have seen an increase in the number of students requiring medication for hay fever symptoms. Please can I encourage you to give your child medication prior to coming to school if they are known to suffer with hay fever symptoms, as this will mean they spend less time waiting to see a member of the medical team and feel well throughout the day.

Can I also remind you that students are not allowed to carry their own medication in their bags, excluding emergency medication, e.g. inhalers or adrenaline devices. Sixth Form students are permitted to carry one dose of analgesia or antihistamine.

If your child is required to take medication whilst at school, it is to be kept in the medical room and a consent form must be signed.

Thank you in advance for your help with this.

Mrs Dunkley
School Nurse

Why choose a ‘made for girls’ education? – Wednesday 7 June

We are delighted to be hosting a special ‘In conversation with’ event, in which our experts will explore how a girls-only education can transform your daughter’s life. Drawing on landmark national research in The Girls’ Futures Report, our experts Dr May Lee, Head, and Dr Kevin Stannard, GDST’s Director of Innovation and Learning, will explore:

  • How girls are feeling at this moment in time. What do they need from education and the wider world?
  • The differences a girls-first ecosystem can make for confidence, careers and skills.
  • Myths and misapprehensions surrounding girls’ education.
  • Helping girls’ thrive at key stages: Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form.

The event commences at 6.00pm with a drinks reception, followed by the ‘In Conversation’ event at 6.30pm. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and explore these vital topics with our experts.

We do hope you will be able to join us for what promises to be an invaluable discussion with pioneering experts in girls’ education.

Please click here to book your free tickets today.

Mr Nash
Marketing & Communications Manager

Northampton High School - Where girls learn without limits

Swap Shop events

We would like to share the forthcoming Swap Shop event date with you. These events provide parents with the opportunity to buy, sell or donate items of uniform that you no longer require. If you have any items that you would like to sell or donate, please bring them to school for the below dates:

Friday 30 June
8.00am to 9.00am – Junior School Swap Shop, Junior School Library
11.30am to 12.30pm – Junior School Swap Shop, Junior School Library
3.00pm to 4.00pm – Senior School Swap Shop, Junior School Dining Room

Save the Date: Creative Arts Festival

Wizard of Oz

Save the date: Alumnae Reunion Lunch

Save the Date: Speech Day 2023

Save the Date: Parents Afternoon Tea - Friday 7 July

We invite you to save the date for this summer’s Parent Afternoon Tea event, which will be taking place on Friday 7 July, from 2 – 3.30pm. The cost for this event will be £15pp, and bookings can be made via ParentPay, with a deadline of Wednesday 31 May.

More information will follow over the coming weeks and months, but we do hope you will be able to join us for what promises to be a lovely afternoon.

Miss Hair
Head of Junior School

Community Nursery Sessions

Cricket Coaching in Northampton


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