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Friday 17 November 2023

Nurturing Inspiring Futures: a holistic approach to careers education

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st Century, careers education is no longer solely about finding the right job; it has become a dynamic process aimed at equipping students with a versatile skill set that transcends the boundaries of specific professions. To do it well requires a holistic approach that not only provides relevant information and guidance, but also fosters essential skills to ensure adaptability in the face of a job market increasingly impacted by artificial intelligence (AI). This is why careers education appears under the Learn section in the Northampton High School approach wheel, as a keystone of our academic provision, cutting across all areas of learning.

It is a pleasure to introduce our new Careers Coordinator, Wendy Forsyth, who will be known to many of you as a member of the Maths faculty. Mrs Forsyth comes from an engineering background and runs the popular ‘problem-solving maths’ elective in the Sixth Form. This course focuses on the kinds of skills needed in mathematics to develop solutions to some of the most important issues facing the world today. She is also a tutor in the Sixth Form and has worked closely with students and other staff members to help them choose the best courses at university to enable them to achieve their ambitions for the future.

Mrs Forsyth writes:

Having been a Sixth Form tutor for many years, I have always enjoyed helping students explore their next steps. I am therefore very excited to be taking on the role of Careers Coordinator across the school. 

Careers education is about so much more than simply deciding what job you want to do. As a school we understand the need to prepare our students to succeed and to be ready to lead in an ever-changing world. A recent survey by the British Council said that two thirds of Primary School children will enter careers which do not currently exist. The rapid developments in the realm of AI will further change the nature of employment. 

Academic knowledge is still very important, but equally it is essential that young people are aware of their transferable skills and seek opportunities to develop them. With this in mind, we prefer to think more broadly and we call our suite of activities and guidance opportunities ‘Inspiring Futures’. The Inspiring Futures programme is wide ranging, incorporating PSHE lessons, external speakers, enterprise days and specific advice and guidance events. If you’d like to know more about this, do feel free to contact me by emailing

So, we firmly believe that careers education should encompass a broader perspective, emphasising the importance of acquiring transferable skills that can be applied across various domains. But what does this mean in practice? Rather than focusing solely on the technical aspects of a particular job, we feel that students need to develop critical thinking, creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills. These abilities form the foundation of adaptability, enabling individuals to navigate through unpredictable career trajectories and embrace emerging opportunities.

Incorporating real-world experiences into the curriculum is another crucial aspect of effective careers education. Every subject area in school offers resources and invaluable insights into different industries, helping pupils make informed decisions about their career paths. Through the GDST Innovate and Lead programmes in the Sixth Form, students can also access diverse work environments, which not only aids in identifying personal preferences but also cultivates an understanding of the future job market.

Furthermore, the role of technology in careers education cannot be overstated. With increasing automation and AI formats in the workplace, the skills demanded by the job market are undergoing a paradigm shift. Integrating technology-related coursework and fostering digital literacy via our Digacy programme in school are essential components in preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow. This not only ensures that pupils are equipped to embrace technological advancements but also promotes a mindset of continuous learning, a critical attribute in an era where the pace of change is unprecedented.

To read the full entry, please click here.

Mr Rickman
Deputy Head Academics

The Week Ahead

Monday 20 November
Food Bank Collection (all week)
U13A&B vs MAA

Tuesday 21 November
Sixth Form Options Breakfast
Y11&Y13 Classics and Latin conference
U15 Hockey vs The Kings High School

Wednesday 22 November
Cross Country fixture

Thursday 23 November
Y9 Hockey Weekend
Y12 GDST LEAD trip
Non-uniform day – Bottle donations
Y11 Parent Consultations
U18 Hockey vs Wellingborough
Reception Intake Evening

Friday 24 November
Senior School PSHE Day

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A message from Northampton High School

At Northampton High School we are united in our profound concern and deep sympathy for the victims of the current crisis in Israel and Gaza. The human toll and suffering resulting from the conflict are truly distressing. It is crucial to acknowledge the pain and hardship faced by individuals and communities affected by the crisis, not just in the region, but for people around the world who are impacted for a wide variety of reasons. Regardless of our geographical location or background, our shared humanity calls us to stand together in compassion and empathy, as Mr Donaldson, Head of History, highlighted to the school community during our recent Remembrance Day assembly.

We hope for a swift resolution to the conflict, bringing peace and stability to the region. Sixth Form students are collecting quality items for a ‘bring and buy’ sale to raise money for the Red Cross, which is a neutral charity supporting victims of the crisis. If you have any spare items such as toiletries or good quality clothing, please do consider donating to this vital cause.

Why girls only from the very start?

Your daughter only has one opportunity to benefit from an excellent education and getting the foundations right is fundamental to facilitating her future success. A parent’s school choice is pivotal to their child’s happiness and, whilst getting it ‘right’ can feel like a heavy burden, here at Northampton High School we are confident in making this decision as easy as possible for you. Making the right choice and allowing your daughter to benefit from an education that is ‘Made for Girls’ is likely to be the best gift you can give to her as parents.

As the leading all-through girls-only school in Northamptonshire, everything we do is purposefully tailored to support girls in their educational journey and in their future endeavours. We are proud members of the Girls’ Day Schools Trust (GDST) and as such benefit from the strength of a 25-school network that is united by a girls-first philosophy and a mission to ensure girls learn without limits and strive for gender equality.

Whilst increased societal focus on the gender gap has led to some improvements, we know that girls’ lived experiences are different to those of boys, and that this must be reflected in certain areas of girls’ education and learning design. This is why Dr Kevin Stannard, GDST’s Director of Innovation & Learning, states, “In a more equal world we still need single-sex schools because, while society and coeducational schools are more gender-blind, they are still far from gender-equal.” We believe your daughter deserves to be seen, heard and guided, without gender stereotypes and expectations, right from her very first moments in Reception.

We know girls benefit from lessons that promote collaboration and that they are deeply inspired by strong, positive role models who, through the delivery of a curated curriculum, give them space to explore and flourish. Girls need a learning environment that is focused, emotionally safe and provides a space in which they can speak, be heard, challenged and supported. Northampton High Junior School is built with these fundamentals at its core.

Our pupils develop a genuine self confidence that they then have the skills to execute in a positive manner. As the Girls’ Futures Report shared, “There is plenty of evidence that the ‘confidence gap’ can be closed, but it takes effort. It takes design.” This is why “GDST schools are girls’ schools by design: founded on the belief that success is best achieved by educating girls separately in distinctive, girl-friendly environments.”

Every girl. Every day. Our small class sizes mean we know our girls as individuals and ensure each learning and pastoral need is met, allowing students to flourish on a journey owned and directed by themselves. Our job, as expert staff in girls only education, is to guide this journey along a pathway that is sprinkled with high quality experiences. At Northampton High Junior School, students’ days are bursting with opportunities, from Forest School sessions in our own onsite forest, swimming lessons in our 25m pool, science lessons in our laboratory, Art and DT lessons in our art studios, a broad co-curricular offer, termly trips and a well-planned, challenging curriculum; all delivered by teachers who are experts in girls-only education.

Our Junior School formula is developed using a strong evidence base and its results speak for themselves when you meet our pupils. We firmly believe that choosing a school that is ‘Made for Girls’ is a gift for which your daughter will be eternally grateful.

Miss Hair
Junior Head

Pudsey Bear has found his forever home!

Today at Northampton High School, we have been raising money for Children in Need and learning about how this wonderful charity helps to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people around the UK.

As part of our fundraising efforts, we were delighted to hold a whole school raffle to rehome Pudsey Bear! We are delighted to share that Pudsey has now found a new home with two very lucky sisters, Elizabeth and Robyn, who were thrilled to receive this special prize from Dr Lee! 

Although we have now drawn the raffle to ‘rehome’ Pudsey bear, we would still be delighted to receive your donations for this incredible cause. If you wish to donate, please click here. Thank you for your generosity!

Miss Price
Digital Marketing Assistant

Northampton High School celebrate Diwali!

A huge thank you to Mrs Kaur and our Femsock group who delivered a beautiful assembly about Diwali this week. It was wonderful to see the pupils in traditional dress and to learn more about how they celebrate this special festival with family and friends.

The stage was beautifully lit with lanterns and lights, which were created by the Creative Arts Faculty and Year 8 pupils. This proved to be a wonderful cross-curricular project and the decorations have since been moved to the Senior School foyer for staff, students and visitors to enjoy!

During the assembly, we were treated to a fantastic singing performance from Mrs Kaur, as well as two excellent Bollywood dance routines performed by members of Femsock. It was a brilliant way to start the week and a wonderful way to learn more about the different traditions celebrated within our school community.

Miss Price
Digital Marketing Assistant

Year 10 attend Women in Engineering event

Today, we visited Nifty Lifts for their Women in Engineering event. The day kicked off with a brief tour of the production line, where we observed cherry-pickers at various stages of development. We then explored a separate area of the warehouse, where a completed model allowed us to control the arm and engage in a matching activity for different stages of product development.

Following this, we headed to the purchasing department, matching parts to their global production locations while enjoying some juice. In the IT department, we used CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and scale drawings to create a lift platform cage. A visit to a different area involved a mock assembly line activity, giving us hands-on experience with various tools.

Upon completion, we received a gift bag. The highlight of our trip was ascending in the cherry pickers, providing a brilliant end to the day!

Mrs Vizor
Subject Leader Physics

High Sports

Cross Country Cup

The Senior Cross Country team qualified for the regional finals and competed on Friday 10 November at Stowe School against other schools from Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgshire.
The team found the course hilly and windy but can be commended on their performances. Sophie came 54th, Issy 35th, Ella 30th and Jemima 21st.

U16 County Cup Netball

On Tuesday, Oundle School hosted the U16 County Tournament. We competed against 5 schools who were each very strong. We started the tournament by playing Moulton and successfully won 8-2. We then went on to play one of our toughest opponents, Oundle. We couldn’t quite get the win but stayed strong throughout, putting lots of pressure on all the way down the court. We then played Pitsford and had a brilliant game, winning 17-1 in just 14 minutes. We then went onto to play one of our harder opponents, NSG. The game started off very tightly with goals being scored one after the other, putting us at 3-2 at half time. We pushed very hard to come out with a winning score of 8-3. Our last, and final game, against Malcom Arnold was a test to see how we played under pressure, as we knew this game dictated whether or not we went through to regionals. The game was very tight, but Northampton pulled through and won 5-3. I want to highlight all the players who played on Tuesday as I’m so proud of everyone. Our defence consisted of Jasmine Y, Kirsten M, Olivia R and Ashana H. Defence worked so hard at not letting their players get free and turning over the ball many times. Our attackers included myself, Evie F, Tanishqa T, Roja L and Anna C. Our centres did a beautiful job of being everywhere on court and always being a good option. Our WA and GA again did an amazing job at being good offers, and our feeds into the circle were brilliant! I want to thank everyone for playing their absolute hardest and for making it through to regionals! I can’t wait to see what the netball season brings and I’m so proud of you all! Gemma S, Captain

U15 Hockey vs Stowe

On Tuesday, we played Stowe at home. With us having a quite inexperienced team, we knew going into the match that it would be a tough game. We started the first half well with good structure, which meant the first goal went to us. Stowe fought hard and gained a short corner which they eventually scored from. In the second half we knew Stowe were going to be more fierce and try to convert goals. The pressure was high and we struggled to get the ball out of the crowded area, which led to Stowe scoring another. Near the end of the half our defense became tight, with great tracking back as a team, especially from Izzy S, and great shot saving from Lexie D. The game ended in a 2-1 win for Stowe.

U13A Hockey vs Wellingborough

On Monday, the U13 A team had an away hockey fixture against Wellingborough School. Mollie M and Emily F had some good runs down the wings. Ellie H and Esme S made some strong tackles in defence and many goal saves were made by Lucy T. Emily F was awarded player of the match. The whole team played really well today and each of us have improved so much since the start of the year. The opposing team won 1:0 and we look forward to a rematch next season.

U12B Hockey vs Wellingborough

The match on Monday was very good. A huge well done to Jessica for being awarded players player, it was very well deserved.  During the game we got the ball into our scoring half many times but we couldn’t get it into the D to shoot.  Avleen came very close and held the centre of the pitch well. The game was a great experience for us, and for some members a new experience too. Very well done to all who played. The final result was 3:0 to Wellingborough. Grace F, Captain

Mrs Blake
Director of Sport

Classical Art Competition

Calling all students in Year 9 -Year13 – this is your chance to enter a national classical art competition (with cash prizes!).

The theme is ‘Time and Memory in the Ancient World’. You can create a painting, drawing, photo, photography series, sculpture… You could explore sundials in the ancient world or take a more abstract approach to time/memory – it’s up to you to represent your idea in a creative and exciting way.

The deadline is 20 December. You also need to submit a short piece of text (500 words or less):  imagine your piece is being exhibited in a gallery and write a description of your work, which explains its link to the theme, to be displayed alongside it.

Please read the guidelines carefully, including information on how to enter here. Good luck and have fun!

Miss Kilby
Subject Lead Classics

Food bank donations

Our school community is delighted to be supporting The Trussell Trust in their efforts to stop UK hunger and poverty. The charity supports a nationwide network of food banks and provides emergency food and support to people facing hardship. Between April 2022 and March 2023, food banks in The Trussell Trust network provided almost 3 million food supplies to people in crisis, a 37% increase on the previous year. 

Food bank donations are more necessary now than ever, which is why we are asking for the help of our generous school community. Next week, we would like to invite students, staff and parents to bring in food donations for our food bank collection. Your kindness is much appreciated and will support those experiencing hardship. Thank you in advance for your help.

Parent Quiz Night

We would like to thank all of the teams for coming along to our first Quiz Night event on Thursday evening, and for making the evening a fun, competitive (with good humour!) and enjoyable night! We hope to arrange another event later in the year and would warmly welcome families to join us.

Congratulations to the winning team ‘You’re a Quizzard, Harry’ for their convincing win. They went home with gift vouchers to share and a clutch of Northampton High goodies!

Mrs Wilmot
Director of Marketing & Admissions

Schoolblazer flash sale

Schoolblazer will be running a flash sale from Monday 20 – Tuesday 21 November 2023.

There will be 20% off ALL in-stock items online at during the sale period, while stocks last.

This is the perfect opportunity to pick up items of uniform you may need for a discounted price.

Mrs Beacroft's Art Exhibition at 78 Derngate

Mrs Beacroft’s love of art is evident in every lesson she teaches here at Northampton High School. Creating art is not just a passion in the classroom, but a lifelong endeavour for our Head of Faculty, who spends her free time producing spectacular pieces in her dedicated studio. Influenced by her love of gardening, her work captures the beauty of nature and the outdoor world, often taking inspiration from rural Northamptonshire.

We are delighted to share that Mrs Beacroft’s art is currently being exhibited at 78 Derngate and is available to view and purchase until Friday 22 December. This is an excellent opportunity for students to view her talented art and learn more about what it means to be a professional artist. To learn more about Mrs Beacroft’s work, please read below:

“My BA (hons) in Fine Art from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, along with many years teaching across Art, Craft & Design disciplines have equipped me with a huge passion and a solid base of experience and expertise. In my personal work I use oils, acrylics or watercolours, often taking inspiration from my surroundings or travels further afield. Employing a range of tools allows me to create subtle marks, washes and expressive brushwork. When using mixed media, I love to capture the intense detail and natural textures of trees, drawing with micron pens, inks and watercolours on heavy paper. 

Stepping out from Silver Birch Studio takes me directly into the garden where I can sketch and experiment with compositions for lino designs, using V and U shaped carving tools to create relief prints. My drypoint plates are incised with an etching tool and I ink up using the intaglio method. Home-grown flowers and seed heads are fun to carve as they provide exciting lines, shapes and forms – perfect for printmaking. The beauty of nature is always at the heart of what I create.”

We are very proud to have the work of our talented staff on display, and we hope this inspires the budding artists here at Northampton High! If you wish to view more of Mrs Beacroft’s work, please click here.

Miss Price
Digital Marketing Assistant

Music theory and composition tuition available

We are delighted to be able to offer one-to-one music theory and composition tuition. Lessons can involve covering the grade 5 music theory syllabus, focus on composition skills using technology, or a mixture of the two disciplines. This is an exciting addition to our peripatetic music offering. These lessons can take place before and after school as well as during school hours, and are taught by our newly appointed specialist self-employed teacher.  Pupils considering GCSE and A Level Music may find these lessons particularly useful. Junior students are also very welcome to take these lessons.

Please contact Mr Nathan at if you would like to find out more about composition and music theory lessons, or to arrange a trial lesson.

Mr Nathan
Director of Music

Yoga and wellness classes available

Our experienced yoga teacher, Mrs Eborall, has been helping Year 10 and Year 11 to find a deeper connection within themselves. Using mindful movement to listen to their bodies, students learn useful coping strategies in the run up to exam season. The ability to maintain a healthy mind and body is essential for our wellbeing, and Mrs Eborall is an expert in teaching these important skills.

Delivering yoga and meditation classes throughout Northampton to companies and group classes of all levels, her passion for teaching and practising yoga extends further than the classroom. Mrs Eborall is currently offering morning, afternoon and evening classes to those interested in incorporating yoga and wellness into their life, and would be delighted to welcome parents, staff and members of the community to join one of her popular classes or programmes. To explore the benefits of yoga and meditation, please click here or email Mrs Eborall at

Book Review

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear – as recommeded by Dr Lines

“In this book James Clear presents some really simple strategies for tackling bad habits and introducing good habits. It is always hard to change our behaviour, but his ideas break down the challenge into small achievable chunks. I particularly loved the idea of ‘habit stacking’ which involves adding things on to existing engrained habits.

I have successfully used this method to improve my communication with family. I have also made good use of his suggestion to just do something rather than skipping, even if that means you only run for 5 minutes, just run. I read this book in the summer holidays and it has helped me to maintain going to the gym during term time. I have now signed up to his weekly text which presents some thought provoking quotes and questions and acts as a weekly reminder for me to keep up the good work! This book is an easy read and you do not necessarily need to read it cover to cover to find it useful.” Dr Lines

Purchase through the NHS bookshop here.

Miss Buxon
School Librarian

Save the Date: Christmas Fayre

Preparations for our Christmas Fayre are in full swing, with the big day just two weeks away now on Friday 1 December. We are pleased to share some more information with you, specifically with regard to the Christmas Grotto, the Raffle & Tombola and the Junior School Christmas Games. Please see below:Christmas Grotto: We are delighted that Santa will be making another visit to Northampton High School this year and will be inviting visitors into his Grotto! In an effort to reduce queuing time and allow families to enjoy the entirety of the Fayre, this year’s Grotto will be operated on a pre-booked basis. Slots are available on TryBooking by clicking here. Each slot allows two visitors per session, to enable two siblings to attend together if required, at a cost of £7.50 per child. Each child will receive a lovely gift from Santa. Tickets will be not available on the night of the Fayre, so we do encourage you to book your slots in advance to avoid disappointment.Raffle, Tombola & Junior School Christmas Games: These attractions at the Christmas Fayre will be accepting tokens only, rather than card payments or cash, as we are a ‘cashless’ school. Tokens can be purchased in advance, similar to last year’s Junior School Summer Fayre, and by doing so, we hope this will reduce queuing time and allow you to enjoy these stalls. Attractions taking tokens will be clearly marked to avoid confusion. Tokens can be pre-ordered on TryBooking by clicking here and once ordered, they can be collected from Junior School/Senior School Reception or from the Collection Desk on the night of the Fayre. Tokens will also be available to purchase at the event.Please note that the Christmas Market stalls run by students, parents and staff will take varied forms of payment such as cash, card and PayPal – so please bear that in mind when planning your visit. Our refreshment stations will only accept payment by card.We look forward to seeing you on Friday 1 December for some festive fun!

Mr Nash
Marketing and Communications Manager

Bespoke Ballroom Dance & Drama Academy

Bespoke Ballroom Dance & Drama Academy students learn to compete on a National and Regional level, winning and making finals in each age category at the most prestigious DanceSport Championships.

Led by former Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Kristina Rihanoff, the Academy offers dance & drama classes in Northampton for every age. For full information please contact or visit

Bespoke Ballroom Dance & Drama Academy are one of the many wonderful businesses that have kindly donated a prize to support our fundraising efforts this half term. We would like to thank them on behalf of the school community!

Diversity and Inclusion Calendar 23/24: November

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