The benefits we hear cited most often are:

  • Girls do better academically in single-sex than in mixed classes (especially in science, technology,
    engineering and maths)
  • Gender barriers and stereotypes do not influence decisions and attitudes in a girls’ school
  • Girls feel more comfortable in a girls-only environment where they can relax and just be themselves
  • Lessons and the approach to learning can be tailored specifically to the preferences of the girls
  • More freedom to tailor guidance and wellbeing programmes to the priorities and interests of our girls
  • More opportunities to play the big parts, take the major solos, lead the team, gain the plum internships
  • Greater scope to take on leadership roles and develop skills for leadership that will prepare them for life beyond school
  • Being part of the Girls’ Day School Trust brings a whole range of remarkable extra benefits and opportunities

Offering much more than just an education, these girls are being set up for life.

— The Good Schools Guide


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