Governance and Management Arrangements in GDST Schools

GDST is the proprietor of all GDST schools. GDST is both a registered charity and a company, governed by a Council whose members are both the charity’s trustees and the company’s directors.  

The Council of the Trust has ultimate legal responsibility for GDST schools and is responsible for: 

-       agreeing the Trust’s strategy

-       setting and monitoring key policies e.g. Health and Safety, Child Protection, Welfare of Pupils, Anti-Bullying etc

-       setting fees and monitoring financial performance in line with agreed budgets. 

The Chief Executive of the Trust is appointed by the Council of the GDST to whom he/she reports and is responsible for implementing the Trust’s strategy and its policies, and is the line manager of the Heads of each GDST school. 

The Trust’s Executive Board supports, and is accountable to, the CEO and advises the Council on policy and performance issues as requested by the Council. 

The Head is appointed by the Council and line managed by the CEO. The Head has executive responsibility for day to day management of the school in line with GDST policies and procedures. The Council of the Trust delegates the following responsibilities to the Head of each of its schools: 

-       performance and operational management

-       setting the curriculum

-       academic achievement

-       welfare of pupils. 

The Council has made regulations establishing School Governing Boards (SGBs) whose Chairman is appointed by Council. The School Governing Board is not the proprietor of the school and, as such, has no executive authority or legal responsibility for its performance. Its role is to: 

  1. provide constructive input into the strategic development of the school

  2. review the performance of the School with Trust Office and the School Leadership Team, ensuring the long term success of the school

  3. provide support for the Head and to act as a sounding board for her / him

  4. act as an ambassador for the school within the local community, and as an ambassador for GDST

  5. take an active interest in the life of the school, attending events as invited by the Chairman of Governors, the Head or members of staff.

Contact details for Chair of Council

Juliet Humphries, Girls' Day School Trust, 100 Rochester Row, London SW1P 1JP  Tel: 02073936666