Individual achievement lies at the heart of our wide-ranging curriculum. In the classroom we offer a balanced and varied range of subjects and each girl’s potential is developed to the highest level.

Excellence underpins every aspect of school life, not least in our teaching provision and the school’s outstanding facilities. Although Northampton High School was founded in 1878, we have only occupied our present site since 1992 and are fortunate to have every corner custom-built and fit for purpose, with no need to ‘make do’ or improvise. As a consequence, every department is well-equipped and the learning resources are superb.

Within this stimulating environment, the girls visibly grow in confidence and ability as each is encouraged to discover her individual strengths and develop at an appropriate pace.

From an early age, girls are taught to use our extensive library to optimum advantage and IT is fully embedded throughout the curriculum. The new eLearning Centre is a flexible space where students can develop their self-reliance through innovative use of the most up to date technology. Every department offers fantastic facilities and, within a supportive framework of pastoral care and academic guidance, the girls are encouraged to question and think independently as they grow in confidence and take on new challenges and responsibilities.


ISI Inspection Report

"Girls are confident, articulate and enthusiastic. They enjoy being at this school."

Good Schools Guide

"A happy and high-achieving school that nurtures and educates girls through those all important teenage years."